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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

The History of Coffee

History _of _coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage obtained by seeds of Coffea after a transformation. There are many stories about the discovery of coffee discovery, and all of them highlight its distinctive properties: flavor, density and the revitalizing and stimulating effect.

In ancient times, coffee was used for rituals and to predict the future, and later it was sold in coffee houses. Today it is consumed in many countries at an increasing rate and it is served in many different ways to fit different tastes and moods. Coffee can be combined with many elements from milk and cream, to sweet flavors, liquors and cakes.

Your Coffee Comes from Africa, Latin America or Eastern Asia

The main plantations are in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Asia with the major exporter being Brazil. This country has been regarded in the past as low quality crops, but in recent years many coffee producers such as Illy, Lavazza, Nestlè and Starbucks have taken initiatives to monitor and enhance the level of both Robusta and Arabica and at the same time promote a sustainable development of these regions, together with the level of education and competencies of the growers. This aim is achieved by providing direct support to the farmers and by establishing some universities where they could be trained.

There Is a lot of Reasons to Drink Coffee

As a product, coffee is beneficial for the human body, as it provides your brain with energy and it makes you work more efficiently and enhance your ability to focus, memorize, learn, and think intuitive. Coffee also helps your digesting and can helt you lose weight, while it also protects you from cardiovascular diseases, tiredness, boredom, and depression.

Coffee, however, is not only a product - it is an experience, and it is part of rituals in many cultures. It may be strange to say, but coffee connects people and it also helps us maintain relationships with other people; there are people who drink coffee, not only because they like it, but also for the pleasure of having it with someone. Nowadays, we live so busy lives and have so much work to do, so many problems to deal with, that sometimes it is hard to find the time to meet people. Coffee could be the perfect solution, that could make you able to pair your commitments and social life.

Take a Coffee Break

Take _a _coffee _break

Would you ever say no to a coffee break? It does not take long time to go to the coffee machine and it gives you time to chat and relax. It is a great chance to meet friends or to get to know colleagues and deepen relations. Most times these meetings are casual and not planned, as there are no special requirements for coffee, but people, coffee powder and cups.

The idea of going for a coffee carries along the cozy atmosphere and environment of sharing a moment of the day and an occasion to spend some time together: this is why there is never a reason to say no to coffee!

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