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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Useful Tips for Choosing a Business Photocopier

Photocopier _market _inspector

A photocopier has now become an essential tool in the workplace in order to materialize a company’s digital resources. Whether you mainly need a business photocopier for copying, faxing, scanning or printing, the device’s main tasks should be designed to meet the specific needs of your company, no matter what size it is. Therefore, when the time comes to choose a photocopier, it is important to ask yourself the right questions: What kind of functions am I looking for? Why? And how much am I be willing to pay?


Market -inspector -big CroppedA basic USB printer

Market -inspector -big CroppedA photocopier

Market -inspector -big CroppedA multifunctional photocopier

There are a variety of business photocopiers available on the market, however the multifunctional photocopier has proved most popular for businesses, as it can easily be adapted to your needs. Although heavier, larger and more expensive, multifunctional printers will optimise working space by replacing single function devices.


It’s essential to create a criteria list when choosing a photocopier. You can start by assessing the following:

Market -inspector -big CroppedPrinting volume per day

Market -inspector -big CroppedErgonomic principles

Market -inspector -big CroppedSpeed

Market -inspector -big CroppedQuality and type of printing

Market -inspector -big CroppedPaper format

Market -inspector -big CroppedChoice of medium (stickers, CD, photos, cardboard etc.)

Market -inspector -big CroppedNumber of individual users

If your business needs more than a basic single-function photocopier it can be a good idea to invest in an additional network-based tool, which allows connecting and sharing between individuals and groups within the office.


This is a determining question that will influence the final choice of your business photocopier:

Market -inspector -big CroppedPurchase/rent/lease

Market -inspector -big CroppedMaintenance rates and contracts

Market -inspector -big CroppedThe price of consumables e.g. toner

Establishing a budget by calculating the price of consumables will help to evaluate the cost per page. It can be calculated by dividing the price of consumables and toner by the number of estimated daily printed items. Thus, you can forecast your return on investment.

It is often possible to spread the initial start-up costs of a new photocopier over a period of several months. This is called leasing and it can be an ideal solution for small and medium businesses, who do not have a substantial budget.


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