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Last Updated: 26. June 2020

A Beginner's Guide to Business Blogging

Get Discovered by Your Online Audience

From 2006-2011, the worldwide number of online blogs has increased by more than 100 million (Statista). This ongoing trend and growth leads to blogging becoming a very useful and important tool to boost online marketing for businesses and it will become even more important in the future.

Ever wonder why that is? The following article and short video point out several benefits that blogging can provide for your business.

You already practise business blogging? Great, then you’re one step ahead! However, it might be worthwhile to check out the video below and keep yourself updated.

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Besides e-commerce and social media marketing, which is already practised by many enterprises, business blogging is a modern online marketing tactic, that can elevate your online presence to a completely new level.

How to Benefit from Business Blogging:

There is a difference in operating a personal blog and a business blog, which is why we at Market Inspector have gathered some useful facts and tips about what to consider when starting a business blog and how to make it a success.

When doing it right it will provide several benefits for your business. Not only can business blogging improve your SEO performance and generates higher rankings in search engines but it can also drive traffic to your website and has potential to boost your sales.

A blog section, embedded on your website, is a great way to connect with your online audience on a very personal level. By showcasing your industry expertise and personalising your business, you can increase your trustworthiness and easily keep your audience informed and up-to-date. By taking advantage of the comments section for instance, you can also use your Blog as a tool for communication and interact with your readers.