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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Data Management To Optimize Your Business Processes

The digital revolution has led to the production of an enormous amount of information and a huge variety of data sources: mobile devices, social media, GPS tracking systems, e-learning materials, different electronic databases and many more.

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Nowadays, the data generated every second in the internet is larger than the entire data that has been stored in the internet not that long time ago! So here comes the question: what to do with all this data?

In the corporate life the data boom can be a real challenge not only from a technological, but also from a managerial perspective. This is why data management has become an inseparable part of many businesses. Data-driven companies use data to monitor their employees’ performance and measure the financial and operational results.

How to optimize the work in call centers through data-driven management?


Imagine the amount of data that is received and transferred in a call center for a day. Now multiply this number by 365, as call centers usually work every day 24/7.

In order to track all the data, optimize the work processes and achieve the company's goals, employers use data-driven management such as workforce management, quality management, financial management, technological management and etc.

Workforce management systems, for example, aim to manage the daily service tasks of employees and to optimize their time and productivity. Some of the measured areas are number of calls per hours and per day, call forecasts and optimal number of employees per shift, workforce schedule, etc. Call centers also use CRM systems to manage customers’ data and to improve customer service.

How to manage your fleet through data-driven management?

 Another example of data-driven management is fleet management. Fleet managers use data collected typically through GPS or GPRS systems to track and monitor the asset or the vehicle fleet.

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Vehicle tracking systems can provide information about the location of the vehicle, the position of the nearest driver, the distance travelled, the destinations reached, the fuel amount, and they can even alert in case the vehicle is outside the planned route.

These and many more functionalities help managers to plan the routes and the times of travel, to optimize the workforce and to manage the overall vehicle performance and maintenance. As a result, time and labour costs can be reduced through optimization of time schedules and an increase in workers’ productivity.

Through data collection, comparison and analysis fleet management systems help the companies to save money and to improve their overall performance.

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