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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

How To Choose The Right Online Cash Register System

Have you heard many positive aspects about online cash register systems? Do you feel ready to introduce this technology to your own store? You probably feel a bit lost to find out which one you should choose.

Electronic POS

As there are many different POS software packages available, it is hard to realize what is important to check before deciding the best suitable system. Your needs depend on your type of business, but here you will find a checklist to make sure that your future online cash register system has the features you need.

1. Reliability

The reliability of the online cash register system is important for the two following reasons. Firstly, you need to be sure that the program is stable, with no system failure. You don’t want to be in rush hours and have no solution to receive payments from customers.

Secondly, your data has to be secure. Storage in the cloud is usually safe but make sure you have a protection against virus. Nowadays, hackers sometimes succeed in stealing the customer’s credit card information via the ePOS system. You can get information about data protection from your software provider. They also need to help you with the settings in order to have a special mode that doesn’t keep unencrypted cardholder data.

2. Adapt to your business

Many softwares are customized for specific businesses, and they will give you more options to have a tailored operating system. For example, if you need to export products, it would be interesting to have one system that allows you to adapt the tax for each country. An appropriate system could also help you to create a loyalty program and have a marketing plan. It could automatically send SMS or emails to the customers if needed.

Advabtage -POS-B

Many other features are available: SMS or email invoices, stock management, discount management, tax management… Just take time to think of how you could improve your daily business tasks.

3. Tracking data

The software has to be able to collect and analyze information. Thanks to this, you will manage to track your customer’s preferences, which product has been working good and which one hasn’t. It will allow you to adapt your offers and increase your sales.

4. Possibility to upgrade

You don’t want to change system in the near future so be sure that the chosen program will still suit the growth of your business in 5 years. 

Cloud Cash Register

5. Support

Check how the customer service is working, is it possible to call them 24/7? A good support is important as you don’t want to be stuck with a problem and no help available. This could put you in a bad situation where you couldn't receive payments from your customers.

6. Simple

Most of the online POS systems are really user friendly but you should still double check it before making your purchase. The system should be easy to install and it should allow you to transfer your information easily. The POS also needs to be simple to use as this will save you time and money by avoiding a complex training for your employees.

7. Mobility

Control that your online cash register is accessible 24/7, from different locations and on any kind of device. This way, you could limit your investment by having your employees using it directly from their personal phones or tablets.

8. Management tool

Online POS systems can also help you to manage your employees, their schedules and their commissions.

Cloud _POS_System

9. External equipments

Take the time to think through if you need any hardware devices. Do you need a barcode reader or a receipt printer maybe? Some softwares offer hardware support.

10. Compare costs

Analyze the different options available and their respective prices, making sure of what is included in each of the contracts to avoid future misunderstandings. With most of the systems, you will have to pay a low monthly subscription, without having to buy a license.

11. Work offline

Finally, be sure your online cash register system is still usable when you lose your internet connection. Many options have this feature that saves up your information and updates everything once the Internet works again. With offline mode you will never be stopped from having an operational business and this is a key feature to run your business smoothly.

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