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Last Updated: 29. August 2019

Business Photocopiers: How to Choose the Best One for Your Company

Find the Best Business Photocopiers

Modern business photocopiers are fast, reliable and can handle high volumes of copies. They have become an integral part of a company’s day-to-day document management operations, where speed and efficiency are important.

The functionalities of a printer that used to be luxury have become more or less baseline for the majority of models and a common expectation from users. The ability to scan, copy and fax for example is what most companies are looking for in a Business Photocopier.

From here on out there is a multitude of decisions to be taken: colour photocopiers or black and white printers, A3 printers or A4 printers, laser printers or inkjet printers, all-in-one printers or single function printers? That is why it is a good idea to evaluate your needs and make an informed decision in order to get the best deal without overpaying for unnecessary bells and whistles.

If you fill out the quote request form, we will contact you and guide you through the process of establishing your requirements and present you with up to four quotes for business photocopiers that will make choosing the right one a piece of cake.

A Modern Business Photocopier is Part of a Greener Profile

An old printer can be very disruptive for your employees’ daily routine. The noise pollution, increased downtimes and outdated technology can cause stress and an overall negative user experience. Newer photocopiers, however, have improved technology, and the common fears about photocopiers can easily be debunked.

Companies that are focused on being green and sustainable must start by changing from within.

There are solutions out there that can provide high speed and quality of print at reduced cost and power usage. The advancements in printing technology are not to be underestimated when exploring options for becoming a more lean and sustainable business.

Before you choose a certain type of photocopier, there are a number of factors to consider.

Black and White or ColoursLaser Printed Spreadsheet Pie Chart

One of the defining characteristics of a photocopier is its ability to print in black and white or colour. Even though you may think that black and white printing is a thing of the past, you might be surprised as to how many companies find it perfectly satisfactory to print b&w documents. The fact of the matter is that colour printing is a lot more expensive and is not absolutely necessary for all businesses. Depending on your printing output, you can decide how important colour is for your document management.

Inkjet or Laser

In recent years technology has come a long way in optimizing both printing technologies and the line between them has become thin in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Inkjet used to be the go-to technology for photos and colour print, whereas laser was superior in text printing. This however is no longer the case with the higher end models. One can find inkjets that match laser speed and text output quality and vice versa. Nevertheless the distinction between the two printing technologies is still apparent in the budget models.


The speed of a photocopier is measured in CPM (copies per minute), which makes it easier when comparing models. Business photocopiers in the high end of the spectrum can reach speeds of 150 CPM, which is 2.5 pages a second. On the lower end there are the machines that reach 30 CPM (0.5 pages a second). Speed directly affects the price of a photocopier, thus you must evaluate if you that is an important aspect for you and your business.

Buy, Lease or RentLease -agreement

Buying a business photocopier, as convenient as it is, may not be an option for small/medium sized enterprises whose budget is vital for their survival on the market. In such cases, there are other options, namely photocopier rental or leasing. The rental option is mostly used when a company expects a large volume printing for a short period of time (e.g. a convention, a promotional campaign etc.).

Photocopier leasing agreement is a great option for those who cannot allocate the necessary funds to purchase one or simply prefer to outsource the service, repair and update duties to the supplier. At the end of a lease period, one also has the option of purchasing the machine and invest in a product that they are well acquainted and presumably satisfied with.


As mentioned before, maintenance and repair services are very important for photocopier owners. To get the maximum value of your machine, you need to be sure that it is regularly maintained, thus reducing any chance of unexpected downtimes in the middle of an important printing process.

In order to save yourself and your business unnecessary grief with a malfunctioning photocopier, simply look for a service-inclusive offer when comparing quotes for photocopiers. A reliable retailer will make sure you get the best service for your machine.