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Last Updated: 16. October 2019

Best B2B Sales Strategy Resources - September 2019

At Market Inspector, it is important for us to be updated on what is happening in the business market, not only in the UK but also the rest of the world. We, therefore, would like to share some of our favourite news, articles, and helpful tools with you.

This month we have picked 4 interesting B2B sales techniques articles for you. These articles will help you understand what B2B sales is, how to improve, different techniques, tools etc.

In this month’s content roundup, we have collected resources published in September 2019, which you can read about in the accompanying descriptions.

Take a look at our content roundup for August, in case you missed it.

3 B2B Sales Strategies Proven to Win More Customers

This article suggests that B2B sales have changed. B2B buyers are now more in control, and changes need to be made if you want your strategies to work again. Furthermore, it is also important to understand the buying habits of modern B2B buyers. Authors of this article propose 3 B2B sales strategies that work:

  1. Embrace sales enablement to help prospects make better buying decisions.
  2. Make salespeople the spokespeople for your brand.
  3. Align sales and marketing teams to work towards the same goal. 

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20 Selling Techniques That Will Actually Improve How You Sell

In this article, you will find 20 selling techniques, categorised in 6 categories. They will help you in all areas of your sales strategy, from prospecting, communicating value, creating urgency, closing the sale and expanding with existing customers. Check them below:

1. Sales prospecting techniques

  • Make your customer the hero
  • Don’t over-personalise your campaigns
  • Use “You” phrasing, not “We” phrasing

2. Sales techniques that create value

  • Challenge your prospect’s status quo
  • Introduce unconsidered needs
  • Find your value wedge
  • Tell compelling visual stories

3. Phone sales techniques

  • Tailor your message for virtual sales
  • Encourage your prospect to participate

4. Sales closing techniques

  • Tell stories with contrast
  • Highlight the risk
  • Protect your value
  • Leverage pivotal agreements

5. Sales techniques to expand value

  • Defend your customer status quo
  • Upsell by reinforcing the relationship
  • Know how to apologize

6. Sales techniques that don't work

  • Don't focus on selling benefits
  • Don't compete in a bake-off
  • Don't sell to personas
  • Don't rely on a standard elevator pitch

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B2B Sales: The Ultimate Guide to Business-to-Business Selling

FitSmallBusiness offers the ultimate B2B selling guide that goes in-depth with all the important aspects in the process of selling, as well as elaborating on its definition and recommending different tools to help you and your business.

According to the authors, “managing your sales process and keeping track of contacts can be a nightmare and wreck your B2B sales efforts if not done right”.

In this guide you will find:

  1. How Business-to-Business sales works
  2. B2B sales components
  3. The B2B sales process
  4. Who business to business sales is right for
  5. B2B sales costs
  6. B2B Sales tools
  7. Benefits of B2B sales
  8. Difference between B2B & B2C sales

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7 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your B2B Sales in 2019

While the other 3 articles were focusing on proposing different strategies for successful B2B sales, this one focuses on email marketing as a strategy that works, and can be profitable and effective, if used optimally.

On top of defining what B2B marketing is, and why every business should create a viable B2B email marketing strategy, in this article you will read about the following 7 tips for a successful B2B email marketing strategy:

  1. Think about your clients and understand the differences
  2. Pay attention to the email header
  3. Content marketing starts with the title and the subject line
  4. Do not address your email to a CEO
  5. Create your content
  6. Select your delivering service
  7. Authenticating your domain

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Look forward to our roundup in October!

In addition to giving you an overview of September's top resources for B2B sales marketing, we at Market Inspector will also give you interesting news and articles from October.