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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Is a Cheap Coffee Machine a Good Deal?

Cheap Coffee Machines

Coffee machines have evolved with the increase in demand for more variations of coffee from consumers worldwide. Nowadays there is a large variation of coffee machines which can produce a multitude of types of coffee and which consequently vary in price range.

Choosing which type of coffee machine to purchase can definitely be affected by the aspect of price as well as by the technology it implements in brewing coffee.

Cheap coffee machines can be distinguished by their simplicity to brew coffee, as well as their limited number of functions. These types of machines are aimed mostly at the coffee consumer who does not have high expectations regarding the variations of coffee consumed and mostly expects to receive from a low budget machine a simple, yet accommodating outcome.

Due to this, there are a variety of low budget machines which can be found on the market, some with added functionalities, others built as simple as possible, depending on the budget of each individual.

Below we have taken into consideration some important aspects to consider when deciding on which machine to buy, even when the budget is very limited. We highlight performance, functionality and maintenance and branded/unbranded machines.

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Coffee Machine Prices


Coffee machine performance is an important criteria to take into consideration when seeking to buy a cheap coffee machine. Due to its lowered price, this type of machine performs at lower standards than higher priced machines. However, it carries out the task of brewing coffee with no impediments. 

Budget coffee machines are in no means a bad choice for an average coffee drinker who does not have high expectations from the brewing experience, and is satisfied with a warm beverage produced in a convenient amount of time. This is exactly what cheap coffee machines deliver: a no hassle involvement in brewing a cup of coffee from a low budget machine.

Considering the price that is payed for a low budget coffee machine, their performance is rather good, compensating for the simplicity of the machine.

Functionality and Maintenance

Cheap coffee machines offer a good experience in terms of functionality, some might even last longer than their more expensive counterparts. This might be because of the simplicity of low budget machines, which do not have complicated options inscribed into them or which have different coffee functions.

Simple, cheap machines generally only have a few buttons to choose from which are straightforward in their purpose. It is because of this that maintenance of such machines is reduced to a minimum, another aspect which is advantageous to the more expensive machines.

Cleaning the machine after each use is easy and descaling the coffee machine once in a while is recommended for best performance. So if you are on a low budget and are looking for a machine that will just do the job of brewing coffee, than there is nothing wrong with considering to invest in a lower priced coffee machine.

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Known Brands vs Unknown Brands

As with many electronic devices, there exist many coffee suppliers. Some of these might have been manufacturing the products for many years, and pertain a well-known brand in the industry, while others may be new comers or simply not as popular, unable to expand their brand.

Comparing these two types when considering cheap coffee machines is difficult because there can always exist the possibility that a popular branded machine works as good as a less popular coffee machine. In terms of lower budgeted machines, the real difference between the branded and the less popular machines is their warranty.

This refers to how long the coffee machine is said to work without major faults or if this does break, the promised warranty presented by the manufacturer. In most cases, the well-known brands tend to offer a better warranty on their products and this is a factor which may be decisive to many potential coffee machine consumers.