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Support Your Business with an Automated Telephone System

Automated telephone systems work to ensure that business operations function smoothly. Apart from adding a professional touch to your business, the auto call systems or business telephone systems also ensure a hospitable reception for your customers every time they make contact with your office. It is, thus, essential for businesses to invest in an effective call system that matches their operational requirements.

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How Much Do Automated Telephone Systems Cost?

The cost and prices of an automated telephone system primarily depend on the size and scope of your business. Apart from the installation charges of around £25 to £50, the monthly subscription charges can range anywhere between £20 and £78. However, a small- or medium-sized business with about 10 employees can get a monthly subscription plan from £20 to £40.

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Find Out More About Automated Telephone Systems

Automated Telephone System Vs. Business Telephone System
Benefits of Having an Automated Telephone System
Identify the Ideal Automated Telephone System for your Office
Why Does Your Business Need an Automated Telephone System
Find the Most Ideal Automated Telephone System for Your Office in the UK

Automated Telephone System vs. Business Telephone System

An automated telephone system, simply put, is an office telephone system that allows users to establish contact with their callers or customers without human interface. In addition to providing an internal communication system, it also permits the callers to respond to the pre-recorded messages by using the keypads on their phones. This system uses an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) that facilitates redirection of calls within or outside of an office and enables users to reach the right person or department.

A business telephone system, on the other hand, is a multifaceted telephone line system that allows redirection of calls within an office. It facilitates a well-organised internal communication system, thereby guaranteeing efficient business operations.

While both types of telephone systems generally use PBX or VoIP as their switchboards, they mainly differ in operations. An automated telephone system offers more complex call distribution solutions for small, medium or large businesses. In addition to several other features, it offers attributes like:

  • software integration;
  • call monitoring and recording;
  • remote use access; and
  • conference calls.

 Office telephone system

Benefits of Having an Automated Telephone System

If your business model involves an extensive amount of outgoing or incoming calls from your customers or suppliers, you are probably already aware about the importance of a suitable office telephone system. In addition to guaranteeing an effortless internal communication, an appropriate automated phone system ensures an efficient customer interface for your business. It makes certain that no calls go unanswered while your executives are busy working on something more important at that moment.

An automated telephone system guarantees better customer service for your clients, better operations and supports cost efficiency for businesses. It can be used to the following purposes:

Advantages of An Automated Telephone System
To record customised voicemails
To redirect calls within and outside the office
To obtain responses and feedbacks from the customers
To record notifications and group messages
To establish call distribution, routing and conference call system

Identify the Ideal Automated Telephone System for Your Office

The decision of selecting the ideal telephone system depends on several factors like usage, size of the business, number of employees and so on. With a wide range of products available in the market to choose from, it is important that you identify the specific requirements for your business in order to make the best decision. Automated telephone systems are available in different scopes to meet various business needs, however, they are generally classified into three types: inbound, outbound, and hybrid.

You can select an ideal automated telephone system for your business depending on your operational requirements:

  • Inbound auto call system: this telephone system allows users to receive calls from their customers using Interactive Voice Responses. They are usually designed to handle large volumes of phone calls and, thus, are ideal for big organisations with several internal telephone lines. However, they are fit for both large and small businesses that receive big volumes of phone calls on a regular basis.

An inbound auto call system generally uses Private Branch Exchange (PBX) as the switching system that enables redirection of calls within the office. These business telephone systems operate on outside lines that are connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network and are suitable for small, medium, and large businesses depending on their requirements.

Automated telephone system 

  • Outbound auto call system: this is an integrated telephone system that allows users to make outgoing calls with a recorded message or to connect with their customers. They are typically used by call centers, Govt. organisations, survey companies and small, medium or large businesses, depending on their requirements. Like an inbound system, an outbound call system also generally uses PBX system as a switchboard.

The outbound auto call system may be ideal for businesses models that involve large volumes of outgoing calls using Integrated Voice Responses.

  • Hybrid auto call system: this auto call system uses the mechanism of both inbound and outbound call systems. This is one of the most advanced systems that allows users to establish IVR network within and outside their offices. Due to its vast features, these phone systems are generally used by large businesses. However, they may also be suitable for small or medium sized businesses depending upon their requirements.

A hybrid auto call system uses a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system. These systems enable users to place calls over internet instead of phone calls, thereby allowing them to establish large volumes of calls, faster. Even though VoIP systems are perceived to be more suitable for large businesses, they can be just as apt for small- or medium-sized businesses.

VoIP System

  • Automated telephone systems for small businesses: small-sized businesses can select between inbound, outbound, and hybrid auto call systems on the basis of their operational requirements. You can pick the best suited plans based on the volume of incoming and outgoing calls, prices, mechanisms and more. Several established brands, like CISCO, offer a wide range of products in this category. However, if you you want to save time on an extensive market research, you can always allow us to find the best solutions for your office requirements.

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Why Does Your Business Need an Automated Phone System?

1. Automated Phone Systems Guarantee Lesser Call Drops

An automated phone system allows callers to receive pre-recorded voice messages until the time their calls are answered, thereby ensuring that no calls are missed. The advanced integrated system ensures a superior quality for calls and, thus, an excellent user experience.

2. Voice Broadcasting Guarantees Staff Efficiency

With a suitable call distribution network, businesses can get a better staff efficiency as the office phone lines can operate without supervision. Thus, the employees can utilise their time doing more productive work for the organisation.

3. Automated Phone Calls Guarantee Better Control over Messaging

Businesses can get a better control over their messages by recording decent and professional voicemails on their business telephone systems. You can use customised messages based on your business model and theme to decide the exact tonality and messaging for your customers.

4. Automated Phone Systems Are Cost Effective

With an appropriate automated telephone system and call distribution network, users can save on staff recruitment, training, salaries, etc. and get better productivity for their businesses.

Automated phone systems add value to businesses in many unique ways. They can guarantee efficient operations and enable users to save time and resources in the process.

Find the Most Suitable Telephone System for Your Office in the UK

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