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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Cloud POS Systems

Cloud _POS_System

New technologies are constantly improving the operational potential of ePOS systems, payment processing and management of businesses. Business owners now have the possibility of quickly and easily switching to cloud based point of sale systems from their existing setups. We find that business owners typically ask the same question: what are the advantages of switching to a cloud based POS system and are there any downsides of doing so?

Advantages of Cloud Based POS Systems

Switching to a different POS System in business can be a complex task and business owners are often cautious when assessing new systems. This is typically warranted as adopting new solutions can be difficult and expensive. However, cloud based POS systems have various advantages [tweet this Twitter-bird-icon]that are worth considering:

  • Mobility - with cloud based POS systems businesses can be located anywhere, from brick and mortar shops, to pop up shops, and mobile truck business. Events, exhibitions and other selling opportunities located outside of business premises are no longer a problem.

  • 24/7 access to data - business owners have the possibility to access their data on the go, anytime and anywhere.

  • Costs - costs are notably lower compared to traditional POS systems. The majority of cloud based systems operate on a monthly-fee basis without any initial costs.
  • Instant upgrade - systems are upgraded remotely, without incurring any inconvenience to business owners.

  • Convenience - cloud based systems include several functions that can assist businesses with their marketing initiatives. Payment processing independent of place, emailing receipts to customer’s devices, loyalty programs, and customer tracking are just some of the functions that cloud based POS systems can offer.

  • Minimized risk - viruses do not have to be headache with cloud based systems. Many credit card companies promise to take on costs caused by stolen cards in the future, if businesses run on the latest technologies. Additionally, the integrity of customer data is protected as cloud services will have their data backed up on several servers.

  • Easy setup - setting up cloud based system is simpler than implementing traditional systems.

  • Keeping pace - mobile device traffic is increasing every year. Cloud based systems make it easier to keep up with the growing adoption of mobile payment systems without having to invest in additional solutions.

Mobile Payment


Before switching to cloud based POS system business owners should consider the costs of switching - how will the data be transferred? Are there any risks and additional fees? Are there any costs from previous investment in POS systems? Will my staff embrace the change? [tweet this Twitter-bird-icon].

As another disadvantage can be considered the connection to the Internet - without an internet connection, loss of data is possible. Additionally, no sales can be made without the Internet, unless the cloud based POS system offers offline services. It is a good idea to ensure that a good internet connection is always available on the business premises and to make sure that the chosen system offers offline functions.