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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Property Management Software

Vehicle tracking would be impossible without property management software. Together with fleet management hardware they create a fleet management solution. Property management software collects, stores and sends information that can be later processed and analysed. 

What are the most common features of property management software? What is possible, how do they improve business processes and what should every fleet solution include?

Features of Property Management Software

There are many features that a property management software has. Some features can be found in every fleet management solution, however, there are features that are less common, more expensive, more specific and offered by only a minimum of companies. 

If your company is deciding for a property management software, it is advised to consider all the needs of your company. Questions such as: “Do we need only the basic features?” “Do we need some extraordinary features?” “How big are the financial resources that can be used on a property management software?” “Does the company we have chosen have good references and experience?” should be asked in the first place. 

Features that can be found in fleet management software are:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver behaviour
  • Fuel Management
  • Maintenance
  • Fleet Safety
  • Accident and downtime reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Reporting, analysis and administration
  • Schedules and routes
  • Mobile applications
  • Tire management
  • Mileage tracking
  • Theft prevention
  • and others.

1. Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking feature can be very commonly found in fleet management software and fleet management solutions. Vehicle tracking systems report the location of the given vehicle being tracked. 

Vehicle tracking systems can be either passive or active. Passive vehicle tracking systems save the information, which can be later retrieved. Active vehicle tracking systems sends real-time information about the location of vehicles being tracked. Real-time tracking can be crucial for some companies, however, other companies might not be in need of real-time tracking and therefore do not have to invest in more expensive vehicle tracking systems. 

Vehicle tracking systems can be cellular, wireless or satellite, however, many companies offering fleet management solutions use a combination of these systems to provide the best service.

2. Driver Behaviour

A feature that allows tracking driver behaviour is also one of the more common features to be found in fleet management solutions and can be very beneficial. This feature can report on routes taken, breaks and idle time, speeding, unwanted behaviour of drivers, different routes than planned taken and more. 

This feature has the advantage that drivers, who are aware of being monitored tend to perform better than the ones who are not monitored. This feature can also improve your trainings of drivers, this brings also the advantage of having an overview of well and poorly performing drivers, which can lead to more efficient employee management as well as cost savings when unwanted driver behavior is eliminated.

3. Fuel Management

Fuel management feature can be very beneficial to the company in terms of cost savings. Fuel management feature gives access to information such as overall information on fuel, its consumption as well as loss, expense by vehicle, fuel efficiency and can send notifications if suspicious fuel behaviour has occurred. Besides this, fuel management feature can also offer a map or plan where the nearest refuelling possibilities are, as well as all where gas stations can be found along the whole route.

4. Maintenance

Fleet management solutions that offer also maintenance feature allow your company to get information such as detailed information on engine, tires, carbon emissions, and other technical information of your vehicle. This feature can also help with time management, as your company is able to manage schedules for repairs, maintenance and has access to information about the breakdown time.

5. Safety

Thanks to the features such as maintenance, driver behaviour and vehicle tracking, safety of the fleet and employees can be ensured or improved. Maintenance can help with prevention, monitoring of driver behaviour can facilitate the elimination of unwanted and dangerous behaviour and vehicle tracking can send alerts whenever a different route is taken or when a vehicle crosses boundaries given by the route planning.

Car Safety

6. Accident and Downtime Reports

This feature gives your company the access to information regarding an accident - detailed information on damage on the vehicle as well as images. This feature also allows you to manage the downtime time-wise and therefore improves time management.

7. Alerts and Notifications

A feature that is also very common in fleet management solutions is alerts and notifications. This feature sends alerts in different forms, which also includes text messages and emails, whenever an unwanted behavior occurs - theft, speeding, fuel loss, dangerous technical conditions and more. This feature can further improve the safety of your fleet as well as your employees.

8. Reporting, Analysis and Administration

Thanks to the access to many information regarding drivers, vehicles, conditions and other, administration can be improved and better time managed. The access to these information with good analysis can lead into more efficient business processes and more profitable business.

9. Schedules and Routes

Route management can be enabled thanks to property management software. This can be done also in real-time and can add to the safety of fleet and drivers and can lead into better time management. Working schedules of employees as well as delivery schedules can be set up to help with the management of fleet.

10. Mobile Applications

More and more fleet management companies are offering mobile applications, which provide access to information anywhere and anytime. Applications can be a useful addition to the property management software used, however, investing in mobile applications might not be the best solution for every company. Mobile application can mean higher costs, therefore they might not be considered by smaller companies.

11. Mileage Tracking

Also a very common feature, that facilitates the tracking of mileage, saves times, which can be spent more efficiently within the company.


12. Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is very common and popular feature of property management software. This feature can send alerts whenever a suspicious behavior occurs, which can save a lot of financial resources, that can be allocated differently. 

These are the most common features to be found in property management software. However, every fleet management solution is different and the needs of every company are different. Therefore consideration, research and discussions are needed in order to find the perfect match. Some features may be crucial for your company, on the other hand some may be redundant.

In-house or Third Party?

Besides features of offered property management software, another fact to consider is whether it is an in-house software or has been bought from another company.

Property management software can be developed in-house by a company offering fleet management solutions, which has some advantages. If a company offering fleet management solutions developed an in-house software, it is capable of adjusting the software precisely to the needs of your company. 

Company that developed its own in-house software can be more price competitive and might help your company with cost-cutting. In-house developed software can also mean more expertise from the company that is at hand. 

Some companies offering fleet management solutions purchase the software from a third party. This solution can have the advantage of the software being known and used by many companies and therefore improved by users throughout the time.

Interested in Property Management Software?

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