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Last updated: 04 November 2021

Authors and Contributors

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Aris Vourvoulias
Aris Vourvoulias, Head of Content

Aris Vourvoulias is the Head of Content at Market Inspector. Aris is a passionate author and marketer with a background in journalism. He continuously writes, reviews, and educates himself in the areas of business, finance, and renewable energy. He has managerial experience in many European markets, including UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. He and his content team have been featured on reputable sites like Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Guardian, Forbes, HubSpot, and more.

Valli Vishnubhotla
Valli Vishnubhotla, Digital PR Manager

Valli is the Digital PR & SEO Manager at Market Inspector. She has an educational background in business management and marketing. She is a passionate digital marketer and enjoys building her skills within SEO, online marketing and PR. She holds over 5 years of experience in creating content, B2B marketing, link building and digital networking. Her focus lies in the areas of business, marketing, green energy and sustainability, to name a few. Her work has been published in various media such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Creativebloq, Designtaxi, and more.

Natalie Kunz
Natalie Kunz, Content Manager

Natalie is a Content Manager at Market Inspector. She is educated in media & communications, and has several years of international experience in marketing and content creation. Natalie’s focus lies in the areas of finance, business communications, sustainability, and more. She and her content team have been published in reputable sites like HubSpot, Comm100, SiteProNews, Small Business Trends, Value Walk, and more.

Attila Tamas Vekony
Attila Tamas Vekony, UX Manager

Attila is the UX Manager at Market Inspector. He holds a degree in international business with four years of coordination experience in marketing, user experience, and content creation. Attila's favourite topics include the UK economy, technology, web design, and sustainability. His and his team's articles appeared in well-known sites like the Yorkshire Post, Comm100, and Startup Digest.

Ana Kukoska
Ana Kukoska, Content Coordinator

Ana is a Content Coordinator at Market Inspector. With a background in journalism and digital marketing, she has several years of experience in research, analysis, and content creation. On top of this, her focus lies on SEO and digital PR in the following areas: green sector, sustainability, business, innovation, and more. She and her content team have been featured on reputable sites like Site Pro News, Value Walk, IAmWire, WordTracker, Inc42, and more.

Hanna Jääskö
Hanna Jääskö, Visual Content Manager

Hanna is the Visual Content Manager at Marker Inspector. She has education in business & IT, and experience in both visual and written content creation for 5 years. Her focus lies in creating graphics, animations and videos for the website and social media. In 2019 she was nominated for the award of Young Marketing Professional by Semrush Nordic.

Patrycja Hala Saçan
Patrycja Hala Saçan, Content Writer

Patrycja is a Content Writer at Market Inspector. Her educational background lies in M.LL. in Law, and an MA in International Relations. She gained international experience in HR and content creation in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Poland. Patrycja’s focus lies in the areas of business and technology, digital marketing, and renewable energy.

Germans Frolovs
Germans Frolovs, Content Writer

Germans is a Content Writer at Market Inspector. He is educated in marketing management and has experience in marketing and content creation. He continuously educates himself and writes about business, marketing legislation, sustainability, and more. His work has been published on sites like InvoiceBerry, Startup Digest, Big Data Made Simple, Diginow, and more.


Guest Contributors

Lianna Arakelyan
Lianna Arakelyan, Guest Contributor

Lianna Arakelyan is a content writer and digital marketing expert to the extreme with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation. She is extreme in her work with a deep goal of always being updated on online and offline marketing and technology news of the world. You can read more of her work on

Jessica Fender
Jessica Fender, Guest Contributor

Jessica Fender is an educational blogger and a content specialist at All Top Reviews., a resource for writing website reviews. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with students of all ages and making learning easier for them.

Bryan Christiansen
Bryan Christiansen, Guest Contributor

Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO of Limble CMMS. Limble is a modern, easy-to-use mobile CMMS software that takes the stress and chaos out of maintenance by helping managers organize, automate, and streamline their maintenance operations.