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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Is a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Your Type of Coffee Maker?

Are you considering buying a bean to cup machine but you cannot choose among the different options on the market? This is totally normal. A commercial coffee machine is an investment in itself, and, consequently, it should be regarded as such.

Therefore, you have to be aware of the wide range of possible features and alternatives before you move on to the decision-making step; and yes, we are here to make this procedure easier.

However, if you have already decided what type of coffee maker suits you best, then you can fill out the free quote form in the right side of the page. Our professionals will prepare a list of coffee machine suppliers, according to your needs and preferences. There are no charges or any obligations in this service, so give it a try without doubts.

If you are not in the mentioned above category, then don’t despair. In this article we will review on which occasions a bean to cup coffee maker is the best choice to make.

Coffee _beans _in _a _grinder

What Actually Is a Bean to Cup Coffee Maker?

The bean to cup coffee machine is an appliance that gives you the possibility to brew a freshly ground coffee on your demand. In comparison with other commercial coffee makers, the main differentiation is that this one includes an integrated coffee grinder to the main body of the coffee machine. Thus, it can grind whole beans at the same time that it also prepares the coffee of your preference.

In this way, your coffee maker does not let the sapid oils to evaporate and, hence, you can enjoy the highest possible quality in your mug every time. On the contrary, the already grounded coffee that other devices use often deprives the freshness and richness from the flavor of your drink.

Why You Should Choose a Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

There are plenty of reasons and arguments for choosing a commercial bean to cup coffee machine. So, let’s discuss the most important ones:

  • It is a great solution for a self-service environment. If you have an office, a canteen, a restaurant or whatever does not require a well-trained barista preparing your coffee, then a bean to cup coffee maker is an excellent choice. It is user-friendly (you just need to push a button), fast (in less than 30 seconds) and efficient (some of the biggest machines can deliver up to 300 cups per hour!).
  • It offers the highest quality. As we have already mentioned, in terms of freshness and richness of flavor, there is no competition. If you want your coffee to be ground no earlier than the time that you want to enjoy your coffee, then this is your machine.
  • A variety of possible coffee drinks. Are you a fan of espresso? Do you want a properly made flat white, cappuccino or latte? Do you prefer a hot chocolate as an alternative when you feel coffee-logged? A commercial bean to cup coffee maker can offer up to 20 different options by pressing only one button.
  • Plenty of other features. Some of the commercial bean to cup coffee machines have the ability to memorise and store your coffee preferences for future uses. Except the memory function, you can find features such as, attached milk frothers that are applicable for both instant and fresh milk, thermoblock that control the temperature of the water in the appropriate level, LED display or even wi-fi connectivity.

Beans _in _a _cup _2__1_

Why You Should Not Choose a Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

As it happens with any purchase, nothing comes without a price. These are the main reasons why a bean to cup coffee maker would not be the ideal choice for you:

  • It tends to be more expensive. As you can imagine quality comes with a cost and this type of coffee makers are not the most affordable options in the market. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the running cost for other coffee makers, like an instant coffee machine, is higher. So, at the end of the day it might be worth it to pay a higher fixed cost, rather than spend a small amount of money for maintenance frequently.
  • Mobility. If you consider buying a commercial coffee maker that will be suitable for a mobile business, then a bean to cup coffee maker is not the appropriate device for you. All the different electronic and mechanical parts that you have to be aware of, and how each one functions operates, categorize this type of coffee machine as ill-suited for your business.

Coffee _beans _in _a _spoon

What is the Price Range for a Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

As you may already imagine, the price range for a bean to cup coffee maker varies depending on the different functionalities of the machine. Concerning all the possible features, the desirable efficiency, and your preference between a semi and a fully automatic coffee maker can have a considerable effect.

To be more precise, the price for a bean to cup coffee machine starts from £500 (semi-automatic) and can reach up to £10,000 (fully-automatic). However, as it is already mentioned, it is better to observe such a purchase as an investment with long-term return.

In terms of quality, efficiency, and operational simplicity, the bean to cup coffee maker is the indisputable winner among its competitors. Nevertheless, if the price remains a major barrier that you cannot overcome, keep in mind that it is also possible to rent (short or long-term contracts) a bean to cup coffee machine.

Last but not least, another option to avoid the initial sum of money is to lease the coffee maker with the possibility to buy full ownership after a specific period of time. In this way you don’t pay the initial sum of money for the coffee machine, while you also have the opportunity to test if this coffee machine actually meets your needs.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine


If you have decided that a bean to cup coffee maker is what you wish for your company, then request a free quote at the top of the page and our sales team will help you, without any obligation or cost, to find the best solution for your business.