Commercial Espresso Machine

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Commercial Espresso Machine

An espresso maker is suitable for different environments, from households to offices and canteens, and of course café’s. Commercial espresso machines provide quality espresso products to meet the growing demand of coffee consumers in the UK and around the globe. Commerical machines have been adapted to meet present day coffee brewing standards in order to deliver products that have a richer taste, yet which require very little time to prepare and brew.

Selecting the right type of coffee maker, whether it is a commercial espresso machine or a bean to cup machine, may be a difficult process. Hopefully, with the following overview we will be able to make this process easier for you and your company. 

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Types of Commercial Espresso Machines  

Commercial espresso machines come in several different varieties depending on your individual requirements. Based on your needs, the espresso machine may be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

  • Lever commercial espresso machines – These types of machines may not be as commonly used for commercial purposes by large businesses due to their large amount of user involvement in the brewing process. However, the taste of the coffee produced with these machines is very high quality.
  • Pump commercial espresso machines – These types of espresso machines rely on a pump to push the water through the ground coffee. For commercial use, pump espresso machines are mostly automated. However, there are also manual machines for those who are interested in being more involved in the beverage-making process. 
  • Pod commercial espresso machines ­– Pod espresso machines also use pump technology to push water through the coffee. However, the difference with these machines is that the coffee comes in prepackaged pods (also called capsules) which are opened by the machines during the brewing process. These types of machines are automated and have the advantage of having the right amount of coffee measured out for a cup, as each capsule is designed for a single serving
  • Steam commercial espresso machines - Steam espresso machines were in fact the first automated method used to make espresso. These types of espresso machines brew coffee through a process involving pressure from steam that forces water into the ground coffee.

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Performance of Commercial Espresso Machines

When deciding which type of commercial espresso machine to purchase, the performance of the machine must be taken into consideration.The number of people that are expected to be served on an hourly or weekly basis should be taken into consideration in order to ensure everyone will be served with ease. 

When deciding on a commercial espresso machine, consider which aspect is of greater importance to you: being able to accommodate high demands of coffee using a complex machine, or having a simple machine that is available at a more affordable price.

Of course, price is often a key variable to consider when purchasing a commercial espresso machine. However, the performance of the machine should certainly be taken into consideration, especially if there is high demand for coffee at your workplace.

Price of a Commercial Espresso Machine

Commercial espresso machines differ in price and range from low cost models which have simple functions to high spec models which come with accessories and can brew very high quality coffee. Investing in the right commercial espresso machine ultimately depends on the number of people that will be served.

Commerical coffee machine prices can range from under £300 to over £13,000 for the top models.

If if it expected that a large number of people will be served then it might be beneficial to buy a larger, better performing machine. Another aspect to take into consideration is the number of drinks that will be produced per hour or day. If this number is high then consider buying a machine that produces coffee at very high speeds.

When looking to purchase a commercial espresso machine it is best to look at the number of servings rather than considering the price of the machine as the most important aspect. This will result in the purchase of the ideal machine for your business needs.

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