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Last Updated: 13. November 2018

3D Printed Fashion

3D printed couture is far from shocking news as it has been a thing for over 5 years now. It is, however, thoroughly enjoyable and exciting to observe its development, particularly in the early stages of exploration, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of imagination.

With New York Fashion Week showing 3D designs year after year, it is only natural that these lines branched out in a self-standing 3D Fashion Show. It was held earlier this year (in April) and is a clear indication of the growing number of designers who look to 3D printing as a new medium for their creativity. Some of them can utilize all the advantages of additive manufacturing, combining a simplified production process and customizable designs into new ways of creating comfort.

The Mojito Shoe

Mojito -shoeArchitect Julian Hakes is the creator of the Mojito Shoe. He has been contemplating the lack of design evolution in the shoe industry when he created the twisting design. It intends to protect the front of the foot while giving proper support to the heel- the two most important points of pressure in the foot. The 3D printed footwear combines ergonomics with aesthetics. It is made of carbon fiber, which gives it strength and spring. It is laminated with leather on the inside and rubber on the walking side. The shoe has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Elle and is going to be mass produced on a global scale.

Print your own clothing line

3D Printed SkirtIsraeli fashion student, Danit Peleg has created a line of five completely 3D printed designs using a home 3D printer. Following her vision that one day people may be able to print their own clothes on the go, abolishing the need for luggage and storage, she has spent 2,000 hours designing and producing her line. The filament used is called FilaFlex, a sturdy flexible substance that was chosen by the designer in her attempt to match the fluidity of fabric. To that end she also designed four of the garments with a lace-like texture giving them near textile flexibility.

4D Printing

Adrenaline -dress -by -Chromat4D printing is a clever term used to describe 3D printed objects that account for the fourth dimension- time and space. They change accordingly over time in response to their environment. One such invention made an appearance at the New York Fashion Week this month. Brought forth by Chromat (a design studio that focuses on structural experiments for the human body), the Adrenaline Dress is a 3D printed masterpiece. The dress enhanced by Intel technology in order to give it the ability to change shape and adapt according to the sensory experience of the wearer. It namely detects heightened levels of adrenaline, which causes the 3D printed shapes of the garment to expand. It is printed out of neoprene, carbon fiber and thermoplastic polyurethane.

4D printing is the future for additive manufacturing. With the ability to create tailored designs that not only fit perfectly but can also adapt and respond to environmental changes, Chromat and Intel have opened up a whole new chapter in the evolution of fashion. In the future this technology may become vastly popular, allowing for all of our clothing to self-adjust according to our sensory experience.