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Last updated: 15 November 2022

How Much Does a Car Tracker Cost?

A professional vehicle tracker can vary in cost, starting as low as £25 for a very simple tracker, and can go up to £899 if you are looking for an advanced one. Calculating the price of a car tracker can depend on various factors, including what type of features your business requires.

Professional vehicle tracking has the ability to connect numerous vehicles within a tracking system and monitor and send real time reports and alerts, fuel and routes control, traffic updates, and drive safety analysis.

Having a car tracker is definitely worth it, as the additional GPS tracking feature provides the exact location of your phone, car, or any other asset in real time, so you will always know where your cars (and their drivers) are. However, when installing a car tracker, keep in mind that there are numerous vehicle tracking laws in the UK to abide by.

While a tracking capability can undoubtedly benefit your business, the exact car tracker cost will depend on:

  • your product expectations
  • fleet size
  • whether you opt to buy or rent the car tracker.

How these factors influence your professional car tracker cost is illustrated in the table below:

Vehicle Tracking Costs Overview
LevelFleet SizeCost per Vehicle
(price per set)
Popularity on the Market
BuyRent (per month)
Entry1-20From £59From £10decreaseDecreasing
Advanced21-50From £199From £15increase Increasing
Expert50+From £299From £20increase Increasing

Costs of Entry, Advanced, and Expert Level Systems

Car trackers are available for entry, advanced, and expert levels. Which system level works best for you depends on the number of vehicles in your fleet, as well as the specific features that you are looking for.

The diversity of your vehicle fleet will not influence the car tracker costs directly. You can use the same type of product for all car types: delivery, public utility and commercial vehicles, taxis, rental cars.

The costs furthermore depend on your transport management system: fleet size, risk management, transport planning, and the territorial range covered by your company services (Europe or worldwide).

However, you need to be prepared to spend at least £119 per set, which includes a device, and tracking system. The features provided by each level are as follows:

Entry level systems

  • Most suitable for businesses with a small fleet size (1-20 vehicles)
  • Do not provide real time reports and alerts
  • Cheapest level available

Advanced level systems

  • Most suitable for businesses with a small or medium fleet size (21-50 vehicles)
  • Provide real time updates, alerts and reports

Expert level systems

  • Most suitable for businesses with a large fleet size (over 50 vehicles)
  • Provide all the features listed above plus drive safety analysis and maintenance control
Vehicle Tracking Functions Overview
LevelFuel ControlRoutes ControlUpdate on TraficReal Time AlertsReal Time ReportsSafe Drive AnalysisMaintenance Control

Should You Buy or Rent a GPS Tracking System for Your Business?

In theory, if you plan to use the same device for two years or more, your spendings will be greater if you decide to lease. However, both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Buying a GPS Tracking System

Buying a Car Tracker

Yes Less costly in a long time perspective

No Initial costs are higher

No Fast technology development – in a few years your device will not be as good as the new ones

No Lower level of technical support

Pros and Cons of Renting a GPS Tracking System

Renting a Car Tracker

Yes Initial costs are lower

Yes Possibility of replacing devices with the new versions

Yes Higher level of technical support

No More expensive in a long-term perspective

To make the final decision you need to take into consideration the following:

  • The length of the investment (short- or long-term)
  • The financial aspect (in short- and long-term)
  • The technological aspect
  • Need for an ongoing technical support

Why Car Trackers Are a Great Business Investment

Due to its numerous advantages, the vehicle tracking system may turn out to one of your best business investments. The biggest benefits are:


 Reduced Insurance Cost

Most insurance companies will offer you a premium discount on your car insurance, which may generate significant savings or provide a partial return of the cost of purchase.


 Higher Level of Overall Control

Access to information regarding the speed, travel hours per day, route navigation, frequency and length of stops and so on, gives you a general overview of your employees’ driving behaviour.


 Reduced Fuel Consumption

A higher level of control provides you with optimised routes and controlled driving behaviour. This can lead to a reduced fuel consumption of up to 40%.


 Customer Service Improvement

Due to 24/7 signal connection you can track the vehicles at any time, which may be extremely important with deliveries in progress when your customers inquire about the precise shipping time.


 Increased Employee Safety

A car tracker can increase employee safety, especially in poor weather conditions or in case the driver can’t be contacted due to, for example, a lack of signal.


 Improved Productivity

As a part of property management software, vehicle tracking will improve your business productivity. All the information is stored and may be used for further analysis, which can optimise the future time management of the company.


 Theft Prevention

In newer car editions, through safety features such as locking the doors and turning off the engine remotely, it is possible to prevent the theft or to stop the vehicle at any time.


 Reduced Amount of Paperwork

With the system of data storage, all the reports such as total travel hours, mileage, average speed may be generated in just a few moments.

Fleet size

Car Tracker Installation Costs

When considering how much a car tracker costs, it’s important to keep in mind any additional expenses you may incur, such as the car tracker installation costs. Regardless of how much a car tracker costs, it has to be properly installed in order to function correctly. Professional installation is often a part of the warranty conditions.

While the price of installation may vary, it typically ranges between £50 – £100 per vehicle. The exact car tracker installation cost will depend on the kind of the vehicle, the type of GPS power source, and the installation placement. Some companies offer installation free of charge when you purchase the car tracker from them. It is recommended to have your car trackers professionally installed.

You will be provided with a long-term product warranty, as well as ongoing technical support. The installation process will typically also provide manuals on how to use your GPS system efficiently and how to protect, access, and analyse your data collection.

Some companies offer a free car tracking app, which allows you to control the entire fleet on one mobile device.

How to Install a GPS Car Tracker

If you do consider self-installation, there are a few things you should know before you start:

  • The type of energy source: The devices with their own batteries are easier to install. If your device is supposed to be connected to the vehicle’s power source, professional help is required.
  • The GPS tracker placement – security and technical aspects: For security reasons, choose the area that will be accessible for you but not too exposed for the others to see. In order to avoid signal disturbance, avoid placing it in the vicinity of other electronic devices.

    The suggested placements are:


    • Behind the radiator
    • Under the car seat
    • In an unexposed part of the boot
Vehicle trackers source of energy

Find the Best Car Tracker for Your Business

Before making the final decision, you should think about which cost and function system will suit your company the best.

Even if the car tracker cost seems to be high, one should take into consideration all the advantages that a professional tracking system brings to the company. It not only provides an overall control but will also – through the costs reduction, productivity, and customer service improvement – generate significant savings.

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