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Last Updated: 10. October 2019

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Vehicle tracking solutions help businesses to manage their fleet - bikes, cars, vans, trucks, ships, planes and other vehicles, while minimising both costs and risks and improving the overall efficiency of transportation. Fleet solutions typically involve both software and hardware- however, some companies choose to focus on software, while other companies focus on hardware.

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Types of Fleet Vehicles

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7 great fleet solution benefits for your company
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7 Great Fleet Solution Benefits For Your Company

There are many advantages of implementing fleet solutions in your fleet management

1. Administration

With all the information that is being tracked, recorded and sent, time spent on administration will be significantly lowered. If a fleet management is outsourced, it will provide even more time savings.

2. Cost savings

Many insurance companies tend to give discounts to companies using fleet solutions and especially the vehicle tracking system. Besides this fact, fleet solution will help with efficiency of business processes as well as with productivity, which can lead to further cost savings. 

3. Efficiency of business processes

Fleet solution reports can be analysed and used for furthere improvements of the fleet management.

4. Safety

The safety of fleet and vehicles, but also the employees and drivers. Many features of fleet solutions contribute to the safety - vehicle tracking, lifecycle management, theft prevention, monitoring of driver behaviour and routes, reports on accidents, vehicle technical status, idle time, breakdown information, notifications and alerts, and many more.

5. Time management

While administration is one aspect that is being better managed with a fleet solution, information on technical status of vehicles, accident reports, vehicle tracking, route management all contribute to a better time management.

6. Performance Management

Driver behaviour monitoring gives the company access to information on drivers, while technical information on vehicles facilitate the other aspect of management of performance.  

7. Lifecycle management

Lifecycle management is crucial to any fleet management - starting from acquisition of fleet, insurance, maintenance until a vehicle’s retirement. 

To sum up the top advantages of fleet solutions:

  • Facilitated and improved administration, Cost savings,
  • Improved efficiency of business processes, Safety,
  • Better time management, Performance Management, Lifecycle Management
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What to Consider Before Buying a Fleet Solution?


Before any purchase of fleet solution, a company should be clear on its needs. Hardware can bring different advantages to the fleet. However, it has to fit the needs of the company. If a company is for instance in need of management of bikes, there are companies which offer a weather-proof hardware

Hardware can also have an effect on the possible features of fleet solutions. A fleet solution can be either passive or active. Passive solutions save the information, which later will be retrieved. Active solutions send all the information in real-time. It is advised to know prior to purchasing, which solution would suit your company best in order to opt for the right hardware.


Since there are many features that are available for the management of your fleet, a prior consideration of functionalities is important. Prices can range according to which feature your company needs as well as on the chosen company providing fleet solutions - some companies offer predefined packages and some companies offer adjusting the fleet solution perfectly to the needs of your company.

Process of Buying a Fleet Solution

What Fleet Features Should Your Company Consider? 

Vehicle tracking system

Is a very common feature and allows your company to track the location of every vehicle in your fleet, better manage your fleet, notice when a route has been changed, give more accurate information to your customer as well as ensuring the safety of your fleet and drivers. Professional car tracker costs start from £169 per year if you opt for a rental agreement, and £199 if you buy the car tracker outright.

Monitoring of driver behaviour

Is also a popular feature in fleet solutions. This feature allows you to monitor unwanted behaviour of drivers such as speeding, bad driving habits and more. This feature can contribute to cost savings, better employee management and trainings. 

Theft prevention

Is another feature that can contribute to better financial management and prevent any loss, but also contributes to improved safety of your fleet and drivers. A feature that has a high contribution to better financial management and which facilitates saving of costs is fuel management. Fuel management can also help with finding nearest refuelling possibilities as well as with planning the visits of gas stations.

Alerts and notifications

Can be set up to notify your company about any unwanted or suspicious behaviour, for example in cases of theft or bad driver behaviour. In combination with mobile applications that some companies offer, the notifications can reach your company anytime and and anywhere and allow a very quick reaction.

Reports and analysis can contribute to improvement of business processes in many aspects. Reports on technical status of vehicle and its accidents as well as reports on breakdown and maintenance time can improve the repairment processes as well as the lifecycle management. Reports can furthermore improve fleet and drivers safety. 

Analysis of mentioned and other reports

Can lead to improved and more efficient business. One example is the analysis of reports on driver behaviour, which can lead to better employee management as well as better trainings.

Vehicle tracking, monitoring of driver behaviour, theft prevention, fuel management, alerts and notifications, reports and analysis all contribute to improved business processes. However, it is possible to come across more features while researching and it is a good idea to ask the company offering the solution on more details on the features as well as the evaluation if the given feature is cost-effective.

Fleet Solution Features

The Best Fleet Management Companies For Your Business

Finding the right companies that will offer the best fleet management solutions can be challenging and time-consuming. We, at Market Inspector, will help you make the search easier and facilitate the decision-making process. Here are several trust-worthy and market-leading companies in the UK that provide fleet management solutions for your business:

Need Help with Choosing the Best Fleet Solution?

Is your company considering purchasing a fleet solution, fleet hardware or fleet software solution? First of all, consideration of your company needs is important as well as research on companies offering fleet management solutions. 

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