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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Office Coffee Machines: Your New Co-Worker in Disguise

Coffee is the hot beverage that serves an important role in waking us up in the morning and motivating us to work late into the evening - it can be described as “human fuel”. In the workplace coffee undoubtedly has an important part in the work cycle, and coffee machines to some extent become part of the team, functioning hand in hand to complete tasks at any given time. Some of the benefits of having a coffee machine in the office, range from increasing productivity and creativity to creating a social bonding experience with the co-workers.

Coffee: Beneficial and Popular

Market _inspector _coffee

According to the British poll YouGov coffee is the second most popular beverage worldwide, beaten only by water, and the hot drink can be considered a must in the British workplace. Therefore, regardless of the business, most establishments have coffee machines available for staff. Bob Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, who teaches a whole course on Starbucks says “as you're working during the day coffee becomes the equivalent of an ‘in-flight refuelling station’”, further outlining the importance of coffee machines and their roles in the functioning office environment.

Coffee machines in the workplace allow co-workers to informally integrate in group solving undertakings, uniting different individuals for interactions - conferences and brainstorming to name a few - enhancing the opportunity of problem solving and fostering innovation in organizations.

By this point there is no doubt about the importance of these machines in the area of work. Their role is so crucial in the day-to-day office environment that they can just as well be considered part of the workforce - “disguised” co-workers so to speak. When staff morale is low, coffee is the much needed booster, while at the same time giving more purpose to work breaks, meaningfully entitled “coffee breaks”.

One other perk of office coffee machines is the rapidity with which they serve coffee. Convenience and rapidity are key words when it comes to food and beverages at work. Coffee machines in the office minimize disruption, as there is no need for “coffee runs” - hence there is more time for work and increased productivity. Therefore, the presence of coffee machines in establishments is almost imperative to the continuous success of work.

From a morning pick-me-up, to office “co-worker”, coffee is no doubt an important beverage in everyday life. At the workplace, coffee machines have a more meaningful role than just bland appliances, they are integrated into the business place, serving a critical purpose in maintaining the ambiance and making sure that work is carried out.


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