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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

5 Good Reasons To Have A Mobile POS In Your Restaurant

How often do you have the perfect waiting time between your starter and your main course in a restaurant? If you own a restaurant you probably know how hard it can be to manage the time and how easy it can be to forget a customer when it gets busy! Mobile POS can solve this issue and even more, but why should you be convinced?

Mobile Payment

1. Cheap

This solution is cheaper than having the whole ePOS system since it can be used on a tablet or smartphone; you don’t need to do big investments. The cost of this service is calculated on a monthly basis, no need to buy a license.

2. Flexible

Mobile POS is more flexible than an electronic POS as it provides more possibilities. You have two ways to use this tool: it can be combined with an electronic point of sale or be used as an entire solution, depending on the size of your restaurant and your needs.

With a mobile POS, you don’t need to have a special spot in the restaurant; it does not take any space. Also, it is really practical because all the information is stored on a cloud platform, meaning that you have constant access to it and you can access it from anywhere. The cloud gives you the security that your restaurant needs by automatically saving all information.

3. Fast

With this tool the staff can work more efficiently and save some precious time. For example, the orders can be taken directly through the application. Notifications will be sent directly to the kitchen- there’s no need of walking to the kitchen and screaming the orders anymore!

In a busy place, a mobile POS can also be really useful in reducing the waiting time for the customers to pay. The mobile POS will calculate automatically if there is any happy hour or reduction. The guests experience will be improved and it will save time for the staff.

4. Good customer service

Mobile Point Of Sale Restaurant 2

Mobile POS will allow the staff to check the waiting time for each table. They will also receive notices on the application when the kitchen is ready for a specific table. The customer will receive the best service and the tips will increase!

Also, by saving the previous orders, the restaurant can follow the favorite and disliked dishes for each customer in order to personalize and adapt the offers. Having the right information and analytic tools to be customer oriented, is a competitive advantage.

5. Easy

Finally, mobile POS are really easy to use. An application needs to be installed on the device and it is ready to go. Most of them are really user friendly so your employees will not need to receive a long training.

Improve your customer's experience, your financial transaction and save time with an easy, safe and cheap tool. What else would you need?! Install it and your restaurant will find his best friend! Just make sure to have a good internet connexion before to start.

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