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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

The Benefits of POS Systems


EPOS systems, the invention that saves us the trouble of finding the nearest ATM in order to buy that divine Nutella ice-cream or that heavenly frozen yoghurt - how can we not love it?! 

That may sum up what POS systems are to the regular customer, but there’s more to it! It saves us all time (and time is by all means the most valuable thing we have), time that we spend on trying to find the nearest ATM, when we can just carry a single card, pay for what we want to spend our money on and move on with our days. All in all it is a fascinating technology that we somehow take for granted.

POS Systems Are a Store's Best Friend

However, if you are the seller of that divine Nutella ice-cream, the POS system is definitely one of your best buddies! With one of these incredible inventions, businesses can really make their lives easier. The POS systems empowers them to analyze sales data, evaluate how well each product is selling, follow trends and thus adjust for seasonal changes in sales and much more. Quite useful, right?

Looking deeper into it, it also helps for pricing strategies, especially for retailers, as it keeps track on previous pricing of certain products and you can easily set a price that you have used before and the system will automatically calculate margins, percentage of cost and so on.

For example, you can also offer volume discounts and set different prices on products on their own or as a package – as we already see in supermarkets for instance. So that proves we somehow engage with POS systems on a daily basis, but now let’s have a look at what the future has in store for POS systems. 

Invest in a Portable POS System

_i Pad _POS_System

It is no secret to any of us that speed is key, as none of us enjoy waiting in line forever just to get a burger. The solution to faster service might actually be here already as Apple’s iPad is being used as a POS system more and more and it is definitely doing a splendid job.

To support this, I am going to give a quick example - in 2013 the Alabama State University stadium showed their faith in the idea by hosting the first iPad POS system event. The result?

Well, the system definitely delivered as they have set a record for their quickest 5,721 transactions. Now, that’s impressive and it definitely looks like the future for POS systems as it is more compact than the current POS systems and let’s be honest, it looks better and will most likely make life easier for people working with it. 

So, what can we say? iPad all the way!

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