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Last Updated: 07. December 2017

How to Become a Forbes 30 Under 30

All Facts Revealed

How do you become successful?

There are countless avenues for those who have reached success. The right university, networking, and an iron will all seem to affect how successful you’ll become. On the other hand, you can find some young highfliers that have reached the top of their field. They have found their path, and worked hard to advance.

When Forbes launched their 30 Under 30 Europe, it became our mission to analyse the results. What makes these individuals so successful? Education, background, gender, and age, might have some impact, but is that everything? To solve that question, we contacted all the nominees on Forbes list, and our questions were heard.

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg’s homogenous wardrobe has been mentioned on numerous occasions as a contributing factor to their success. We wanted to know more about the young inspirational individuals behind the Forbes 30 Under 30: What are their breakfast habits, what do they do in their spare time, and how old were they when they first started to work?

Check out the infographic below, if you want to get the answers to these questions, and much more.

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