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Integer ePOS Systems

Did you know that you can optimize your business by incorporating an Integer POS system? They are ideal for restaurants, deliveries and takeaways. 

Integer offers ePOS systems for fast food restaurants, takeaways and delivery. Their solutions are easy to use, flexible, and can be aligned with any business’ needs.

Integer offers support also outside of usual working hours, which can be very convenient for fast food restaurants with long opening times. Support is offered in languages that are best understood by users, in a way that makes it understandable for new users.

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Features of Integer ePOS Solutions

Integer solutions cover every part of the fast food business that needs to be managed in any restaurant - first contact with customer, taking an order, food preparation, delivery, takeaway, table service, reports, marketing, and stock control.

  • First Contact With the Customers

E POS IntegerInteger solutions offer postcode look-up, which locates new customers and fills in his or her address. Next time a customer calls, his/her address, order history and store menu will appear. This is also called Instant Caller Recognition. This allows for better communication with customers and an improved service offering.

  • Taking Orders

Integer offers touch screen ePOS software, with which you can repeat a customer’s last order, add manual discounts, remove dishes, change layout, and pause whenever you need to do work on another operation within the system.

Integer software includes the feature of dual pricing, as well as different pricing throughout the day (happy hour and similar pricing events) and the possibility of accepting credit card online, via YESpay.

  • Food Preparation and Delivery Driver Management

After a customer has ordered, the order is sent and printed in the kitchen. If there are any special cooking requirements or instructions, these can be added for printing. Special orders or food items can be printed as well.

Delivery driver management allows assignment of orders to drivers, identification of orders which are in near vicinity, maps, time until order will be delivered, highlights orders that will be soon or are late, and more.

  • Table Service

This optional feature includes table layouts in several rooms, reservations, different pricing throughout the day, splitting bills and payments, fast touch screen ordering and other.

  • Reports and Analysis

Integer ePOS solutions will give you the access to end of day reporting, customer history, analysis of the business by hours, performance of menu, and success of deals or offers.

  • Marketing and Head Office

Head Office IntegerSetting up marketing messages, welcoming new customers, sending special offers, apologizing for late deliveries, categorising customers, contacting customers by email and texting, are all possibilities of what you can manage with Integer ePOS software. With Head Office it is possible to manage multi-site stores, receive end of the day reports as an owner, access data on demand and having remote access to the system.

  • Installation and Training

Integer offers onsite installation and staff training. With an Integer system it is also possible to manage stock by items or ingredients, staff log on with swipe cards and passwords to limit the access for unauthorized people.

  • Online Ordering

Aside from the ePOS software that Integer offers, they provide a service that helps businesses with the development of a website that has an incorporated ordering interface. If your brand has a well defined personality, Integer can help you with designing a customised site that communicates the benefits of your product.

"They created a website for me. My customers find it easy to place orders on it. The orders arrive on the EPOS system and no-one has picked up the phone - just like I wanted. Better still, orders are paid for by credit card and the money goes straight into the bank. I should have done it from day one, Integer has ticked every box." This is what a customer from Edinburgh - La Favorita, has said about online ordering. This pizza delivery was “PAPA Independent Pizza Delivery Store of the Year 2009”.

  • Mobile Application


With Integer it is possible to have a mobile application where customers are able to order food from their smartphones or tablets. This app can be customised to fit the brand and visual identity of your business. However, this is currently only available for iPhones.

  • Text Messaging

Integer ePOS software allows users to send marketing messages via texting. You are either able to send the messages right away or it is possible to schedule the messages and send them when the time is the most suitable for the customers.

Besides deciding what time the messages will be sent, you can decide which groups of customers these messages will be sent to, customise the messages, and therefore target your customers better. It is also possible for customers to opt out from the messaging.

A customer from Coatbridge, Atlantic Fast Food has been satisfied with this feature: "I sent 300 text messages to customers. Almost straight away we had 20 orders online! It’s been so slick and it really complements the shop."

Benefits of Using Integer

Integer software specialises in fast food and takeaway restaurants and throughout the year it has gained many valuable experience in this branch. Taking orders, dispatching, and deliveries are facilitated by the features of this software, which works on Windows. With an application for ordering, it follows the current trends in this industry.

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