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8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills in the Office

If You Want to be Heard, You Need to Find the Right Way to Communicate

8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills in the Office

Working in an office is not easy when considering different working habits. Establishing effective communication with your colleagues can be a challenge, and in order to succeed you have to learn how to react in different situations. This applies to all types of professions: journalism, marketing, sales and more. If you want to be heard and people to follow your ideas, then you have to change and follow some simple rules in your day-to-day communication.

  1. Be yourself. This is trivial, but so true. You may not believe it, but this will definitely earn you respect.
  2. Do not forget who you are. We all love success, but do not put it in the face of your colleagues constantly. If you speak too much about yourself, you will most probably end up being that self centered egocentric buddy people will try to avoid.
  3. ‘We’ is better than ‘You’. Some employees have the habit of saying ‘we’ if there is a success. In the event of failure, there is a tendency to use the word ‘you’. Do not be one of these. Use ‘we’ all the time. In this way all the members of the team will feel empathy to everything that is happening in your office. Furthermore, by saying ‘we’ people feel closer to you on unconscious level.
  4. Present your ideas. Do not try to convince. One of the things we hate most is when somebody is trying to convince us. We are conscious creatures and people have the capacity to analyse information for themselves. So when you have something to say, just say it or write it and the public will decide whether it is good or bad.
  5. Do not forget to smile. Sometimes your gestures and body language speak better than your mouth. Believe it or not your emotions are influencing the audience. Remember the last time when you entered the office and everybody was in a bad mood. It conquered you also, right? Smile more.
  6. Use people’s names. Make an effort to memorize all the names of your colleagues. It is not so difficult and it can help you a lot. After all this why we have this labels called ‘names’. Not using somebody’s name may be insulting.
  7. Search for opinion different than yours. Sometimes we can't be the best judge of ourselves. Do not be afraid to accept points of view different than yours.
  8. Humor. It is simple, “The world has survived because it has laughed”. If you follow this rule in your work day it is going to be much easier to resolve problems. People love jokes. Use self irony. If you have the ability to laugh at your own weaknesses, then you will most probably be accepted as very intelligent.

These are just 8 simple rules, which can improve your communication skills at the workplace. However, do not forget that sometimes if you want to be followed by others you just have to let your instincts do the job.

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