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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Automatic Coffee Machines are Winning Over Italian Coffee-Lovers

Automatic _coffee _machine

Coffee is something which Italians are fanatic about. Rituals of coffee making and tasting are a ‘fine art’ in Italy, and indeed, by detaining 70% of the total market value, coffee majorly dominates the Italian hot drinks market, making Italians coffee experts.

The Italian Coffee Trend

Up until a few years ago, automatic coffee machines covered a consistent role in satisfying the thirsty Italians, yet their services were mainly limited to cafes, bars and the workplace. Italians are likely to indulge themselves when it comes to coffee, and the choices made available by automatic coffee machines is almost endless: ristretto, lungo, hot or cold ‘macchiato’, cold and ‘shakerato’, cold with milk, cold with ice, with cream, with a hint of brandy, served in a big cup, in a glass cup, etc.

However, in 2013 a dramatic change occurred in Italy: coffee pods sales increased by 20.2% in the space of one year, while ground coffee sales (especially useful for mocha pots) dropped by 9.1% within the same period. Currently, the number of Italian households making coffee with an automatic machine has almost doubled since last year. What happened?

Popularity of Automatic Coffee Machines

Why are automatic coffee machines even more popular today, gaining top spot not only at work and in public places but also at home? On the one hand, numerous establishments, such as bars, restaurants and cafes, have been closing down due to the economic crisis, and Italians are now consuming less coffee outside. Therefore, owning an automatic coffee maker at home is essential for getting the same taste offered in a bar or cafe, with the benefits of convenience and comfort.

Coffe _Machine _At _Home

On the other hand, the huge marketing investments carried out by the main market players, Nespresso and Lavazza in particular, have successfully managed to create and fulfill an unexploited market need. Lavazza’s broad range of coffee machines covers a competitive price range.

While Nespresso’s campaign, featuring George Clooney, the ultimate coffee-pod ambassador, has become an outstanding worldwide phenomenon. Already in 2012, Italian Nespresso had increased its revenue by almost 18%, and numbers are constantly growing. The impact of Nespresso’s campaign on the Italian market, both in terms of media resonance and word-of-mouth, is evidently capturing more and more Italian supporters. It definitely seems that coffee machines are now convincing even the most conservative Italians.

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