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Last Updated: 06. February 2019

Espresso the Great

The Espresso Maker is The Secret

If you appreciate quality in coffee, then there are no doubts that your greatest respect goes to the king of coffee drinks; Espresso the Great (it deserves the capitals!).

There is no difference if you prefer an americano, a latte macchiato or a flat white, espresso is the coffee base and your indispensable key for success. Hence, an espresso maker could not be anything less than the royal guard of your precious king. On this first part of the blog post, we will refer to the one side of espresso as a product, and on the other, to the best commercial espresso makers.

If you are wondering, why only commercial coffee machines are chosen, then the answer is simple. First of all, in the royal guard we choose only the crème de la crème of our warriors, those espresso coffee machines that can guarantee the best possible quality of our espresso shot. In a subordinate manner, let’s be realistic, how is it possible to include everything in one blog post?

Nevertheless, in case you cannot wait even one more minute without your next coffee machine, then fill the free quote form at the right side of the page and our well-trained professionals will prepare a tailor-made list of suppliers. There are no charges, obligations or tricks, so wait no longer.

Espresso Maker

Espresso by Definition

The Italian word espresso is etymologically meaning “explicit” and/or “pressed out”. Therefore, there is no room for confusion here. Espresso is just a methodological process of brewing coffee. Thus, it is neither a type of roast nor a coffee bean. In other words, any coffee can be brewed in an “espresso way”.

However, the term “espresso” symbolises a cultural notion; the idea of the espresso cuisine. A cuisine that consists of all the espresso-based beverages including those drinks that mix the coffee with your favourite steamed milk or cream.

Three _coffee _makers

The Four Different Types of Espresso Makers

Let’s move on to the keystone of coffee-making. There are mainly four different types of espresso coffee makers and they can be summarised as follows:

Pump-Driven Espresso Machines

Nowadays, most of the coffee shops and cafeterias use the pump-driven espresso machines to make their espresso drinks. The secret behind their success lies in the fact that they do not require manual force to pressurise the hot water through your ground coffee. A motor does the difficult job for you, and this is the main difference from the piston-driven espresso machines, the second type of espresso coffee makers.

Piston-Driven Espresso Machines

Even though it is regarded as the “ancestor” of the pump-driven machines, piston-driven espresso machines are still used by many companies. In contrast with the mentioned above type of espresso-making, here the barista has to pump a lever that it will give the force to the hot water. Through this, the roasted ground coffee meets the boiled water, and they together start brewing your espresso shot.

Steam-Driven Espresso Machines

If the piston-driven machines are the ancestors of the pump-driven, then the steam-driven espresso machines are coming directly from the stone age of espresso history. Today, very few romantics or those that find the new models unaffordable choose the steam pressure machines to make their espresso.

Air-Pump Driven Espresso Machines

This is the newest commercial arrival in the espresso industry. The air-pump driven espresso machines use the compressed air to force the hot water to the ground roasted coffee. However, because of their small size they are not frequently used in working environments with high volume of coffee demand.

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To Be Continued

That was all, folks. The first part of the “Espresso the Great” is over. In the second part, we will focus on the commercial espresso machines, how are they categorised, and what features are those that you have to be aware of before you move on to the decision-making process.

Nonetheless, if you need some more practical knowledge about available espresso coffee machines, then leave behind my theoretical information and fill out the free quote form at the top of the page. Our experts will review your needs and preferences and they will gather a list of suppliers that you may spark your interest. There are no charges or obligations for these services, so do not hesitate.

Written by Aris Vourvoulias