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Last updated: 14 May 2024

Lead Generation Companies

What Are the Best Lead Generation Companies in the UK?

Lead generation through telemarketing has grown in popularity over the years and has become a popular way of gaining people’s interest in your products and services. Hiring a telemarketing and lead generation company has many benefits and can help boost sales remarkably.

Lead generation agencies offer different types of services based on the target audience and the method used to generate leads for your products and services Lead generation strategies are usually tailored to the industry or market your company is operating in.

The types of lead generation companies can be broadly split up into two categories, namely B2C and B2B lead generation companies. Lead generation agencies also tend to categorise themselves based on the methods they use to generate high-quality leads: sales lead generation companies and online lead generation companies.

In the UK there are many lead generation companies to choose from, and finding the right one can be a difficult task. Therefore, we created a quick guide about such service providers and included a list of the best lead generation companies in the UK:

Finding a lead generation company that understands your company’s needs and delivers quality leads can boost your business quickly. Continue reading to find the best companies in the UK.

If you wish to have professional assistance and reviews of lead generation companies, just fill in the form and Market Inspector will help you find the perfect solution for your business for free! We provide you with up to four non-binding quotes and match your request to our quality suppliers!

What Is a Lead Generation Company?

Lead generation companies focus on increasing consumer interest in your products or services. Companies can generate leads with an intention of building email lists, getting more newsletter subscribers, or generating sales leads.

A common lead generation method nowadays is to boost sales by collecting a potential customer’s information, in order to contact them to offer products and services.

How Lead Generation Companies Work

Before launching a lead generation campaign, it’s imperative to discuss campaign details and objectives. This lays our clear goals and ensures that success can be measured against tangible KPIs.

After that, a list of outreach targets is compiled. Based on the types of leads on this list, a relevant lead nurturing scheme is designed. 

Once all details are planned, the content itself must be designed. This incudes email templates, landing pages, and other types of relevant content that can be used in a lead generation campaign. 

Before launching the campaign, it’s good practice to prepare for it. This can be done by simulating phone calls, emails etc. to ensure that the message is clearly delivered.

After these steps are done, it’s time to start the campaign. Here, all outreach efforts that were planned in prior stages are executed: phone call, emails, launching landing pages, etc.

It’s important to note that a campaign is not finished when the initial outreach is done. It is crucial to continue with lead nurturing until leads are ready to convert. This may require multiple follow-ups.

Finally, once all follow-ups are complete, it is time to wrap up a campaign. This should be done with a summary of the activities and an evaluation of the results.

What Types of Lead Generation Companies Are There?

Depending on the desired goals and results, there are different types of companies that can help you generate leads and make customers aware of your products or services.

The main types of lead generation companies are B2C and B2B lead generation companies. Another way of classifying lead generation companies is by the approach they use. There are two categories: sales and online lead generation companies.

B2B Lead Generation Companies

Business to business lead generation is the side of telemarketing that focuses on sales between companies, and often involves an array of products. Maintaining a long-term relationship is also an important objective for the best B2B lead generation companies.

B2B lead generation tends to be a longer and more challenging process. It is because bigger companies usually have so-called “gatekeepers” who can be an obstacle between the decision-maker and the salesperson.

B2B lead generation campaigns require a better planning process and a precisely targeted segment of the market. Otherwise, you may risk facing legal problems for breaking certain rules or risk spending an excessive amount of resources without reaching the intended goal.

B2C Lead Generation Companies

Business to customer is a customer-focused campaign, targeting a much broader target audience through advertising and phone calls. Generating leads from customers can be more difficult than working with B2B lead generation because more attention has to be put on marketing in order to be noticed in an oversaturated market.

With effective B2C lead generation efforts, you will not only increase your sales but also expand your customer database for future campaigns. As you are not faced with the challenge of a gate-keeper and you can have direct contact with the customer, you are likely to have positive results fast.

Sales Lead Generation Companies

The purpose of sales lead generation is to sell directly by phone calls. Therefore, to acquire high quality sales leads, agencies have to have professional salespeople that are good at cold calling and highly persuasive.

To have a successful sales lead generation campaign it is important to acquire all necessary data beforehand, including customer data, and to set goals and targets for the campaign.

The best telesales lead generation companies tend to make more phone calls, ask a larger amount of questions, follow up when needed and strive to make every call count. Therefore, high-quality office telephone systems are a must for lead generation companies.

Sales Lead Generation Process

Online Lead Generation Companies

Online lead generation is an Internet-based process of generating customer interest in your company’s products or services. It uses Internet marketing to advertise to the right customer segment.

This method uses social media, online paid advertising channels, content marketing, and other techniques to advertise and create awareness around your products or services. Top online lead generation companies rely more on having experts within areas like online promotions, content creation, web design and search engine optimisation.

Online Lead Generation Process

How Much Do Lead Generation Companies Charge?

When choosing the best suited lead generation company it is important to pick the one that has the best price and aligns with your needs. How much a lead generation agency charges can vary from company to company. The price will vary depending on the target lead segment, lead generation method, the industry and other elements that you can agree upon before the campaign.

Pricing structures
  • Price per lead
  • Price per hour, day, week or month
  • Price per campaign

To give an example, cost per lead (CPL) in 2019 averaged to around £155. Nevertheless, it is just an average, and the actual lead price in your case will be depending on your target audience, the industry you operate in, and the level of competition within it.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Lead Generation Company?

Guaranteed results are always expected when carrying out a lead generation campaign. Such campaigns do not affect firm’s cash flow because of the fixed price that you will agree with the lead generation service provider before the campaign.

Choosing to work with a specialised agency that has experience working within your industry increases the chance of seeing better results.There are numerous benefits in outsourcing lead generation efforts to an agency.

Benefits of Hiring a Lead Generation Company
  • Professional approach
  • Aim for the right customers
  • Gain and keep your customers
  • Boost profit

Professional approach

Whichever type of lead generation company you opt for, rest assured that your leads are being approached and nurtured by trained professionals.

Aim for the right customers

Once the analysis is complete, you will have a clear understanding of who your customers are. Afterwards, a proper strategy is developed in order to raise their interest and achieve higher sales. A lead generation company is aware of these steps and is the best way to retain your customers.

Gain and keep

It is not enough just to gain your customer’s attention. You also need to make sure you keep them interested in your products or services. Every lead that is generated should be regarded as a potential buyer. Therefore, you need a plan to keep all leads informed and updated about your products or services, which a lead generation agency do for you.

Boost profit

This is the aim of a good lead generation campaign. According to your budget, you need to be able to see how much you can invest in lead generation and if it is going to bring an increase in your profit. Lead generation companies for small businesses are used to working within a fixed budget and it is in their interest to generate profit.

Find the Best Lead Generation Agency in the UK

It is important to understand each company and its approaches. Research a lead generation’s client base to ensure that their area of expertise aligns with your industry. Prices are customised depending on factors such as the length of the campaign or the number of leads generated, and it is imperative to agree on goals and expectations before signing on.

Market Inspector provides professional advice and reviews about lead generation! You can compare price and quality of the different lead generation companies on the market that best fit your business needs! Fill in the form and get up to four non-binding quotes, totally free of charge!

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Germans Frolovs
Written by Germans Frolovs, Content Writer

Germans is a Content Writer at Market Inspector. He is educated in marketing management and has experience in marketing and content creation. He continuously educates himself and writes about business, marketing legislation, sustainability, and more. His work has been published on sites like InvoiceBerry, Startup Digest, Big Data Made Simple, Diginow, and more.

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