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Last updated: 14 March 2024

Best UK VoIP Providers for 2024

Listed: The Top UK VoIP Providers for Businesses

VoIP providers allow you to place incoming and outgoing calls directly through any possible device like your computer, a VoIP phone, or a regular phone that is connected to a VoIP adapter.

VoIP providers present a lot of ways to help companies of all sizes to communicate more easily and efficiently. The capabilities offered by a VoIP system changed the technology tremendously and enabled a lot of advanced communications solutions

Are you currently wasting time and resources on an outdated office phone system? Market Inspector can help you upgrade your current VoIP service solution to make your processes more efficient and effective.

There are a lot of VoIP providers on the UK market, which can make picking the right one a difficult task. That’s why we reviewed and compared the best VoIP providers in the UK.

You can find a comprehensive list of UK VoIP providers, as well as top VoIP phone brands on the market:

Providers offering these office telephone systems offer a practical and reliable solution for companies of all sizes. There are a lot of providers that offer business VoIP systems.

You can receive professional advice about the best solution for your business simply by filling in the free quote form. Our team will assist you with up to four customised quotes. Our service is totally free of charge and non-binding.

What Are the Best UK VoIP Service Providers?

UK VoIP providers offer a system that is less expensive, compared to traditional business phone systems. Switching to a VoIP phone system will automatically reduce your monthly phone costs. Additionally, VoIP technology can provide your business with bandwidth efficiency. Sounds great, right?

The list of VoIP providers below offer the best VoIP for small business (UK) that is available on the market. Some of the most valuable and useful features and packages are highlighted and presented. 

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Vonage logo

Vonage offers fully integrated cloud-based communications and calling possibilities with a ‘plug n play’ model, making it a great option for any sized business. The best part about this VoIP provider is that the customer has no contractual obligations. There are also no installation charges, line rental, or upfront costs.

Vonage offers you 24/7 service and Vonage Business tech support.

Vonage Business Cloud Plans
Price* per month/per line (taxes and fees included)£ 17£ 25£ 33
Limitless calls and SMS   
Link business number to mobile device through mobile app   
Desktop App   
Team Messaging through VonageFlow   
Extended automated phone menu   
Video conferencing ± 100 participants± 100 participants
CRM integration   
Record calls whenever required  15 hours/month
Make group calls   
Vonage Visual Voicemail   

*These are the prices for 1 - 4 lines. The more lines you add, the cheaper the price.


3cx logo

This VoIP provider is the world’s oldest communication company that offers unified communications. They already have 250,000 installations all over the world, and offer a range of different and valuable features.

This VoIP provider offers a service that is easy to deploy, install, and manage. 3CX also provides your company with integrated video conferencing at no charge. Of course, they also make sure that all of your questions and concerns are handled with their advanced customer service.

3CX offers three different plans: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The prices are based on the number of simultaneous calls, not the number of users/extensions.

No matter the size of your simultaneous calls, the standard licences are free for the first year.

3CX Plans
Price ( per month/per line)FREE£ 4.50£ 5.50
Limitless extensions   
Self-service provisioning   
Pick own SIP Trunk   
Mobility apps compatible on iOS and Android   
CRM integration   
Office 365 integration   
Web conferencing25 participants100 participants250 participants
Call center elements   
Create standy replica   
Record and control your calls   
Standby license   
Customised logo for your IP Phone   


BT logo

BT is another leading VoIP provider in the UK, and operates in around 180 countries.

BT is a cloud-based phone system that offers flexibility, agility and powerful call-management features. They provide you with personal guidance in order for you to make the best choice.

There are three different cloud-based phone systems offered by BT: BT Cloud Phone, BT Cloud Voice and BT One Phone.

BT Cloud Phone is a plug ‘n’ play VoIP phone provider, which is designed for small businesses.

BT Cloud Voice is managed through an online portal where phones are the only on-site hardware. This signifies that you have lower upfront costs and installation fees.

BT One Phone acts like a mobile but thinks like a phone system. It is one device that switches between your office and mobile networks. You can manage all calls and voicemails on one mobile device.

