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Last Updated: 29. August 2019

Multifunction Printers in the UK

Multifunction Printers Have It All

Multiple devices, high functionality and excellent scan and printing scope in one single machine. These are the main characteristics of multifunction printers, business printers which are perfectly suitable to companies seeking higher efficiency in its operations and high-quality results.

Most multifunction printer suppliers will offer different financing types. Oftentimes, companies choose not to buy a printer outright, but prefer a printer lease or hire payment scheme. 

If you would like to receive tailored information about business printers, do not hesitate to fill out the quote form! Our experienced sales team from Market Inspector will guide you with a list of different suppliers and assist you in making the best investment for your business. This service is totally free of charge and obligations! Contact us today and we will help you find the perfect business printer for your needs.

Multifunction Printer Features

Printer scanner copier. Multifunction Printers (MFP) are also called all-in-one (AIO) or Multifunction Device (MFD). Typically, multifunction printers act as a combination of many devices. They are not only printers, but incorporate important settings for businesses such as e-mail, fax, photocopier, and scanner.

Given their versatility, multifunction printers are seen as universal solutions nowadays and are ideal for business seeking many devices in only one investment. MFP also come in different models which can as well be appropriate for domestic use. Prices will vary accordingly, together with usability, robustness and quality of printing output.

Multifunction printers can have the following qualities and capabilities:

Expertvalet _logoFax and direct e-mail
Expertvalet _logoHigh capacity of printed pages & Photocopy in high speed
Expertvalet _logoHigh resolution of scanned documents
Expertvalet _logoAutomatic duplex print
Expertvalet _logoHigh capacity paper feed trays adaptable to different paper sizes
Expertvalet _logoAutomatic document feeder
Expertvalet _logoConnect wirelessly allowing printing from both mobile and stationary devices
Expertvalet _logoPrinting from USB and SD storage devices

What is the Best Multifunction Printer for My Business?

With a variety of options in the market, it might seem overwhelming to choose the right option that best suits your company needs. But thanks to the capacity of incorporating many features, multifunction printers are perfectly suitable for small business or home offices. They provide many advantages which allow companies to foster their operations by saving office space and combining multiple devices into only one unit.

Multifunction _printer _quality _770x 360

Inkjet Printers or Laser Printers?

This is an important factor when choosing a multifunction printer for your company. You need to evaluate what your priority is: print many graphs and images with higher resolution or print large volumes of text?

Colour inkjet printers are an ideal option for a business that tends to print more visual materials. Graphics, high definition images, photographs and particular fonts have superior results with colour inkjet printers rather than laser ones. Colour inkjet printers have very adaptable features and can print on a variety of formats and sizes.

Colour laser printer, on the other hand, offers average quality of graphics and images, but are perfectly suitable for businesses seeking functionality to print great volumes of text. Monochrome laser printer is also an option for offices that do not print in colours, as they are faster and cost less in the long run.

In both types, all the other features deliver quality results and foster the daily productivity of any business.

Multifunction _printers _paper _770x 360

Top 5 Benefits of a Multifunction Printer

Expertvalet _logoSave Space

Multifunction printers do not require big spaces, as they have similar sizes as standard printers. This may be the most beneficial aspect of a multifunction printer. All you need is to reserve a desk or a corner. Given that you get all the functionalities in one single machine, your office space will not be compromised. Do note, however, that multifunction A3 printers are also available.

Expertvalet _logoCost & Time Saving

Despite the higher prices of acquiring one in comparison to traditional business printers, investing in a multifunction printer can be more cost-efficient in the long-run, as you avoid costs of purchasing single devices at a time. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about higher maintenance and updating costs related to multiple devices, as you have everything you need in one single unit.

On top of that, multifunction printers require only one cord to power the entire device. This means that cable congestion will be reduced, leading you to save electricity.

Expertvalet _logoIncrease Productivity

Multifunction printers are great allies in daily operations, given the versatility and convenience of having multiple functions into one single device. Multifunction printers are true multitaskers and help you achieve professional results to foster your efficiency in the workplace.

Expertvalet _logoReduce Waste

Multifunction printers do not require stocking multiple ink cartridges and toners for different units, which means that, besides reducing the number of disposables, you help the environment by diminishing the carbon footprint.

Expertvalet _logoGreat Functionality

MFPs, if equipped with a powerful software, can also offer a bunch of other functions which are very useful for business. Editing of presentations, documents, handouts printing from mobile devices and performance tracking are some examples. Not to mention the security features, which ensure your data is properly saved and protected continuously.

Have you decided which multifunction printer best suit your business? Do you need help in evaluating different suppliers to make the best decision? We from Market Inspector can assist you with up to four quotes totally for free! Just fill out the form on this page and our sales team will guide you through the best solutions for your organisation!