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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Fleet Management Software

Vehicle tracking software together with vehicle management hardware are part of fleet management solutions. Hardware depends on the needs of the company - size of fleet, type of fleet, need for real-time tracking, ease of use and other needs.

Fleet management software has many features that can be beneficial to the companies. First and foremost, fleet management software collects, stores and sends data, thanks to which fleet management is possible. While all features can bring benefits, it does not have to be cost effective. It is therefore up to the company to decide which features are necessary and which would not serve its purpose at the given time.  


Among the most common features of fleet management software are location tracking, fuel management, driver management and driving behaviour, route management, information about the vehicles, alerts and notifications, vehicle tracking, dispatch management, tire management, inventory management, mileage tracking and more. Many features enable a proper lifecycle management, which is crucial to effective fleet management.

There are different ways how to access fleet management software. This depends on company offering fleet management software as well as on the needs of your company. Many companies offer web-interface, which do not require any installation and this interface is accessible with only internet connection and a browser. It is also possible to have fleet management software that needs to be installed, which offers more features than web based software. This choice is more popular among companies with bigger fleet and bigger budgets.

More and more fleet management companies start to offer mobile applications, which gives access to your company anytime and anywhere. However, mobile applications might not have all the features that other have, therefore it is a good idea to be informed about all the possibilities. Mobile applications can serve as an addition to web-based or installed software used by your company.

Lorry Tracking

Time Management Software

Fleet management software usually has features, that can help your company with time management. Data reporting on driver behaviour and routes taken can give you the access to information about routes, driving style, the possible arrival time in the destination, idle time and break time and other. Information on driver behaviour can furthermore improve training of your future and current drivers. 

Time management software can furthermore help your company with recording working times of your employees as well as overtime and monitor the employees’ working behaviour. It is possible to connect time management software with your billing system, which brings time savings on administration, that can be spent more efficiently. 

This can improve your service to your customers. Better time management and the possibility to give real-time information to your customers can present your company in a very reliable and efficient way. 

The fact that it is possible to monitor the exact use of your vehicle does not help only with time savings, but also with improvement of your service, with creating more efficient business processes with cost-cutting.


Among the advantages of using fleet management software as well as time management software are:

  • Improved business processes, such as employee management, trainings and more.
  • The possibility of monitoring employees’ working behaviour.
  • Time savings on administration.
  • Better service to customers, which may lead into successful future collaboration.
  • Cost-cutting.
  • More efficient business, in which time can be spent on more pressing issues.

Time management software can bring advantages for both large fleet companies and for companies managing a small fleet. Investing in a time management software and fleet management software can be very beneficial for your company.

Fleet Management Companies

Fleet management companies offer different features with fleet management solutions, therefore a thorough research on companies offering software is needed in order to know, which features will help your company with time management the most and which are only “nice-to-have” features.

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