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Last updated: 14 March 2024

Fuel Cards for Small Businesses

13 Best Fuel Cards for Small Businesses in 2021

Regardless of the company size, fleet management takes up a significant portion of financial resources, especially when a given company relies heavily on transportation. Business fuel card services help reduce business expenses and help allow daily operations to run a lot more efficiently.

It's not only large fleet management corporations that can benefit from fuel card savings and extra services. If you operate a small company with a fleet, or your employees use personal vehicles for commercial purposes, you should definitely consider cards offered by many fuel card companies.

Finding the best fuel card for your business can be a challenge, as there are so many options out there. That's why Market Inspector has reviewed the best business fuel cards in the UK.

We split up the fuel cards into two categories: branded suppliers and independent suppliers. We then highlighted their various networks and filling stations.

To make it even easier to compare fuel cards and prices, you can fill in the form at the top of the page and get tailored quotes for your business. Our fuel card comparison service is completely free and non-binding.

11 Key Benefits for Small Business Fuel Cards

Business fuel cards offer a lot of benefits for your small business, from increased monitoring and management efficiency to price-saving measures.

Fuel cards mainly reduce the hassle of having to carry cash to pay for fuel, and eliminate the need for saving receipts to track expenses. Besides that, the fact of having a fuel card service will prevent your business from fuel card fraud activities causing troubles for your fleet management operations.

The top fuel cards on the UK market offer the following benefits for your small business:

Advantages of Fuel Cards
  1. No minimum spend or fixed term contracts
  2. Discounted fuel prices
  3. All expenses in a consolidated invoice and no need to keep the receipts
  4. Track and control fuel consumption via eServices
  5. High security with chip and pin technology
  6. Driver does not need to carry cash
  7. A lot of suppliers to choose from with high quality service
  8. Assigned account manager 
  9. Can be used in a range of fuel networks or binded to a single one 
  10. Available for international haulage 
  11. Designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent activities
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Ultimately, the choice of the fuel card for small business should be based on the type of fleet the company owns. Depending on whether there are only vans, cars, or maybe a mixed fleet the fuel card choice may impact the costs and the amount that is saved.

Reviewed: Top Business Fuel Cards in the UK

Most fuel card providers have several cards with different benefits to offer. Some companies look for a fuel card integration with their vehicle tracking system in order to manage their fleet fuel needs more efficiently — that depends on the company’s needs and type of vehicles that are used for daily operations.

So, which fuel card is right for the small business owner? We have compared fuel cards and provided a quick overview of different branded and independent fuel card suppliers for small businesses. Most of these cards provide a wide range of services that are equally suitable for businesses with any scale of operational activities.

Top Branded Suppliers

Fuel card suppliers that operate in the UK market offer several fuel card options with different conditions. Fuel cards can be used in networks where the supplier is affiliated with. In the case of branded providers, these offer wide networks with stations of different type across the UK.

Comparison of Branded Fuel Card Suppliers in the UK
SupplierFuel CardFilling Stations
fuelgenie_logoFuel Genie Supermarket Fuel CardTesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stations
Allstar Fuel Card ServicesAllstar Supermarket Fuel CardTesco, Morrisons, ASDA
bp_logoBP Plus Bunker Fuel CardBP Bunker and motorway stations
Esso Fuel Cards SupplierEsso Card WEX Europe Services + Tesco Clubcard PointsEsso filling stations
texaco_logoTexaco Fast Fuel CardTexaco
Euroshell Fuel Card Small Businesses OptionsEuroShell Fuel CardShell, Texaco, Esso

Top Independent Suppliers

Independent card fuel suppliers have flexible card options that are operational in several networks, and cater specifically to small businesses. The type of card and its conditions will determine in which networks these can be used.

Speak to your fleet management company to find out if you can integrate these fuel card services within their systems.

