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Last Updated: 24. May 2019

Office Photocopiers: An In-Depth Guide

Choose the Best Photocopier for Your Office

It is indisputable that photocopiers and office printers are nowadays essential office equipment regardless of the size and sector of the business. As every industry has different needs it may not be easy to decide what office photocopier is the right match.

Are you in search for a cheap or high tech copy machine however still in doubt how to choose the best office photocopier to fulfil your needs? Whether to opt for photocopier rental, photocopier lease or to buy a photocopier? Is it the photocopier price that affects your decision making?

Would you like to receive tailored guidance that will help you to choose the right office photocopier? Fill out the form on the top of the page and we will provide you a list of best UK suppliers. There is no charge or obligations for the service.

Office _Photocopiers

Office Photocopier Prices

The market of copy machines is filled with wide selection of copier types. The photocopier prices can range from few hundred pounds for a cheap copy machine or refurbished equipment to tens of thousand pounds spent on high-tech device. There are many factors that affect the costs of the office photocopiers. The photocopier price depends on the speed, size, brand and potential additional features.

There are numerous of aspects to consider when you are about to choose just the right office photocopier that fulfils your needs. First you need to think about the features that are essential for your business. What performance would you expect from your office photocopier?

Before choosing the copy machine you should make clear what usage your office has. Some of the additional features have a potential to cut costs throughout the company. You can ask your colleagues what their needs are and what features would be useful for them. However keep it reasonable - would you really make use of the additional features on ongoing basis or is it just something you would utilise rarely?

Photocopier _Prices

Office Photocopier Brands

A copy machine has been often called a Xerox due to the fact that the very first copier was made by Xerox Corporations. The first photocopier has officially been invented in 1948 and the word Xerox became a trademark. It used the technology of electrophotography however it was decided to rename the process by new term - xerography (derived from Greek words for dry writing), especially due to better commercial potential.

The UK office photocopier market is saturated with plenty of brands and models nowadays. The top manufacturers producing office photocopiers are known to be durable and versatile. The brands and manufacturers ranking among the most popular in UK are above all Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox, Ricoh, Brother, OKI, Lexmark, Develop and Frama.

What is a Photocopier

When searching for the right office photocopier one may get confused by all the related terms such as copier or copy machine. To put it simple they all mean the same - photocopier. The term printer stands for a device used primarily for printing while photocopier can perform many other tasks than just making copies.

Office photocopiers nowadays carry out multiple functions and by incorporating the functionality of multiple devices in one may also serve as an office printer, a fax machine or as a scanner. These devices can be also called multi-functional printers (MFP) however as explained above, stand for the same thing.

Those and other added features can be a perfect way how to make your job easier since there may be some departments of your company that may use the office photocopier only for some specific function. There has also been a trend in the recent past in integrating digital technologies such as laser printer.

Specify Your Office Copier Requirements

The right solution should be a combination of the photocopier price, performance and the needs of the business.

Office _Copier _Requirements

Here we have prepared several questions one that is about to choose an office photocopier should find an answer to:

What is your office’s desired paper format?
Most offices use A4 format for copying and printing, however there are many sectors that make use of machines that can handle other paper sizes. A3 printers are designed for paper formats up to A3 size and are thus ideal for printing large-format drawings, booklets, large tables, charts, and graphs.

What speed you want your office photocopier to print at?
Speed represents another attribute that affects the final photocopier price. It is measured in CPM (copy per minute) and varies between 30 CPM for the photocopy machines from the lower end of the spectrum to 150 CPM for high speed ones.

How many pages per month on average do you print?
The page volume is estimation of how many pages the office copy machine can handle. Low volume copy machines are perfect for small business of about 2-8 users doing up to 20,000 copies or prints per month. Medium volume office photocopiers are suitable for large office of about 20-40 users who generate between 20-50,000 copies or prints per month. High volume business photocopiers can fit the needs of up to more than 50 users generating around 50-200,000 copies or prints per month.

Photocopiers _Page _Volume

Are there any additional features you would be interested in?
There are many additional tasks a multi-functional office photocopier can perform. Some models can be used as a printer, sorter, stapler, scanner or fax machine. Also if you are interested in such features as an email capability, image editing or duplex printing (on both sides) there are models that provide such output.

Does your office have a frequent need to print in colour?
One of the defining characteristics of your choice is the copy machine’s ability to print in black and white or in colour. Not surprisingly is colour printing a lot more expensive since the cartridges can reach up to 6-7 times the price of simple black toner. Before you decide for colour photocopier think twice if printing in colour is absolutely necessary for your overall print output.

Colour _Photocopier

Rent, Lease or Buy an Office Photocopier

Before deciding whether to buy or rent an office photocopier or go for photocopier lease, first you should establish what usage your business has.

As mentioned above, you do not necessarily need to buy a photocopier since there is an option of photocopier rental. Many suppliers are prepared for situations in which to buy a new or used photocopy machine is neither possible nor necessary and they can offer cheap solution in the form of short term photocopier rental. This represents a cheap way to cover one event’s document production and other short term intense printing demands.

Office photocopier leasing offers you the use of new device over an agreed period of time without the initial expense of paying in full. Instead of the purchase of the new office photocopier you spread the costs and make your regular fixed payments, while getting the immediate use of the copy machine. Photocopier lease agreements may start from just around £24 per month, depending on the supplier and the duration of the lease.

Irrespective of the price range one can expect to find certain functionalities such as copying, scanning and faxing to be present. Connectivity options, Duplex printing, and good output resolution are again standard to a good extent.

Yet, with price range some features do change. The following table gives an approximation of what features to expect at different purchase price points.

Photocopier Features and Business Type
Photocopier Features Small Scale Business Medium Scale Business Large Scale Business
Purchase Price Up to £200 Up to £500 Up to £4000
RAM Up to 1GB RAM Up to 2GB RAM Up to 4GB RAM
Monthly Duty Cycle Up to 150,000 Pages Up to 200,000 Pages Up to 300,000 Pages
Paper Capacity 250 - 550 Sheets 550 Sheets Multiple 550 Sheets
Print Speed Up to 60 ppm Up to 75 ppm Up to 100 ppm
LCD Display Up to 5” touchscreen Up to 7” touchscreen Up to 10” touchscreen

When it comes to the service, many UK suppliers offer complete solution packages. The maintenance of the office photocopiers is often fully covered also with technical helpline and engineers aiming to fix the machine as soon as possible.

Copier Matching Your Needs and Budget

There are many factors to consider when deciding for the right office photocopier for your business. The determinants are usually the page volume, photocopier brand, additional features and the price you are willing to pay for acquiring the copy machine.

If you would like to know more about what office photocopier is the best solution for your needs, simply fill out the contact form. We will try to find the best match and connect you with qualified UK suppliers of office photocopiers. The service is completely free and with no obligations

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