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Last Updated: 31. January 2019

What is a Plumbed In Coffee Machine?

It is likely that you know what a built in coffee machine is, but it is probably less likely that you know what a “plumbed in coffee machine” is. Put simply, plumbed in coffee machines are machines which do not require the water to be refilled due to the fact that they are directly connected to the water supply.

Plumbed in coffee machines increase the comfort and convenience of the coffee brewer and offer a complete and fully automatic coffee brewing process, and also double as a water dispenser.

Plumbed in coffee machines transform typical coffee drinkers into real life baristas. The machines brew high quality coffee thanks to the complex functions of the machine and the water supply which runs directly into the machine.

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Maintenance of a Plumbed In Coffee Machine

Maintenance of the machine should be performed regularly, with descaling recommended a few times a year for best results. Depending on the usage of the machine, daily or weekly basic cleaning is required to keep the components clean and assure a quality beverage is produced.

To improve the condition of the plumbed in coffee machine even further, an inline water filter can be installed so that every time water fills the container it will be of the highest quality, thus minimizing the deposit of minerals on the machines internal components and resulting in less frequent descaling.

Price of a Plumbed In Coffee Machine

The price of a plumbed in coffee machine is higher than other types of coffee machines, mainly due to the built in water system. It is to be noted that there is not a wide selection of plumbed in coffee machine models. The machines can typically be found in high end or professional equipment locations, such as commercial environments which brew and serve coffee.

However, there are a few models which can be purchased for households and which fall into a lower price range.

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Advantages of a Plumbed In Coffee Machine

A lot of suppliers offer models that support the plumbed in option. This is done with the intention to better meet your business needs and provide the best coffee machine for you. Apart from the advantage of having a direct connection to the water system, the plumbed in coffee machine presents other beneficial features, which justify its higher price range amongst coffee machines.

Taking into consideration the amount of storage available for coffee, this type of machine holds a larger amount of coffee in the storage containers as well as has the ability to grind beans fresh for brewing. Certain top of the line features include a small “fridge” storage where milk and cream can be stored, as well as a freezer compartment where ice can be kept for cold coffee beverages.

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