Comparison of Independent Fuel Card Suppliers in the UK
LogoSupplierAvailable Fuel Card Brands
UK Fuels Card Fleet ManagementUK FuelsUK Fuels, Fuelplus, fuelGenie, Texaco, BP, Shell
Fuelscard Company Fuel Card SupplierThe Fuelcard CompanyAllstar, Keyfuels, Shell, Esso
Fuelmate Card Small BusinessesFuelmateBP, Esso, Shell, Keyfuels, Texaco, UK Fuels, Fuelmate, Fleetmate
Fuelcard Services Fleet ManagementFuelcard ServicesAllStar, Diesel Direct, Esso, Shell, Scania, Texaco, UK Fuels, BP
Cambrian Fuel Fleet Management OptionsCambrian Fuel Card ServicesShell, Keyfuels, Texaco, UK Fuels
Fuelcard Expert Fuel Cards ServicesFuelcard ExpertBP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct, UK Fuels, Murco, Gulf, JetCard
EDC Fuel CardEDC Fuel CardEDC and Esso Network - it covers 9,000 sites across 21 countries
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Additional Fuel Card Services to Consider

On top of the regular benefits and services that company fuel cards provide to your fleet management measures, there are some extra aspects that can be added to the list. Even though a lot of advantages are quite common among the providers, there are several additional services that can be pointed out.


Among the companies that offer additional services, the previously mentioned EDC Fuel Card for Small Business is good to mention. It includes discounts related to tolls and VAT recovery in the UK and Europe.

The company provides tunnel and road toll discounts within all of Europe. This naturally encourages road use in the most cost-effective way for fleets that operate internationally. Company fuel cards help drivers to pay only for what is required with flexible and transparent service solutions.

Your business can save up to 50% on all tolls and tunnels around Europe and get direct discounts and rebates back to their EDC card.

Heavy goods vehicles (gross weight 12 tonnes) are required to buy a special pass called Eurovignette in order to use toll highways and motorways in the countries within this system. These countries are: Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It is a rather convenient service as drivers do not need to worry whether they are fully covered as long as the purchase is processed in advance.

VAT Recovery

The EDC offers two types of comprehensive VAT recovery systems: standard and rapid.

Standard VAT recovery solution is processed by the EDC team which includes advice on all potential saving matters and also legislations. This is certainly done in compliance with all the existing regulations in the EU. Furthermore, with the standard VAT recovery claim option the company charges the commission fee only when the VAT claims are successful.

Rapid VAT recovery is also fully compliant with all of the EU regulations. The difference is that this option offers quicker claims. It is stated on the company website that normally payments are received four weeks after the invoice has been sent.

Setting the Upper Limit

As an extra service, Fuel Genie offers to set the maximum monthly amount that drivers can spend on refueling, oil, carwashes, and other fleet related purchases. This can help to implement more control over driver expenses and reduce the costs on the long-term perspective. Efficiency is extremely important for small businesses to survive and fight against big corporations.

Kinesis Telematics

UK Fuels were one of the first companies to provide the conjoined service of real-time data processing (kinesis) and information technology for long-distance transmission of digital information (telematics). Such an advanced option could be used alone as one of the fleet management tools or coupled with the fuel card data for more advanced control of vehicle activities.

Maintenance Service Point

The Allstar brand has a range of services available to customers to enjoy. One of the extras which is highly useful is pre-negotiated savings in a wide network of nationwide approved garages. The company offers an average of up to 30% savings for options like bookings for repair and maintenance, MOT certificates, and similar services. This is beneficial for small companies as well, when expenses can be reduced and there is no need to worry about the options for vehicle maintenance.

How Do You Apply for a Fuel Card?

Applying for a fuel card is a quick and easy process. You can do everything online, but a bit of preparatory work is required. You will need to submit your personal information, bank account details, full business details, as well as your fleet information. The fuel card provider will then run a routine credit check.

Fuel Card Application Form

It may be difficult to find the most suitable fuel card for your small business, as there are so many providers out there. Market Inspector can help by providing the most suitable solutions for your specific business. All you need to do is fill in the contact form above and we will get back to you with tailored quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Cards

Is your small business in need of effective fuel management tools? Please fill in the form at the top. We will provide up to 4 free and non-binding quotes from top high quality suppliers to guide you in picking the perfect fuel card to match the needs of your small business.

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