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Last Updated: 10. July 2017

5 Health Reasons to Start Drinking Coffee

More Than a Drink

Of course, coffee is not like just any other beverage. It is the king of the beverages, the most consumed drink in the world, capable to wake you up, and to fulfil your energy to start the day.

However, drinking coffee it is not just the aromatic flavor in your mug or the necessary boost for your physical or mental exercise, it is also a beneficial drink in terms of your health.

So, even if you do not have a coffee machine for yourself or your business, even if you are a tea-lover, here are the top 5 reasons why you should change your mind today.

1. Coffee Protects You Against Parkinson

According to a Swedish study made by researchers at Linkoping University, the caffeine in combination with the genetic variant in GRIN2A can significantly decrease the risk of contracting the disease of Parkinson.

More specifically, the molecular explanation is that the caffeine is perfectly integrating with a dopamine receptor that helps the proper flow of calcium into cells.

However, to avoid being inaccurate, individuals with certain genetic variations, and therefore, with different amount of dopamine production, may not enjoy the protective effects of caffeine to the same extend with others.

2. Coffee Protects You From a Liver Disease

Dr. Klatsky and his colleagues at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Oakland, published a research with a sample of 125,580 individuals (70,333 women and 55, 247 men) in a time period of 22 years.

Their analysed data showed that consuming coffee has a negative correlation with the disease of alcoholic cirrhosis. In simple words, the more coffee you consume, the less likely it is to be hospitalised or die from the disease.

3. Coffee May Protect you From Alzheimer’s Disease

Unfortunately, Alzheimer is one of the most common and well-known diseases, especially for individuals over 65 years of age. The good news is that there are a couple of things that can help you in the fight against the autoimmune disease.

A Finnish study made by the researchers Eskelinen MH and Kivipelto M, found empirical evidences that indicate a positive effect of coffee and tea on cognitive functioning. In particular, coffee drinking (3-5 cups of coffee per day) at middle age had connections with a decreased risk of Alzheimer disease, about 65%.

4. Coffee Protects You From Type 2 Diabetes

The American Chemical Society published a research in 2009 and revealed that caffeine significantly helps to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Indeed, four cups of coffee every day are dropping the chances to develop the disease by 50%. Additionally, it is mentioned that for every extra cup of coffee that you consume the probability of developing Type 2 Diabetes is approximately decreasing by 7%.

5. Coffee Can Protect You From Cardiovascular Diseases

A Dutch study made by researchers from the University Medical Center in Utrecht and the National Institute for Public Health and Environment, found that you can reduce the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease by drinking coffee.

According to the data of the research, a coffee drinker that daily consumes two to four cups of coffee has 20% more chances to avoid a heart disease than anyone else who either does not drink coffee at all or consumes more than the average.

Did You Change Your Perspective?

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