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Last Updated: 02. August 2019

Which Coffee Machine is Better for Your Office? Capsule or Automatic?

We all need our daily dose of coffee, and if we have it for free in the office, it is even better. We feel more appreciated and we socialize better around the coffee maker. There is no doubt that a coffee machine can increase the efficiency of office workers.

This is why the vast majority of businesses (both small and big ones) prefer to have a coffee maker in order to keep all employees satisfied. However, choosing the best coffee machine for your business can be a tough quest, mainly because nobody wants to make unreasonable investment. So the question is, which coffee machine is better for your office?

The answers can vary depending on many different aspects. Since employees do not have much spare time, the office coffee machine has to be fast and user friendly. This is why we will take into consideration automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines.

Automatic Coffee Machine for Your Office

There are many different automatic coffee units, which may differ in terms of key features, price and quality. In fact, automatic coffee makers can be a suitable solution for both big and small offices, depending on the capacity of the unit.

One of the most significant advantages of automatic coffee machines is that they are extremely user friendly. One can get a cup of coffee only at a touch of a button. Furthermore, these coffee units usually have different programmable coffee beverages selections so they are able to satisfy different coffee preferences. Additionally, most of the automatic coffee makers are equipped with bean grinders, which means that the quality of the drinks is on top level. However, although most of your employees will be satisfied with the automatic coffee machine in your office, you have to be aware that these units are relatively expensive. The price range varies between £500 and £10,000.

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Capsule Coffee Machine for Your Office

In terms of price, capsule coffee machines are the exact opposite of automatic coffee makers. One can easily find a coffee maker for less than £100. They are able to deliver coffee beverages with excellent quality and remarkable taste at the same time.

Just like automatic units, capsule coffee machines are easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, they are compact, portable and with stylish design, so they can fit any office environment. However, capsule coffee makers have low capacity. Their water tanks have a volume enough to serve no more than 5 cups of coffee. It is also important to note that each brand works with its own capsules, which are produced exclusively for their own machines. Coffee capsules are also considered as one of the most eco unfriendly solutions, because most of them of unrecyclable.

Last, but not least, coffee capsules are relatively expensive. For example, a pack of 16 capsules, enough for 16 coffee cups, costs more than a pack of ground coffee enough for more than 30 coffee cups. This compensates the low price of the capsule coffee maker.

In order to find the best coffee solution for your office, you first have to define your requirements. If it is for a small office, then a capsule coffee machine may be the better choice in terms of costs and compactness. On the other hand, an automatic coffee machine can be a better solution for large offices where the coffee consumption is much higher and when there are many different preferences in terms of types of beverages.

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