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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

7 Great Instagram Accounts that Businesspeople Should Follow

7 Instagram accounts we recommend you to follow for inspiration and motivation.

Best Instagram Acount

Besides websites and blogs, social medias are also good platforms to learn and get inspired.

At Market-inspector we think that Instagram is a quick and inspiring source of information and advice, where people can share their experiences and thoughts through quotes and beautiful pictures. Here are our favorite business-related Instagram accounts to be followed for motivation and tips for a successful business life. You can also see how ePOS systems can streamline your business.



Emily works with budding Mompreneurs, building their dream business online, sharing their passions via the power of blogging, visual content & social media. You should follow her Instagram account in order to get interesting tips about blogging, marketing and design.




Juceboxny helps businesses to become market leaders by using efficient marketing strategies. Their Instagram account has nice pictures of New York with business tips and information.



Startup _770x 770-min

Startup Creative is a young and dynamic woman that helps individuals and entrepreneurs to be connected with industry experts, funding opportunities, development programs and mentors. Her Instagram account is a collection of nice quotes, office pictures and some selfies!



The -free -person

The Free Person is an entrepreneur that aims to teach people how to live better. His Instagram account is a good source of inspiration that pushes you to realise your dreams.




Zig Ziglar works with individuals and companies to help them achieve success. This Instagram provides you with motivational quotes that will inspire you. Pictures mostly have beautiful landscape backgrounds.


Women -on -top

Women On Topp is an inspirational website for women which has different categories such as success, entrepreneurial, career life. Their Instagram account presents quotes on nice fashionable outfit backgrounds. 




Your VeloCity is a website that gives you tips and tools to let your business reach its full potential. Their Instagram account is updated quotes that encourage you to work hard and to push your limits to reach success in your business life.