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What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management, just as the name suggests, is simply the management process of a company’s fleet. While the term “fleet” usually refers to ships, it can also be associated with a collection of aircrafts or vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Besides the varieties of fleet to be managed, fleet management can also be responsible for the cargos transport process.

Fleet management solutions depend not only on the nature of the fleet, but on the company’s needs to coordinate transport-related activities. These can include vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management and vehicle telematics (vehicle tracking and diagnostics), among many other functions.

Fleet management focuses on improving efficiency, increasing productivity, reducing vehicle investment costs and risk of theft, changing driver behaviour and reducing associated transportation costs. If your company has a large fleet of vehicles, ships or aircrafts and seeks for a way to manage it efficiently, fleet management is definitely something to consider.

This article will give you an idea about:

  • How you can use fleet management in your company
  • What a fleet management system is
  • How you can benefit from investing in a fleet management system
  • What types of fleet solutions exist
  • What is the cost of investing in a fleet management system

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What Can You Use Fleet Management for?

Vehicle Management

Vehicle tracking is one of the most popular and basic fleet management functions nowadays, because it allows managers to have a broad overview on the location and performance of their vehicles.

Installed vehicle tracking systems provide information for the position of the vehicle in real time or based on stored data. Advanced vehicle tracking systems collect data also for speed, fuel consumption, number of stops and much more.

The combination of the received data results in analysis on drivers behaviour through detailed driver profiles including the average speed, frequency of breaks, number of routes performed on time, etc.

Fleet management systems cover the ability to generate reports in relation to the driver identification data, for example depicting business and private trips. This will help you control and regulate your employee’s performance and thereby minimize the number of wasted mileage and fuel.

Some vehicle tracking systems can connect to the onboard computer of the vehicle and collect data such as fuel consumption and mileage, which can be used for mechanical diagnostics. Furthermore, a fleet management system makes it possible to monitor the technical aspects of the vehicles, such as tracking the maintenance tasks and reminding the user for periodic technical inspections.

Fleet management enables also an automatic identification of any problems, for example exceeding the allowed engine speed. Additionally, vehicle management will also simplify the work order processes and therefore will ease the administrative work.

Cargo Management

Cargo fleet management tasks may include tracking the location of cargo over land, rail and sea, ensuring cargo security and theft prevention, and even managing temperature sensors and other functionalities that support the efficient transportation of light cargo and heavy equipment.


Shipping Fleet Management

Fleet management refers also to management of ships in relation to ship tracking, crewing, maintenance, safety, pollution prevention, etc. Мanagement of shipping fleet is often outsourced to external companies.

Fleet Leasing

No matter which type of fleet your company has – vehicle, aircraft or ship if it is leased through a leasing company, then fleet management can be helpful when you have to renegotiate the lease.

A good fleet management system is indeed able to forecast how long fleet is going to operate, based on data from the previous run. So, it possible to negotiate the best possible lease, and maybe even cut down the budget for leasing.

What Is a Fleet Management System?

The fleet management system is an intelligent technology that enables the gathering of information and reports on fleet characteristics. Fleet management helps you with the optimization of the use of fleet, the support of the supply chain, and automation of the company’s fleet management process.

Most fleet management systems are using satellite services and GPS tracking systems which can provide immediate real-time data. Fleet management starts with installing a monitoring device in the ship or the vehicle, which can be a car, a truck, or a motorcycle.

The module connects itself via the GPRS system and transforms gathered data with the use of GSM network to specialized computer monitoring systems with fleet management software.

As a result, the company receives processed information that can be used for the fleet management solutions and managing of company resources.

Fleet Management

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Fleet Management through the Phone

Although most fleet management systems can be accessed mainly with the use of computer software programs, a fleet management system may be tracked also with the use of a mobile phone.

Depending on the supplier, it is possible to access the fleet management system with an Android or iOS system, with the use of a special mobile application. This fleet management solution gives the employer the possibility to monitor the vehicles from the road only with the use of the Internet connection.

Why Opting for a Fleet Management System?

If you are not sure whether you need to invest in a fleet management system, you might benefit from asking yourself a few simple questions which will help you decide, whether your company could benefit from the fleet management solutions.

Would you like to know:

  • Where your fleet is at the moment
  • The driver behaviour in this moment
  • What your fuel expenses are
  • How often your fleet is refuelling
  • If the vehicles are used as intended
  • If the vehicles are used optimally
  • When it is necessary to make a technical inspection
  • What the situation on the road is
  • If the driver and the cargo are safe
  • How you could optimize your expenses

If your answer is positive to some of these questions, then you might be needing a fleet management system.



How much Do Fleet Management Services Cost?

Prices on fleet management systems vary greatly depending on the size of the fleet and the complexity of the system you are searching for. In case of smaller companies with less vehicles to manage, an advanced fleet management system might be a waste of resources.

However, regardless of whether the company is large or small, there is no need to spend more than necessary on a fleet management system. The cost of a fleet management system is also dependent on the functions, such as mobile monitoring, SMS notifications, among others.

Would You Like to Invest in Fleet Management?

Are you interested in investing in fleet management? If you think that your company can benefit from investing in a fleet management system, but you don’t know any companies that offer fleet services, Market Inspector can help you. By filling out the quote request form on this page, you can tell us what your needs and requirements are.

We will find the right fleet management system that matches your specific needs and will contact you with up to four suppliers. The fleet management suppliers will have a chat with you about the different fleet management system solutions and will match your individual exigences by providing you with a customized solution at a fair price.