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Last Updated: 27. June 2017

Why Social CRM is Good for Your Business

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM is a CRM application that provides a deeper insight into customers` information derived from social networks by using social CRM tools applications, such as different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) . Along with others, one of the most important social CRM advantages is the ability for companies to work in a multichannel retailing environment allowing them to interact with their customers freely and keep a full audit of their social influence.

Social CRM is a CRM system trend that integrates a critical social media channel. Social CRM simply implements a social dimension to the way companies think about customers and their relationship with them. CRM compaies alongside with Social CRM companies offer a system that unifies and automate customer information into a single CRM database. Thus, using Social CRM software enables businesses easily to track their performance and productivity.

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Why Choose a Social CRM Strategy?

Studies Studies on the influence of social CRM systems show that over 43% of the engagements from customers aged between 18-29 was customer service-related. Moreover, a recent survey revealed that over 40%of the poll takers said that a ‘quick solution’ to their issues was the most important factor in a customer service exchange. Therefore, online CRM systems are a crucial factor when it comes to extending your business and customer base.

How Does Social CRM Work?

A Social CRM strategy should involve:
1. Listening to your customers
2. Analysing the data derived from them
3. Relating this data to the existing one within your business
4. Acting on the collected information

How do we do that? Social CRM is a software that allows your business to successfully implement this strategy and secure that your business has the highest customer exposure.

  • Select the right social CRM Platform for your business – it is important to delegate one platform as your main customer support hub. Depending on your business, choose the CRM tools and the one social media platform and where your customers are most active (whichever of your social profiles has the most followers and engagement).
  • Designate your response – implement a process of organising and prioritising service requests, identifying which ones are most urgent. Prioritise those leads that show interest in your product and services, targeting potential clients. Make sure the larger audience can see positive comments and how you handle customers` issues, but handle negative comments and compensating issues privately.
  • Choose your social CRM software wisely - Depending on whether you are a  small business or a larger business different types of software may be more appropriate . Be sure you invest in a CRM software that is specifically designed for social customer service. Of course, small business can use CRM systems for small businesses such as TweedDeck or HootSuite, however, larger companies need to focus on bigger software. 
  • Measure your productivity and efficiency -- Moreover, in order to guarantee higher levels of efficiency and positive results, survey the web for customers` expectations. Finally, compare the three factors: expectations, efficiency, and productivity, and tune your social CRM tactics accordingly.

Social -CRM-social -media

Why Social CRM is Good for Your Business

No matter what your business is, customers are one of your most valuable asset because they can get you closer or move you further away from your desired success. Therefore, customer satisfaction needs to be number one on your priority list. This means not only appreciating them, but more importantly, understanding their needs. Social CRM is the one tool that can greatly benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Storing vast data pools of customers and their information, allows you to offer them positive experience that pays off in greater productivity for you. By using a Social CRM system, you can scan everything your customers do and every interaction with your company, while providing with cloud access that is conveniently accessible by everyone.
  • Making detailed customer data communicable to whomever might need it within the company. Thus, your company can reduce the time it takes to assist customers and, as a result, increase business productivity and efficiency.
  • Using social CRM helps increasing your customer service performance. Resolving pressing customers` issues require immediate reaction. Making sure that you value not only your time, but also your customers’ time, social CRM system guarantee sufficient results by retrieving customers’ past information and history, allowing you to locate solution to customer issues within minutes.
  • Generating automatic reports which completely mitigates the risk of miscalculating data. Social CRM systems store the existing data in one place, helping the process of data analysing more efficient, and minimises the time it takes to do so.
  • Increasing efficiency within the company`s representatives. Social CRM systems allows multiple teams easy and fairly quick access to all of their customers’ e-mails, previous history, and details. Different departments within the company can share valuable information and details in order to funnel this information down the pipeline and reach the desired results: closing sales, providing excellent service, extracting new knowledge, etc.


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Which Are the Primary Social Platforms?

Designating your main social CRM Platform as your primary customer support hub is a crucial step when it comes to successful CRM social media integration. Here are some of the main social platforms and their advantages and drawbacks:

Since Facebook is the largest social network worldwide, and it is obvious that it can provide your business the largest potential audience. Furthermore, Facebook allows wide range of page flexibility and customised interaction with third-party apps.

LinkedIn is the primary platform when we talk about professional contacts, using social CRM B2B marketing technique. However, LinkedIn is efficient only through active networking – forums are available only in private discussions.

Using Google+ gives you access to all of the Google`s resources. This social CRM platform is useful mostly to a technical audience, using social CRM B2B technique. However, Google+ is a platform that is still in the early stages of building their audience base.

Using this social CRM platform provides a number of social CRM benefits – user-friendly and quick to reach, Twitter is a main customer service platform. Moreover, due to character limit it forces customers to get straight to the point.

However, there are plenty of different social media platforms that can be quite useful for keeping your customers informed and assuring them that you have heard their requests, comments, and complaints. Such platforms could be Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more.


Which Social CRM System Is the Right One for Your Business?

After reviewing all the advantages social CRM can offer your business, only one question remains: which social CRM is the right for your business? Here are a few tips that make the process of choosing the right social CRM software for enterprises and small businesses much easier:

1. Sign up for a few free trials and unpaid popular vendor plans. Thus, you will allow your business to test the different features offered by each app. Do some research and try software that currently shows the highest results.

2. Be aware of the extent of your business. Is it small, medium or large business?

  • Small business – working in small business and teams suggests that companies don’t have much time to enhance customer relationship with social media. Social CRM systems can be the backbone and the solution to your business, and at the same time it does not require heavy investment.
  • Medium business – here your business is growing in a fast pace. Due to the fact that more and more customers need to be provided services, medium businesses invest in social CRM with the motive to manage their customer relationships and redirect costs from social marketing to more important business aspects within the company.
  • Large business – sustaining a large business is a process that requires the use of advanced social CRMs. Those CRMs not only help the business to sustain their success, but to push the business in the right direction and further extend it. Due to social CRM systems, large businesses are able to engage with thousands of customers.

3. Make sure that you get to know each social CRM software, so you can choose the one that meets your business needs. Ask advise from vendors and find answers to the following questions:

· How easy is to use and train employees?
· What are the limitations of the specific social CRM software?
· Is it easy to integrate with solutions already used within your business?
· What are the security features provided by the software in order to protect you and your customers?
· How customisable is the particular software?
· What type of customer service do you offer?

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