BT Cloud-based Phone Systems
FeatureBT Cloud PhoneBT Cloud VoiceBT One Phone
Number of users1 - 95 - 250+5 - 500+
Package optionInclusive and limitless callsMinutes bundles and limitless UK callsChoice of limitless voice texts and flexible costs
Video conferencing   
Virtual geographic numbers   
InstallationPlug & PlaySelf install or engineerEngineer install
Options for the future while business growsUpdates automatically, add users easily, system grows together with your businessUpdates automatically, add users easily, Cloud-hosted systemUpdates automatically, add users easily, Cloud-hosted system
Professional support24/7 helpdeskHelpdesk on weekdays from 8 am - 6 pm & 24/7 helpdesk option available24/7 helpdesk
PaymentCost per user plus handset and one-off connection chargeCost per user plus handset, number rental and one-off connection chargeCost per user


Ericsson LG logo

Pragma is a VoIP provider that is specialised in unified communications technology. The company is fully focused on Ericsson-LG’s iPECS platform and complementary technologies.

The unified communications platform iPECS aims to help organisations communicate and team up with all of their stakeholders.

This implies that your employees can work efficiently no matter where they are or what device they are on. iPECS UCP offers 2 packages for business: standard and premium.

iPECS USP Packages
Number of users50200
Instant Messaging, SMS and NoteOne to oneOne to Many
Visual Voicemail  
One-to-one video calls  
Click to call from web brower  
Manage calls from desktop  
Audio calls  
Audio Conference Manager  
Outlook synchronisation  
Video Conferencing  
MS Exchange integration group calls  
Collaboration by sharing files, programs and applications  
Record live calls  
Collaborate on the web  


Mitel Logo

Mitel is a VoIP provider for businesses of all sizes, offering a unified communications solutions. Mitel focuses entirely on VoIP products and therefore has a wide range of business phone systems.

The primary UK cloud business phone system solutions they offer are Micloud Connect and Micloud Flex. The big difference between the two is their integration and customisation needs.

If your company requires more advanced integration needs, then MiCloud Flex would be the best fit. For more standard basic cloud communication needs, MiCloud Connect would be the better option. Both solutions allow you to work from anywhere.

Mitels Primary Cloud Business Phone System Solutions
MiCloud ConnectMiCloud Flex
Small to medium-sized businessLarge enterprises
Compatible with PC, MAC, iOS and AndroidValuable mobility for smartphones, tablets and softphones
Audio and conferencing with web sharing optionsAudio and video conferencing
Collaborate with teams over different persistent workspacesAdvanced collaboration tools
Business SMSInstant Messaging
CRM integrationSolutions for hybrid networks
Contact center optionsContact center options
IP desk phonesCarry your local number everywhere
Built-in VPNSingle number reach
Group and individual chatshelpdesk support
Softphone and web dialerDual mode handoff
 Multi auto attendant
 Direct inward dialing
 Dual mode handoff


Ring central logo

RingCentral is reviewed as the leader in unified communications services. The main product RingCentral offers is called RingCentral Office. This is a cloud-based VoIP system with lots of features including auto-attendants, call forwarding, multiple extensions etc.

RingCentral Office combines phone, video, meetings and messaging in one solution. This VoIP provider is not only easy to set up and manage, but also easy to use.

RingCentral Office offers 4 different packages. You can either choose to pay annually or monthly. If you go for the annual payment, you save up to 33%.

RingCentral Package Plans
Price£ 25£ 29£ 37£ 49.50
Limitless phone calls    
Toll-free or local number    
Toll-free minutes per month1001,0002,50010,000
Audio meetings    
Internet faxing    
Video conferencing Up to 4 participantsUp to 100 participantsUp to 200 participants
Automatic recording of calls    

*These are the prices for 2 - 29 users. The prices are calculated per user per month.


8x8 logo

8x8 offers cloud-based communications like customer service tools, video, mobile and unified communications to businesses of all sizes.

8x8 provides its customers with four different X series packages: X2, X3, X5 and X6. The X Series packages listed below are designed for small businesses. There are also packages available for medium and large sized businesses.

