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Vehicle tracking companies handle the management of vehicles - cars, trucks, helicopters, planes as well as ships. The most common use for this term is however, the management of vehicles and trucks. Fleet management focuses on improving efficiency, reducing risks and costs of management of vehicles, ships and aircraft.

Top 10 Fleet Management Companies in the UK:

1. AMS Fleet Management

AMS is a private business company that provides high quality fleet tracking systems at a market-leading price and high cost efficiency. It aims to improve driver's behaviour, fleet performance and quality of the customer service. Besides, it offers industry expertise and multiple beneficial services, such as different payment options, 24/7 reporting and operational health checks, as well as multi-network roaming SIM cards.

AMS Solutions


2. CLM Fleet Management Services

CLM team of professionals provides a range of bespoke services such as vehicle disposal, vehicle storage, accident management, fleet maintenance mangement or vehicle sourcing by creating the best solutions for businesses. They facilitate the process of fleet management by conducting its core activities and allowing shareholders to concentrate on their prioritised activities.



3. Silverstone Fleet Management

Silverstone Fleet Management launched their activity in 2011 with the idea of getting customers into the right vehicles. Professional assisting with a competitive price and fast home delivery, the company aims to offer market leading services by care and innovative initiatives. With the remarkable experience of its director, Scott Norville, they seem to be the best  leasing broker in the UK by sharing great experiences with their customers.



4. Tomtom Fleet

Tomtom Telematics Fleet cares about its customers by getting closer to them and helping to make suitable decisions. Their vision is combined with continuos innovation and main focus on quality, which made them one of the leading actors in fleet management and vehicle telematics in Europe. They have more than 763,000 subscriptions all around the world and provided services to more than 48,000 satisfied customers.



5. VMS Fleet Management

VMS Fleet Management was formed in 2002 and managed to provide various activities such as contract hire, fleet management solutions and support services. The services are supported by repair centres, national network and mobile services teams. It is considered as the largest and the most successful organisation within VMS group.

VMS Global


6. Vauxhall (GM UK Limited)

Vauxhall started to produce cars in 1903 and their main vision and mission statements had been following them for over 100 years. In 1925 General Motors bought Vauxhall and, from that time, the company has been operating under their umbrella. They focus on innovation and customer care, but also continue to improve their CSR through effective partnerships and environmental management. 

GM Fleet


7. Axis Fleet Management

Axis Fleet Management is a market leader in the UK that specialises in fleet management services and operates over 3000 assets. They aim to develop the talent and skills of each employee in order to satisfy and retain customers in the long run. Having more than 40 members of staff, the company is always looking for recruiting new talented and experienced people who will be able to add value to the future of the whole enterprise.



8. Scania Fleet Management

Scania Fleet Management provides a full range of transport solutions that can lead to a more sustainable transport system. Their global recognition is based on the core values such as elimination of waste, respect for the individual, customer first, determination, integrity and team spirit. Scania believes that their continuos commitment, partnerships and desire to improve helped to become a major actor in the field of fleet management.

Scania Fleet


9. Fleet Alliance

Fleet Alliance aims to become the best leasing and fleet management company in the UK by reducing the carbon footprint and fleet costs, and improving the professional skills of their employees. The company informs people how the business should be done, how to minimise the negative effects on the environment and how to run high quality services. They strive for being the best by showing respect, engaement, trust and fairness.

Fleet Alliance


10. ARI Fleet Management Services

Founded in 1948, ARI Fleet Management Services is one of the largest vehicle fleet management companies in the world. Their passion for satisfaction and customer services helped them to achieve great results and to be named one of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" for the past three years. ARI company combines their business insight, sustainable fleet practices and services with high technological advances. As a result, they turned vehicles into valuable assets able to drive the economy.



Every company offers different services such as vehicle tracking, breakdown service, delivery, training, available fleet and has different experiences, therefore a research is needed prior to choosing and using one of the fleet management companies in the UK.

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Fleet Management Vehicles

Fleet Management Services

It is advised to know thoroughly the fleet management company before deciding on using their fleet services. Some companies offer brand new cars and trucks, some offer used vehicles and some companies offer also vans, motorhomes, farm and plant machinery as well as bikes. Most of the companies offer a search engine on their official web page, so the desired vehicle can be found easily according to your company’s wishes.

Most commonly available types of cars:

  • city-car, hatchback, coupe
  • cabriolet, saloon, estate, MPV, 4x4

Most commonly available types of vans:

  • van, pickup, combi, box, dropside,
  • minibus, window van, chassis cab,
  • curtainside, refrigerated van

There are also companies that offer bikes with following types:

  • adventure, classic, custom cruiser, minibike,
  • moped, naked, scooter, sports tourer, super sports,
  • three-wheeler, trial bike 

Brands used by Fleet Management Companies in the UK

Fleet management companies in the UK have special preferences when it comes to choosing the vehicle brand. The most reliable car brands include: Volkswagen, Peugeot, Dacia, Chrysler, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Fiat, Suzuki, Honda

Fleet Management Car Brands

How to Choose a Fleet Company?

How should your company choose a good fleet management company that will best suit the needs of your company? Here are some important points to consider:

  • Location and delivery
  • Available fleet
  • Services
  • Price range
  • Experience

First of all, it is important to check the location of the desired company. Some companies offer nation-wide services, however, there are companies that offer services only in the area of their headquarters. There are plenty of companies offering nationwide service as well as plenty of company working locally.

Although most companies offer a wide range of the vehicles, some companies offer only new cars and on the hand, some companies offer only used cars. If you are in need of bikes, motorhomes, trucks, plant and farm machinery, that can be found as well, however, not all the companies have these vehicles in their available fleet.

Some UK fleet companies offer services such as above mentioned nation-wide delivery, training for drivers, car tracker services, services when the given vehicle breaks and much more. Being clear on what services are needed for your company is an important point when choosing the right company.

It is also important to check the price of a fleet and the chosen way of payment. Some companies combine up front payments with monthly payments, some companies offer the possibility of owning the vehicle after a given period of time and some companies offer only up front payments. It is, therefore, necessary to know the financial possibilities of your company before deciding on a given vehicle and company.

Some companies have been on the market longer than others, therefore they can offer years of experience. If the experience of the company is important for your company, there are possibilities to choose from.

Are You Interested in Fleet Management?

It is possible to find the contact information of the desired company on their official webpages, such as telephone number, email, address and some companies also offer the possibility to chat, where additional questions and problems can be discussed. Some companies also offer call-backs and quote requests.

In order to find the best fleet management companies matching your company's needs, prior research is needed. If you are not sure which companies will best suit your needs, fill in our quote request form free of charge and we will contact you with quotes from companies offering fleet services.

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