NEC Key Telephone System

Features of NEC Key Telephone System

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Information about NEC Key Telephone System

System Solutions by NEC

NEC is a Japanese IT and communication solutions provider and one of the most reputable producers among small, medium, and large scale enterprises. The company offers a wide range of products, tailor to satisfy every business need, combined with cost-efficient solutions to meet any communication demand. NEC’s products stand out with elegant design, a variety of features, flexibility, and environmentally-considered production. The company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide to provide their innovative solutions.

NEC Key Telephone System

Key Telephone System, provided by NEC, is the key system SL1000. It is a cost effective solution for office telephone systems for small and medium enterprises and it is a highly upgraded version of the conventional key system. Usually key systems aren’t suitable for larger businesses since they aren’t as scalable as PBX systems or VoIP phone systems, however, NEC key telephone system SL1000 is a KSU (Key system unit) system but also offers a hybrid concept with advanced features and accessibility. It is also adaptive to many industries and types of businesses and is IP enabled.

Appearance of NEC Key Telephone System

SL1000 is an elegantly designed telephone system, suitable for business environments. It is user-friendly and easy to get used to working with. The system includes programmable keys, quick access feature keys and a navigation key to operate the screen between incoming and outgoing calls, directories and use of speed dial. As other key systems, SL1000 also includes an indicator light, to show the status of the line.

Capacity of NEC SL1000

One of the biggest differences between SL1000 and regular key systems is that it allows more growth for the business. The system can support up to 4 KSUs, which allow up to 230 ports. 1 KSU- 66 ports 2 KSUs- 132 ports 3 KSUs- 196 ports 4 KSUs- 230 ports The systems also allows 50 virtual extensions, one ethernet port and a built in answering machine.

Features of NEC Key Telephone System

NEC SL1000 is a system, which unlike most key systems, supports a wide range of sophisticated features, which are an enormous benefit to business, trying to optimize and enrich their communication possibilities. The system also includes unique features that can’t be found in any other key system, such as door phone connectivity and various restrictions.

The full list of features for SL1000 consists of:

  • Voice message: allows up to 4 pre-recorded messages and a record of 10 external messages
  • Caller ID
  • Group listening: adding multiple listeners to a regular conversation
  • Conference calling: allowing up to 32 participants in a conference call (16 internal + 16 external)
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail notifications
  • Voice response systems (VRS): auto attendant and voice announcements
  • Long conversation alarm: helps manage length of conversation, with the option to disconnect the call after the limit
  • Hotline: allows to quickly dial a configured extension without typing the number
  • Doorphone connection: door rings can be forwarded to a selected phone (ex. mobile)
  • Day/Night mode: offers to redirect calls to relevant phone numbers during non-working hours
  • Toll restriction: manage control on which numbers are dialled by certain extensions
  • Dial block: helps protect unauthorised users to make calls from certain extensions
  • Web system management: an easy interface to administer the system by connecting to a computer


Benefits of NEC Key Telephone System

The SL1000, provided by NEC is a next generation key system that offers much more than the traditional concept of the system.

  • Growth options

SL1000 is scalable and able to grow with your business, which is crucial for vastly developing companies.

  • Feature enriched

The system supports many of the advanced functionalities, offered by latest innovation telephone systems, making it a suitable solution for businesses with various communication needs.

  • System concept

NEC’s system is hybrid based and supports many outside devices and it is also IP enabled.

  • Easy administration

The user-friendly web interface allows effortless management of the system processes, which can be accessed from a personal computer.

  • Sustainable

Since the system provides many of the features offered by more advanced systems, it can easily be a long term solution for businesses and they wouldn’t need to invest in a new one soon because it is outdated.

NEC Key Telephone System is an Environmentally Sustainable Solution

NEC’s business operations include corporate responsibility and environmental concern and therefore, SL1000 is a system that is produced according to green manufacturer standards. The system has a power saver mode and a lower power consumption, which is not only considerate to the environment but also lowers the business’ electricity bills.

Overall, NEC is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for businesses and their key system SL1000 goes beyond the limitations of the key system concept, to create a unique product. This system has all the functionality a business would need and the capacity to improve and enrich business communications and customer service.