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Information about VoIP Providers

VoIP Providers - VoIP System Service

VoIP phone systems (Voice over Internet Protocol) are a fast growing form of Internet telephony, enabling businesses to place calls by using a broadband connection, instead of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This particular business telephone system is a cost efficient and reliable option for businesses of all sizes, especially the multinational. The infrastructure of the VoIP phone system includes a strong Internet connection, an adapter, modem, hardware (phone sets), and a VoIP subscription.

There are many suppliers of business VoIP phones and a guided selection of the most suitable one is a crucial decision when shifting to VoIP services. Call quality and maintenance rely mainly on the VoIP, service provider, so before making a decision, there are a few important things to be considered. This is a costly investment, so business owners should carefully research provider options, so they can get value for their money at the end.

Here you can find valuable information about VoIP providers, but if you want a tailored solution for your business, Market Inspector is here to help! All you need to do is to fill in the quote form on this page and our sales team will guide you with a list of possible suppliers that will be perfectly suitable for your needs. This service is totally free of charge and obligations!

Important Factors for Choosing a VoIP Service Provider

  • Quality of calls

With Internet telephony, calls can easily be distorted, causing a bad audio connection, which is something that no business owner wants to happen with their customer service. Some inflictions in call quality can be background noise, echo, speech delay or straight out failing of the call.

As this is difficult to estimate without actually trying out the service, businesses can ask providers about their MOS score. In broad, nontechnical terms, MOS (Mean opinion score) is is a unit which measures the overall call quality. It ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best possible quality.

  • Features

As VoIP phone systems generally have similar features, different providers often include a different range of functionalities, included in their plan. For instance, if you take the voicemail transcription service, one provider may support voicemail to email function, while the other may also include voicemail to text message. Those are small variations in functionalities, but businesses with special communication needs need to consider if what the supplier offers is sufficient enough for them.

  • Subscription price

VoIP providers operate on different prices, but that is often because different benefits are included. One provider may offer a plan for £20 a month and another one for £35, but the latter may have included more international minutes and features, which the first one will consider as add ons. Many people tend to be discouraged when they see a high price and resort to another supplier for a lower one, but with the customisation and addition of features, they may end up paying a much higher price.

  • Set up and customer portal

The best VoIP service providers should aim to provide their customer with a transparent experience, both regarding setup and navigation through customer portals. They may have a complicated interface, causing the customer to not be sure of where they can find relevant information or add features to their service. This may seem unimportant, but it is crucial for the overall service since business owners should have easy access to all features and easily check and adapt their service plan.

  • International and long-distance calls

The best VoIP services offer significant cost savings regarding international calls, but VoIP providers may emphasise on different things for their customers. Some providers can offer a large number of long distance and international call time, while others may seem like they have neglected it in their service. Usually, they will provide different rates for international telephony and minute plans, that should be carefully considered before making a choice. Businesses need to estimate their internal telephone system needs and pick a provider that is ready to correspond perfectly with them.

  • Maintenance and support

This is included in the subscription price, so service levels from VoIP providers should be on a high level. Businesses need to think about fast responsiveness, personal attention to the customer and quick problem-solving. In case something with the VoIP software goes wrong and the whole system shuts down it is crucial to have someone who is able to react quickly and give you proper service. Many providers offer not only a full day available phone support, but also live chats and other platforms where customers can easily contact them for emergencies.


Highest Rated VoIP Providers of 2019


Nextiva is one of the most widely used VoIP service providers, with thousands of customers all over the world, operating in many different industries, such as finance, legal, marketing and communication and insurance. They are a very suitable and affordable solution for small and medium businesses with no sophisticated communication needs.

They offer 3 service plans:

Office Pro: £12.90
Office Pro Plus: £14.80
Office Enterprise: £19.30

The prices apply for users monthly and all three plans include unlimited minutes. The cheapest plan includes only basic features and they build up with the other two plans, including conference bridge, Nextiva toolbar and mobile app. They also offer free phones for their users, saving them a lot of expenses.

Their support services include phone, email and live chat support, so customers can reach them at any time. Another advantage is that customers can get their money back within 30 days. Nextiva is so preferred by small and medium businesses because it offers all the basic functions and businesses can upgrade for more features only if they need them.


This VoIP service provider focuses on delivering a guaranteed reliable service with a profile, fitting the requirements of everyone from a small business to a large-scale enterprise. They emphasize on the fully featured VoIP service, with advanced functionalities that create convenience and efficient communications for all companies. The reliability of their service is guaranteed with a Service level agreement (SLA) and their reports show a downtime of around 5 minutes yearly, which is a strong indication of their high-quality service.

RingCentral’s price plans include:

Entry: £9.99
Standard: £16.99
Premium: £24.99
Enterprise: Price, tailored to your organization

All prices are per user/month and come with different limits for faxing and minutes. However, all of them contain advanced communication features, such as HD video conference (except Entry) and mobile app software. RingCentral is designed to fit any business’ sophisticated needs, offers plenty of useful features and flexibility. However, the company doesn’t offer free phones to customers.


Vonage is another highly popular VoIP service provider and the one, offering the most features for businesses. The company offers solutions for individuals, small and medium businesses, as well as big enterprises and personal attention to each customer, in order to give them the best recommendation of a product. They highly emphasize exactly on their personal approach, which can be very useful for business owners, who are uncertain of their exact communication needs.

Vonage lets their customers ‘build their own’ plan by customising extension and included features. Their unlimited extension is £26 per month, but they also offer a virtual extension for mobile employees ( £10) and metered extensions ( £10) for infrequently used lines, for instance, for seasonal workers. After selecting the basis of the plan, Vonage lets customers choose their features and they also offer support for their decisions. The plan includes Vonage’s 40 basic features, and more advanced ones can be added in needed.

We hope this article was helpful in informing you about different VoIP service providers in the UK. You can also find out more about different types office telephone systems here.

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