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Last Updated: 06. February 2019

To Bean or Not to Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine


Sometimes just being a coffee lover is not necessarily enough to know all the various types of coffee machines. Yes, I know it is more complicated than you might think, but, in case you feel lost within this terminological chaos, don’t panic.

We will not explain everything at once, how could we, but in this article we hope that we will shed some light on bean to cup machines. What are the characteristics of this product and what are the pros and cons of such a purchase? Is it the best choice for your office?

Let’s find out.

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What is a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

First of all, we have to clarify the basics. What we mean with the term “bean to cup coffee machines”. Ok, this is not rocket science, so as you might have already assumed, it is a machine that has a grinder embedded in its main body.

In contrast with everything else in the market, this type of machine can grind whole coffee beans and, automatically prepare a freshly made espresso, macchiato or even flat white in less than 20-25 seconds.

Hence, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious freshly ground coffee on demand; and you don’t even have to pass a barista training program to do it, you just press few buttons and that’s it. Isn’t it great?

It Is Matter of Quality

Coffee _beans _in _a _cup _769x 360

If you search for a bean to cup coffee machine, I bet that you also care a lot about the quality of your coffee. For example, there is no better decision to make than choosing a bean to cup coffee machine for your office or, in broader terms, for a self-service environment.

It is user-friendly, fast, offers top quality, and it gives you a wide range of coffee options. If you are passionate with details, you can also find coffee machines with some extra facilities, such as a cup-warmer in order to ensure that it will not affect the quality of your hot espresso.

Some of these commercial coffee machines are also completely automatic. Thus, the only thing that you have to do is to add water, pour milk (if you want a coffee with milk) and throw the beans in the hopper.

The rest is technology and in less than a minute you can enjoy a totally professional espresso or cappuccino in your mug. The rich aroma of fresh-ground coffee will flood the office and your employees will praise you for your generosity.

The truth is that bean to cup coffee machines tend to be more expensive than other commercial options. However, if you prioritise quality over cost, then this machine is for you.

The Biggest Competitor: Bean to Cup Coffee Machine vs Traditional Espresso Machine

There are always advantages and disadvantages when you buy a product. The crucial aspect is to be aware of them. Bean to cup coffee machines are no exception to the rule.

The main competitor when it comes to quality is, undoubtedly, the traditional espresso machines. So, we will make the crash test for you, and you can decide what fits better to your needs.

Traditional _vs _bean _to _cup _coffee _machine _770x 360

Quality of the Coffee

Here the winner is the traditional espresso machine with only one prerequisite; that in your working environment you have a well-trained barista to prepare the coffee. Otherwise, bean to cup coffee machines is the best solution by taking as a given that it will be properly maintained.

How Easy is to Use

Without a second thought, a bean to cup coffee machine is easier to use. You just press a button and that’s it. On the contrary, training is a precondition for the traditional coffee machine, even though it is a standard process that if you learn it once, it is easy to repeat it.

Consistency of Quality

Bean to cup coffee machines are quite consistent, given that you clean and maintain them properly. Regarding the traditional espresso machine the consistency is totally related to the abilities of your barista.

Ease of Cleaning

Here we have a draw. Both types of machines need regular cleaning. For the traditional espresso machines there is a specific daily process of cleaning, while for bean to cup machines, mainly your extra facilities (e.g. milk system) would need some daily care. Of course that does not mean that you can avoid a thorough cleaning every week.

Suitable for Self-service Environment

A bean to cup coffee machine is the indisputable winner on this occasion. As we have already mentioned, you need a knowledgeable barista to work the traditional espresso machines.


A bean to cup coffee machine is the indisputable looser on this occasion. Except if you are an electrical engineer and it’s a piece of cake for you to connect all the different mechanical parts.

Did You Decide?

That was it for today. We hope that we helped in your research. However, If you want to learn more about specific commercial machines then fill out the form at the top of this page and our sales team will gather a list of suppliers according to your description.

There is no charge or obligations for these services, so send us your request as soon as possible.

Written by Aris Vourvoulias