X Series Packages from 8x8
HD Voice quality    
Auto attendant    
Record your calls    
Media storage1 GB5 GB10 GB10 GB
Limitless callsWithin 14 countriesWithin 32 countriesWithin 47 countriesWithin 47 countries
Call queues    
Mobile and desktop apps    
Internet faxings    
Audio & video conferencingsUp to 100 participantsUp to 100 participantsUp to 100 participantsUp to 100 participants
8x8 Analytics Essentials    
Interactive voice response    
Outbound dailing system  2,000 minutes 
Analytics for customer experience    
Survey after call    

If you are ready to invest in a good VoIP provider for your business, all you have to do is fill in the contact form above. We will then offer you up to four quotes tailored from trusted suppliers in the UK. This service is completely free of charge and with no obligations whatsoever!

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Teliqo Logo

Teliqo is a VoIP provider that supports small to medium-sized businesses in the UK with their business communication needs. Teliqo is a hosted telecoms provider that offers flexible and tailored telephony services. This company has three different packages: bronze, silver and gold packages.

Teliqo Packages
PriceMonthly per userMonthly per userMonthly per user
Email assistance   
User portal   
Call logs   
Ring Group   
Call queuess   
UK landlines 01,02,035007501,000
UK mobile 07100150200
Phone assistance   
IVR (auto attendant)   
Record and monitor your calls   
Multiple workers can use single workstation   


Berry telecom logo

Berry, headquartered in Salisbury, is an award-winning phone system company that provides business phone systems with a huge range of valuable features. They mainly focus on service and support by providing customised advice.

This VoIP provider offers iPECS cloud based systems, powered by Ericsson-LG, suiting businesses of all sizes.

iPECS cloud system allows you to collaborate and communicate through two different devices: UCE Mobile and UCE Desktop. With the UCE Mobile you can collaborate and stay in touch with colleagues while you are working on the go.

FeatureUCE MobileUCE Desktop
Use integrated presence to see if your colleagues are availableEasy and intuitiveAd-hoc
ConferencingOne to oneOne to Many
Video calling  
Instant Messaging  
Embedded softphone  
iPECS features
Auto attendant 
Voicemail and voicemail to email 
Music on hold 
Instant Messaging 
Share your screen 
Inbound and outbound call centre 
Unified communications 
Monitor your communications through analytics, call reporting and scheduled reports 
Record your calls 
Monitor your live calls 


Nfon Logo

NFON, headquartered in Munich, is an active VoIP provider in 14 countries and has over 30,000 customers.

The cloud-based system offered by NFON is called Cloudya. You can do business from any place, on any device. It’s easy to set-up and there are no maintenance costs charged.

The pricing for Cloudya is a little bit different from other providers because your monthly costs would be based on your active extensions.

That means you would only pay for the extensions you use. NFON allows you to add or remove features based on your business communication needs.

Cloudya features
PaymentBased on monthly usage
Communication toolsOnly one login, password and phone number
InstallationPlug & play
PlatformAny communication device, mobile-ready
MaintenanceEasy to maintain
Support24/7 helpdesk
Mobile office 
Future-proofAlways up to date
Audio conferencing 
Call queues 
One-number concept 
Smartphone integration 
Number of extensionsUp to 9 devices per extension
High Voice qualityCertified by The Technical Inspection Association

Lily Comms

Lily Comms logo

This company calls itself ‘the home of digital technology’. Lily Comms is an award-winning service that provides its customers with the best tailored communications solutions. Lily Comms has two cloud-based phone system options: Lily Cloud and Lily Horizon.

The Lily Cloud phone system, suitable for all businesses, combines all the features from a traditional on-premise phone system and launches them through a cloud.

The Lily Horizon is the VoIP communications service specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Lily Horizon offers different fixed and mobile features which are all accessible through a web portal.

Cloud-based Phone System Options
Lily CloudLily Horizon
Access to features whenever you wantManagement of incoming and outgoing calls in a more efficient way
Easily add/remove usersDedicated 24/7 service support
Flexibility: whenever your business changes, you can also change your featuresFlexibility: whenever your business changes, you can also change your features
Handset with all featuresChange from handset to access to core network whenever required
Web, PC and smartphone interfaceFixed and mobile integration
Reliable and resilientPricing tailored to your business needs
Improved connectivitySystem always operates whenever there is a broadband connections
30 - 60% cost savingsIntegration of mobile devices into VoIP network


Sipgate logo

Sipgate is one of the largest VoIP providers in Germany. They mainly focus on technology and transparency and they have more than 15 years of VoIP experience. With Sipgate’s Cloud telephony service you can just use your own number. The telephony system offered by Sipgate is called Sipgate Basic.

