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Last Updated: 06. February 2019

Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

When brewing freshly ground coffee beans, you will be presented with an intense flavour profile and a delicious mug of coffee or espresso with a refined aroma and flavour.

Commercial bean to cup machines offer this luxury for every single mug of brewed coffee, due to their refined coffee processing capabilities.

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Advantages of Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

When considering whether to purchase a bean to cup coffee maker, several benefits should be taken into consideration. First off, the commercial bean to cup coffee machine offers the possibility to grind coffee beans on the spot, instantly providing a high quality grind to be used in the brewing process.

Freshly ground coffee guarantees that the coffee will have an enriched taste and aroma, increasing the overall quality of the coffee. Another aspect to consider are the two main types of commercial bean to cup machines, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Fully automatic being the quicker and less involved coffee making process.

Buy, Rent or Lease a Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

There are several ways to get a commercial bean to cup coffee machine for your office. A coffee machine rental agreement or leasing a coffee machine are some good alternatives. If you buy a machine, you have the flexibility of doing what you wish with the machine, without having to follow guidelines or restrictions. However, purchasing a commercial bean to cup machine often requires that the entire price be paid upfront, which may not be a possibility with your current budget.

No need to worry, as there are other options aside from buying machines. Some companies offer the option of short or long term rental contracts, the shortest being 6 months. Some rental companies conveniently include the cost of repair services for their commercial bean to cup machines in the rental price.

Another possibility is to lease a commercial bean to cup coffee machine. Some companies offer the possibility to “lease to own”, which means that at the end of the lease contract, you are entitled to fully own the machine you have paid for throughout the lease.

Leasing is advantageous for those who would like to own a commercial bean to cup coffee machine but do not have the necessary intial funds to purchase the machine. Monthly lease payments will be required until a certain time period has passed when you are able to fully own the machine.

Price of Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Those and other factors might help you identify the best coffee machine for your business. The price of commercial bean to cup coffee machines varies depending on the type of machine and its functions. The two types are semi-automatic and fully automatic commercial bean to cup coffee machines.

There is a visible price difference between the semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, with fully automatic machines being significantly more expensive. However, it must be taken into consideration that with fully automatic machines, the process of grinding and brewing the coffee requires only the push of a button.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the price of commercial bean to cup coffee machines, don’t hesitate to fill out a request form and our qualified sales team will be in contact with you to provide you with more information. You will be connected with suppliers that best suit your needs and expectations.