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Last Updated: 27. April 2020

What is a Garmin GPS?


Garmin is a company producing and selling worldwide navigation systems and considers itself a leader in this category. Garmin creates products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports.

Fleet Solutions

Besides products already mentioned above, Garmin supplies also fleet solutions. Together with fleet management partners, Garmin provides fleet navigation to enable your company to do job scheduling, fuel management, vehicle tracking, management of reports, time-sheet management, ensure safety and facilitates navigation, route tracking and helps to avoid traffic and constructions on the roads.

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Vehicle Gps _770x 361

Types of Garmin GPS

  • Garmin fleet™ 670V

This device is a truck navigation system, which is based on open application platform. This device improves safety, as it is equipped with video input for backup camera. This navigation is based on Android platform, which enables third-party bundles or any application that was custom-develop. This can eliminate redundant costs and help with cost cutting. 

This navigation includes a detailed set of maps of Europe, which are customised for fleet - including information and obstacles specific to trucks. This feature enables to enter the specifics of every truck - height, length, weight and more to create truly customized maps fitting exactly to the given truck. 

Furthermore Garmin offers a lifetime update of maps free of charge as well as lifetime traffic avoidance - to help your company to provide the best service for your customer and ensure safety of the drivers. With these updates, it is possible to avoid issues such as traffic jams, construction on the road or parts of routes which are not suitable for trucks, sharp curves, notification when speed limit is crossed and more.  

Voice navigation is also one of the feature of fleet 670V, which can inform you about the lanes, give you real-time information as well as include buildings and landmarks to help your drivers better orientate.

  • Garmin dēzl® 570

Just like fleet 670V, this device is also based on Android platform. Created for trucks, this device includes detailed maps with information specific to trucks, as well as traffic avoidance free of charge, which ensures or improves safety as well as service to the customer, time management and more. Lifetime updates to maps are also free of charge. 

Safety is further ensured by enabling hands-free calling, thanks to connectivity to Bluetooth, in-built speaker and microphone. Besides hands-free calling, it is possible to connect to connect both Android phone and iPhone to this device. 

This device further gives the driver information on points of interest specific for trucks and its drivers, as well as information on lanes. It is also possible to operate the navigation with voice, which furthermore ensures the safety of drivers.

Navigation dēzl 570 alerts whenever there are obstacles on the route, information on shifting whenever steep hills occur as well as alerts on moments when speed limit is crossed. This device also notifies of points of interest ahead without having to leave the maps.
dēzl 570 also enables to monitor and record any maintenance or service performed on the truck as well as technical information on the truck, which improves the safety of drivers as well as facilitate the lifecycle management.

  • nüvi

Garmin offers also another type of GPS navigation, nüvi series. This series is however suitable for private use as well and therefore might not posses all the features specific for fleet, as already mentioned above. On the other hand, this might be more cost-efficient solution for your company. It is therefore recommended to first consider the needs of your company as well as the budget to be able to find the perfect navigation and fleet solution for your company. 

nüvi navigation can provide you with detailed maps and free lifetime updates (however, lifetime updates are not included in every offer and therefore it is strongly recommended to check the chosen offer), various points of interest linked with social network Foursquare and navigation including famous landmarks, buildings and places.

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Hardware Available

  • Wireless Backup Camera

This camera is compatible with above mentioned GPS Navigations, in particular with dēzl 570 and Garmin Fleet 670V. This camera ensure safety to the driver as well as to pedestrians and animals. This can also ensure the safety of the truck, as it is able to spot other obstacles that might cause damage to the vehicle.

  • Fleet Management Interface Cable

This cable will enable to connect Garmin GPS to web-based fleet solutions. There are different types of these cables, therefore it is recommended to consider which cable will best fit your needs. Some cables transfer traffic and data, some only data. It is also advisable to check which cable is compatible with the chosen navigation to ensure problem free cooperation.

  • Rugged case

Garmin, among other products, offers also accessories such as cases for the navigation systems. The case can prolong the lifespan of the navigation. Cases are however produced only for particular navigation systems, therefore it is a good idea to check if the case is produced for the chosen navigation.

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