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Last Updated: 26. June 2020

Best Independent Coffee Shops in Brighton

Why in Brighton?

In 2014, a research by Greggs, in collaboration with the University of Stirling, was published and revealed the champion of coffee consumption in UK. Brighton’s residents were the winners of this unofficial contest, as they spent on average £177 per head for coffee in one year. In other words, they spent £25 more than the average consumer in London, which ranked number two on the list.

So, the first question that comes to mind is, why in Brighton? How, and when, did they develop this coffee culture?

The answer is straight and simple, independent coffee shops. Brighton was one of the first cities in UK, where small local independent coffee shops flourished and offered a new experience on coffee-making.

All of a sudden, this experience became a habit for the city and, as a consequence, an essential part of their daily lives. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best independent artisan coffee shops in the “Mecca” of UK’S coffee-lovers. You can also find your perfect coffee machine rental solution.


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Red Roaster

Undoubtedly, Red Roaster is one of the benchmarks in Brighton’s coffee scene. It is the favorite place of locals for socializing while enjoying their top quality coffee. Equipped with their own roastery, this independent coffee shop offers a variety of flavors from all over the world, directly to your cup.

However, it is not only a local hot-spot, Red Roaster has also developed into a popular touristic attraction for the city. It is no coincidence that the New York Times has included it in their “go-to destination” list.

Where to find it:

1d St James’s Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1RE

The Marwood Coffee Shop

This cafe probably has the most unconventional interior design from all coffee shops of Brighton. With a collection of weird but somehow eclectic mix of wall decorations (from recycled toys to local newspapers), The Marwood will make you feel comfortable from the first moment with its progressive and funky style.

Nonetheless, do not get confused, it would not be on this list if their coffee was less special than their image. You can be sure that the coffee in Marwood meets the highest possible standards.

Where to find it:

52 Ship St Ct, Brighton BN1 1AF

Moksha Caffe

Moksha means liberation or release in Indian religion and philosophy. This is exactly what they want you to feel with all your senses (or chakras), when you taste their artisan roasted coffee from Littlehampton.

Without a second thought, their Moksha blend with the distinctively rich flavor can make your day. Last but not least, in case you are interested in latte art, here you can also find a short free masterclass by the experts of the coffee shop.

Where to find it:

4-5 York Pl, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4GU

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Ground Coffee Houses

If you search for a cosy neighborhood coffeehouse to relax with nice jazzy and funky rock music in the background, then Ground Coffee House is your choice. Of course, the coffee is outstanding and carefully sourced, but beyond that they also service several organic or seasonal products in their kitchen. Hey, and if you like free coffee above all, you can have one by downloading their application.

Where to find it:

34-36 St George’s Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1ED


With the famous Smokey Bird espresso poured out daily from their espresso Marzocco machine, Pelicano’s owners can boast about the quality and the freshness of the coffee that they serve. Contrary to the usual, this local coffee shop has two floors and one beautiful garden in order to easily find your seat and enjoy your drink, stress free.

Where to find it:

28 Sydney Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4EP


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