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Last Updated: 10. July 2017

Point of Sale Systems for Retail Stores

What Is a POS System?

POS systems are electronic devices used by retailers, professionals and business owners to register income transactions. The Point of Sale is also the last step of a buying process, occurring when a customer pays the merchant for a product or service.

The retail industry is the main user of POS terminals. Different types of POS have now replaced the old and slow cash registers, which are likely to soon disappear. Electronic Point of Sales systems (ePOS systems) and mobile Point of Sale systems (mPOS systems) are the present and the future of the purchase setting.

What Makes a POS System?

So, nowadays modern cash registers are made up of different tools, which are all the offspring of this technological era. In order to be in step with the times, specific Point of Sale components can guarantee high efficiency and prompt results.

  • Computer
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Customer display
  • Barcode scanner
  • Debit/credit card reader

Of course you won’t need all these items. According to your retail store, Market Inspector will provide the solution that fits you the most.

It is easy! Just fill in the form to meet specific demands regarding Point of Sale systems. We will match your exigences with the best suppliers and find the perfect combination for your retail store. And this is all for free! You will get up to 4 non-binding quotes, purposely customised to satisfy your requirements.

The latest Point of Sale version is the all-in-one POS. Basically an all-in-one Point of Sale unit works like a tablet: thanks to the touch screen technology, mouse and keyboard aren’t needed anymore. The computer is now included in the monitor and it always keeps track of the front-office and the back-office.

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Top Reasons For Choosing a Good POS System for Your Retail Store

Let’s see what are the benefits of opting for up-to-date POS systems. An efficient Point of Sale in your retail store will give you the possibility of:

  • Keep track of the daily revenue
  • Directly receive the proceeds to a bank account
  • Put in safe the money from thefts
  • Check unsold stock and sold-out
  • Hasten the purchasing process

Of course, to benefit all these opportunities, one of the most important tools is the POS software. Point of Sale software is the core of a functional POS system. It manages money transactions, credit cards payments and also the inventory in your retail store.

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Save Your Money With the Best POS Software

Computer hardware and Point of Sale software are usually included in the POS system. Otherwise, they may cost from ‎£50 up to ‎£10000, depending on their functions. A good software guarantees a total control of the inventory. And this is fundamental for every kind of retail store.

Opting for a good Point of Sale software means saving a lot of money and time on the stock. Moreover, it can anticipate your actions: once the product is going to be out of stock, it will alert you that the order of a given item needs to be renewed.

At this point, an efficient Point of Sale system allows you to check the stock turnover based on a daily, weekly or monthly scale. As a consequence, by comparing the item turnover on a certain period basis, it will help you in managing and forecasting your future orders.

Having wrong amount of products is extremely expensive. Nowadays, thanks to the up-to-date technology, it is possible to have the whole inventory under control and adapt it to the customer demand.

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POS Systems Prices

The price range for Point of Sale systems goes from ‎£280 to ‎£15000. This wide difference of price is due to the quality of the product. Of course there are really basic POS systems, but also high standard POS systems that ensure great performance, efficiency and speed in retailing.

Usually, in the Point of Sale sector “costly” means also “well-performing”, so choosing a good Point of Sale systems is what we suggest as the best choice. Existing POS systems are tailor-made for specific retail stores, therefore an investment in an high quality Point of Sale guarantees higher returns.

Do-It-Yourself Retail With EPOS Systems

Concerning this topic, Electronic Point of Sale systems are changing the approach to consumers and the way customer service works. People are getting more and more familiar with electronic devices and they can now use them independently.

That is why, in big retail stores there are automatic check-outs where clients can scan the products they are willing to purchase. But also, Point of Sale displays are provided in some restaurants, so customers can order food and then pay through these all-in-one POS systems.

Automatic ePOS will:

  • Widespread the queue in your shop
  • Minimise HR costs 
  • Make the purchasing process faster

These tools can be considered as the leading edge of the ePOS and bring incredible advantages to the retail stores. Investing in the latest technology can only benefit your company!