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What Does a Cash Register Software Offer You?

Having an efficient cash register software helps you to successfully manage your business. An advanced cash register with a POS system gives you an added value by offering an extra care to your customers, efficiently managing your stock, helping you build smart reports and much more.

Even small businesses can benefit from advanced cash registers and ePOS systems. Don’t get discouraged by the idea that small stores can’t afford to have this technology as you can actually find some free cash register software.

The POS market offers a high range of cash register software solutions, so it requires a good research in order to find the right POS solution. Whether you choose a free ePOS software or a paid version, it has to fit your retail or hospitality business perfectly.

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Highlights of Free Electronic Cash Register Software:

  • Credit card terminal and barcode scanner functions
  • Works on any mobile device
  • Increases productivity
  • Secures data
  • Sales reports
  • Delivery and stock management

Choice of Cash Register Software

There are many kinds of free cash register software products available on the internet, so  you can easily get lost and might have problems deciding which one is best for your business.

Here we provide you with a small checklist with the important things to take into account in order to decide which free cash register software you should install in your store. Moreover, we also provide you with our selection of the top free cash register software options that you can find on the market for your business.

Checklist: Choosing your Free Cash Register Software

1. Check reviews for various software options

One of the most important points when selecting the free cash register software to be installed in your store is to be aware that free ePOS software products are usually not as reliable as the software provided by POS suppliers.

It is for this reason that you need to do Free _cash _register _software _choosingsome research on the different options of free cash register software that you can chose from. Reviews for the different options can be checked on the internet.

2. Check compatibility

Also, you need to check the compatibility of your hardware with the free ePOS software. For instance, you can find very specific products like touchscreen cash register software that might not be compatible with the type of computer that you have. 

Moreover, if you want to use your POS system on a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet, you need to check if the chosen free ePOS software works on these kind of devices.

3. Check all the features of your chosen product

Don’t forget to check all the features and conditions that come along with your chosen product, because free cash register software products are sometimes not as free as they seem.

Be particularly alert to mentions such as free for a month or free trial. Double check if the options you need are included in the free ePOS software package or if they should be bought as an extra feature.

Finally, most of the times free cash register software products don’t include any technical support and if you need such service, it will cost you some extra money.

4. Check your internet connection

Finally, be aware that free cash register software products are mainly cloud or web based, which means that you need to have a good internet connection.

We advise you to check your connection to be sure it is reliable and if it’s not, you should consider going for free ePOS software that has an offline mode.

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Selection of the Best Free Cash Register Software

The cash register software is the brain of your POS system and therefore choosing the right one is a crucial decision for you. We tried to make this decision a bit easier for you by selecting top 5 free cash register software options.


This free cash register software can be adapted to be used in retail stores and restaurants. Features are advanced, such as customer loyalty program and reports. Imonggo is especially good if you want to have a touchscreen hardware, it can also be used on a normal computer but it is more intuitive on handhelds.

Offline mode is possible to avoid missing any sales when your internet connection is down. Besides these advantages, be aware that the free version has a volume limitation so double-check whether you need to do more transactions than what is authorized for free.


This free cash register software is also available in a paid version which is better adapted for bigger businesses. The free version is limited to really small businesses with only 100 transactions/month.

However, this free ePOS software can even work offline and it offers all the options needed for a small business, such as CRM, advanced reports, inventory and much more.

Free -cash -register -SUniCenta

UniCenta free cash register software includes many different options that can be adapted to different industries, such as retail, fashion or even restaurant. This well designed software offers features such as reports, employee management, inventory management and much more.

It is available in 16 different languages and specially designed for touchscreen. The main advantage of UniCenta is the fact that a tech team can be reached via email in case of problems. However, check the compatibility of your hardware as it might be some problems with Linux.

Profit center

Profit center free cash register software is mainly suitable for retailers. It has many options for small businesses, supports many currencies and has free support, which make it a must have on our list.

However, the guide and the website are not intuitive and a bit complicated to use. You might want to avoid Profit center if you are not really comfortable with computers because the installation process is a bit more complicated than the other free cash register software options included on this list.


The advantage with this free cash register software is that it can adapted to different businesses such as retail, fashion stores or even restaurants. Launched in 2012, Hiboutik allows you to have efficient sale reports.

Among other features, it provides secured access with a login for each user, a loyalty program, and the option of sending receipts by email. However, be aware of the fact that some of these are extra features require an extra payment, such as dashboard and accounting.

If you need help with the research and your decision process seems overwhelming, we can help you. Complete the quote request form today to find out more about free cash register software and all the other POS systems available. We will connect you with qualified suppliers of hardware and software solutions, for free.