With Sipgate Basic you only pay for the amount of usage and there is no minimum contract required. Sipgate has a lot of extra features you can add to your Sipgate Basic Package when desired.

Sipgate Basic Pricing Plans
FeatureUK Call PackageEU Call PackageEU Plus
Price£10£ 15£ 20
Landline calls   
Mobile calls   
Call package within UK   
Call package within EU  28 EU countries
Extra call package  8 non-EU countries

Focus Group

Focus Group logo

Focus Group is an award-winning company mainly providing business telephone systems. This VoIP provider has over 300 employees and provides services to 10,000 businesses. The unified communication solution they offer is Horizon. Horizon can be used by any size of business.

Horizon’s Key Features
Easy to use interface 
Record your own calls 
Administrator interface with strong managing ability 
Auto attendant 
Call parking 
Instant Group Calls 
Record your calls 
Diversion inhibitor: calls won’t be passed on and on 
Forward your calls efficiently 
Automatic call back 
Do not disturb 
Work remotely 
One number anywhere 

What Are the Top VoIP Phone Brands?

The best VoIP phone brands in the UK are Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, and Fanvil.

Cisco logo


Polycom is the international communications company that focuses on human connection and collaboration. No matter the provider you choose, Polycom will always be an excellent choice. Their phones are not only easy to use but also easy to deploy and maintain.

Polycom provides you with solutions that speed up productivity and enables unified communications on desktops worldwide. Polycom helps your employees move faster and to get down to work without losing any time. These IP Phones are suitable for every workspace.

Polycom also helps you to match the right VoIP product to your system business requirements.


Cisco, headquartered in California, is one of the most trusted brand names in the networking technology world. They offer small business communication solutions by presenting user-friendly, full-featured IP phones.

Cisco already has more than 200,000 collaborations with customers worldwide and more than 500 companies use Cisco collaboration solutions.

Yealink is a leading global provider of business communication and collaboration solutions. The Yealink VoIP phones are of high quality, affordable and highlight great solutions for both small and large businesses.

Yealink offers a number of different IP phones based on your requirements. It is definitely a great choice for businesses that need to bulk buy on a budget without having to give up on important features.

Its Conference Phone Series won the 2019 award for best VoIP Device by ITSPA (The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association).


Fanvil is a Chinese established VoIP desktop phone developer and manufacturer. They focus mainly on quality, style and value for money. They offer the X Series Enterprise IP phones.

X Series highlights leading voice quality and high resolution call display. Fanvil X Series also comply with bluetooth and wireless communication. In addition to that, other valuable functions are offered like hotspot.

This means that some phones are able to share the same number when they register on a server. Log in web management via mobile is another useful function. Users can simply log in to web management and change the settings from their IP Phone easily with their mobile phone by scanning a QR code.

How Can a VoIP System Benefit Your Small Business?

Every business is different, which means that every business has different needs. Choosing the right VoIP provider makes it easier for your company to achieve your business goals. Your employees can work more efficiently and they will achieve more in less time. 

There are a lot of benefits when adopting VoIP systems, here are the most important ones:

    1. A VoIP system doesn’t require any equipment or upfront cost. Get started right away without investing in the most expensive hardware or devices.
    2. Each employee can have their own virtual extension which can be reached on every connected device.
    3. VoIP systems give you flexibility because you can just add a new line for a new employee or remove one.
    4. VoIP providers allow you to work remotely by using cloud phone systems. You can take calls anytime and anywhere (when there is a good internet connection).

Frequently Asked Questions About VoIP

If you are ready to invest in a good VoIP provider for your business, all you have to do is fill in the contact form above. We will then offer you up to four quotes tailored from trusted suppliers in the UK. This service is completely free of charge and with no obligations whatsoever!
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