Panasonic Key Telephone System

Features of Panasonic Key Telephone System

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Information about Panasonic Key Telephone System

Leading Innovation by Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese global electronic corporation, producing different personal and business use electronic solutions. It is founded in 1918 and currently operates in 80 countries worldwide. Panasonic has a solid reputation of producing high-quality technology equipment and their operations are broad within the sector.

Panasonic also has a number of innovative communication solutions, designed to fit every business’ need. They have taken advantage of the dawn of communication technologies and were one of the first ones to produce sophisticated phone system solutions, despite their focus is on other types of technology.

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Panasonic Key Telephone System

Even though with the emergence of key telephone systems their capabilities and functionalities have been very basic, Panasonic’s KX-TE824 hybrid key system is a modern and advanced solution for small and home offices (SoHo). It stands out with its efficiency and flexibility to suit all communication needs. The system is easy to find on the market and install, since it is preconfigured, for the user’s convenience. It also supports the integration of various devices and advanced functionalities. This system is an extremely effective, yet sophisticated solution for small businesses, making it a popular office phone system option.

Appearance of Panasonic Key Telephone System

KX-TE824 is a small, compact and minimalistic designed system, which comes in black and white in colour. The size of the system is 368x284x117mm in width, height and depth and it weighs only 3.5 kg. Panasonic offers 4 models of key phones that are suitable for the system, which all support different functions, as well as an additional direct station selection (DSS) board, which provides extra capacity.

The optimal key phone from the series, KX-T7735 is equipped with 12 programmable keys with indicator LED lights, a speakerphone, navigation key and 11 keys responding to different functions of the system. It also allows adjustment of angle for easier usage by the operator. As every key system, this one also has a status indicator light, plus a 3 line LCD screen, allowing up to 16 characters per line, which is useful for caller ID and notification of missed messages.

Capacity of Key Telephone System

KX-TE824 allows up to 8 outside lines (CO) and 24 overall extensions. The system is initially auto configured with 3 CO’s, which can be expanded with an optional card. This is an advantage since the buyer is able to pay for exactly what they need and the cost of the system doesn’t include add ons.

Other important capacity specifications of the system include:

  • 12 one-touch dial extensions
  • 8 extension groups
  • Toll restrictions on 5 level
  • 50 account codes
  • 6 absent messages
  • 1 pager and external music source
  • 2 voicemail ports
  • 45W power consumption

Overall, the capacity of the system is able to sufficiently comply with the communication needs of a small business, while providing sophisticated functionalities.

Panasonic Key

Features of KX-TE824

Panasonic’s system is equipped with a large range of features, able to suit all types of communication needs. Some of them, which provide the greatest advantages include the Panasonic KX-TE Maintenance web console, which can be connected to the system via USB and it can be easily administered with the user-friendly interface. It also provides extended features, allowed by adding an optional card to increase capacity and/or activate those functions.

This system provides some of the features that can be found in the more advanced telephone systems, such as detailed activity reports, SMS routing and follow me feature for call forwarding.

Below are the highlights of the features for KX-TE824:

  • Absent messages
  • Account log-ins
  • Automated configuration of outside lines
  • Automated fax transfer
  • Voice message
  • Call transfer
  • Call forward & follow me
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting time
  • Conference calling (up to 5 participants)
  • Doorphone and door opener: doorbell rings are placed as an incoming call, door can be opened by using a button on the system
  • Extension groups
  • Intercom and paging
  • Hold music
  • One touch dial
  • Secret and speed dial
  • Dialing restrictions
  • Day/Night/Lunch mode
  • Auto reception: 3 levels, automated voice for guidance
  • Uniform call distribution (UCD): helps spread the workload among phonesets
  • Station lock: use a security code to protect your station when you aren’t present
  • Station message detail recording (SMDR): provides detailed reports on the call activity (time, day, length, and cost)

Benefits of Panasonic Key Telephone System

The Panasonic KX-TE824 is an easy to install system that comes with useful automated functions. It is flexible in terms of scalability and adaptation of the system accordingly to what the business needs. Small businesses have a certain range of allowed growth with the system, so it is a sustainable long-term solution, especially for start-ups.

One of the most notable advantages is that the system is customisable by adding extra optional cards. This is good since not all businesses have the same communication needs and they can only pay for what they are going to use, which is a huge benefit for companies with limited financial resources.

Moreover, the KX-TE824 is enriched with a number of functions, which offer convenience and efficiency. It is a highly reliable system of high quality, which is an advanced version of the conventional key system, making it a perfect solution for the small business with one office location.

Price of Panasonic Key Telephone System

The price of KX-TE824 is £330, but the system can be also found secondhand for around £260. However, we would advise business owners to invest in a new product and purchase telephone systems and other communication solutions from their authorised provider, so they can take advantage of a warranty and after sale services.