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Last Updated: 14. November 2019

Complete ePOS System Solutions


Having trouble integrating all aspects of your sales and business processes? Setting up a complete ePOS system can help you easily merge tracking inventory and everyday transactions. 

Why is a Complete ePOS System the Right Thing for You?

  • Efficient and quick
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Detailed reports
  • Manage business processes

When implementing an ePOS solution for your small business, you will instantly notice how effortless it is to keep track of missing products, knowing when it is time to order more, and gaining knowledge of what products have the highest demand.

Due to quicker checkout speeds and integrated product ordering, the point of sale transaction will result in higher customer satisfaction.

Your business will be exposed to up-to-date sales figures in the form of reports. Reports will assist you in the analysis of sales trends, your profits and costs, and much more. Analyzing your data can lead to new business ideas and growth opportunities in the future.

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Types of ePOS Systems

Depending on your type of business, different complete ePOS system solutions will be required. Hardware and software vary between the different electronic point of sale systems.

Hardware for complete ePOS systems ranges from entry level to advanced level quality.

Entry Level ePOS systems:

  • Known as cash registers
  • Very few features
  • Cash drawer, keypad, seller display, and receipt printer
  • Ideal for small businesses selling few items per day

Intermediate Level ePOS systems:

  • Single terminal or basic computer
  • More advanced features
  • Customer display, thermal printer for logos, product specific keypad
  • Connect to external devices (barcode readers, printers etc.)

Advanced Level ePOS systems:

  • On a computer or mobile device with a browser
  • Touchscreen option
  • Wireless option

Looking into mobile POS systems (mPOS) may also be recommended as they operate independently from the device and provide flexibility for business owners. mPOS uses your smartphone or tablet as a cash register to increase portability and affordability.

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In addition to this hardware, several other devices can be added to your complete ePOS system. Such devices include credit card machines, receipt printers, and barcode scanners.

Software for complete ePOS systems may be included in the solution package or sold separately. Not all software is compatible with all forms of hardware. It is therefore recommended that you choose your software before purchasing the hardware.

Advanced software comes with several different features which include:

  • loyalty programs - to track customers habits
  • employee management - to efficiently manage schedules and performance
  • in-depth product reports
  • and more! View our full list of advanced software features and options here.

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After Sales Services

When investing in a complete ePOS system it is important to ensure that after sales services will be provided. Knowing you will be taken care of in the future will result in significantly less headaches down the road. A few factors to consider when choosing an ePOS provider are:

  • Will the after sales services be available 24/7?
  • Do they offer thorough training for your employees?
  • Will the technicians visit your workplace or only provide assistance via the phone?
  • Does the initial purchase of the complete ePOS system include the after sales services?

Without adequate and reliable after sales services it will be challenging to constantly run your complete ePOS system at its full potential.

Price Range of ePOS Systems

When looking at prices of complete ePOS systems, the entry level hardware ranges from £100 to £200. The price of an intermediate terminal system falls between £200 and £500. In terms of advanced systems, cheap systems are possible if using a tablet or smartphone, and prices increase when buying a computer.

ePOS software may be free or go up to £3,000. Your chosen features will affect the software price

Making the Right Decision

Once your need for a complete ePOS system has been confirmed, it is important to conduct thorough research about the different types of hardware and software available, the after-sales services that are available, and the price range of the systems.

Are you ready to receive expert advice about a complete ePOS system? We are here to help you. Please complete the contact form in order to receive free no obligation quotes about the recommended complete ePOS system for your small business.