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Last updated: 04 August 2021

How Much Does a PBX Phone System Cost?

Find The Price of Different PBX Systems Below

One of the most important aspects in a company is good communication. To enhance internal and external communication in your business, PBX systems are a worthy investment. PBX systems are the most sophisticated business telephone systems and excellent tools to help enhancing business communications in a faster and cheaper way.

PBX systems come in different versions and at different prices. Most providers of PBX phone systems offer flexible service to increase or decrease the number of phone lines on your telephone systems. A detailed table with more information on options and prices can be seen below!

Purchasing/Subscription Costs*
Conventional PBX System Hosted PBX System IP PBX System Hosted/Virtual IP PBX System
£800-1,000/ employee £25/ month £600-£9,000/ employee £6.9/ month

*Prices are on average and can differ per supplier you choose.

Find out more on Installation Costs and Maintenance Costs.

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Different Kinds of PBX Systems

PBX systems are among the best office phone systems for facilitating internal and external communication. This brings a lot of benefits for your business.The PBX technology is used both by larger businesses with many extensions and by smaller businesses, with fewer users and higher specifications.

There are 3 major versions of the traditional PBX system. These are explained here

Conventional PBX Systems

Conventional PBX Systems are private telephone networks used for communication within a company. Basically, all telephone systems in a business are internally connected to each other, but also to the public network system for external calls. A centrally located computer manages the incoming and outgoing calls digitally.

VoIP PBX Systems

VoIP PBX Systems differ from conventional systems, because they rely on Voice Over Internet Protocol technology. In essence, phone calls are transmitted from the sender to the recipient through the internet. The main benefit of this is that companies only need an internet network subscription, instead of phone and internet. This PBX systems require a central server in the company.

Virtual PBX Systems

Virtual PBX Systems, also called hosted PBX, are similar to VoIP systems in the way they operate. This option lets another company manage the setup and hosting of the server. It frees your company from any hardware or servers in house.

PBX System

What Is the Price of a PBX System ?

In the UK, prices for office telephone systems can vary significantly. It is important to know that the PBX phone system cost will vary depending on numerous factors. These include number of users and extensions, number of features, installation costs, maintenance, monthly service charges and the supplier you choose.

When you have acquired a system, it needs to be installed in your business before you can reap its benefits. Installation costs are only present if you decide to have the PBX system or server in your company. Installation cost will depend on one or more of the following factors:

  • Number of phone users in the company
  • Current or anticipated usage
  • Number of sites needed to be connected
  • The location of the main system and its interconnections to other systems
  • Sufficient network traffic for daily and weekly call traffic peak periods

Furthermore, the system needs maintenance in order for your communication to keep functioning optimally. This ads to the total price you will eventually pay for a PBX System. The maintenance cost for hosted PBX systems is the responsibility of your provider. However, you still have to pay for the maintenance of the equipment you use, like the telephone systems.

Installation Cost for PBX Systems
Conventional PBX System Hosted PBX System IP PBX System Hosted/Virtual IP PBX System
£2000 £0 £5000 £0
Maintenance Cost for PBX System
Conventional PBX System Hosted PBX System IP PBX System Hosted/Virtual IP PBX System
£600/ year £0 £600-£9000/ year £0

In the UK, there are many brands that can help small-to-medium businesses get the most out of PBX phone systems and applications, providing platforms that deliver excellent features to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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Features of PBX Phone Systems

Depending on the model and provider, PBX phone systems can come with different features that are highly useful to both startups and bigger organizations. The most common features of a PBX phone system are:

  • Automated & customized auto attendant message
  • Call waiting and on hold music
  • Call forwarding and blocking 
  • Auto dial, speed dial and ring back
  • Conference calls
  • Recording of calls
  • Voicemail and shared voicemail for departments

Some models like hosted PBX can be altered to more functions in the long-run and an IP PBX system is typically enhanced with features taking advantage of Internet/intranet connectivity, such as Find me/follow me and extension mobility.

We hope that you found this article useful and you now have a clear idea about what sort of PBX system price range you can expect. Overall, business telephone systems are brilliant tools any company should invest in to improve communication and efficiency in operations.

In case you need further assistance about specific suppliers and prices, do not hesitate to fill in the form at the top of this page. Our sales team from Market Inspector will contact you with a list of possible solutions to best fit your company and provide up to four quotes. This service is nonbinding and totally free of charge!

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