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Last updated: 8 November 2022

Advantages of Efficient Fleet Management

Fleet Management Integration 

Advantages of Fleet Management

There is a reason why the worldwide market of vehicle tracking is constantly growing. Namely, vehicle or fleet management allows companies to manage their fleet during all the transportation process.

Nowadays, fleet services are designed in order to minimize vehicle investment risks, reduce transportation and staff costs, improve transport efficiency and increase productivity. This results in an overall optimization of the company’s fleet management process.

What Are the Advantages of Fleet Management?

The benefits of fleet management systems to your business can occur through its integration. Saving money on fuel, optimizing productivity through efficient time management software, improving customer service quality and increasing employees’ satisfaction are just some of the benefits of fleet management you will enjoy when implementing the system to your business. 

Time Management Improvement

Fleet management improves productivity by saving time not only to drivers or mechanics, but also to administrators and managers. GPS tracking gives the possibility to plan routes efficiently, to receive traffic updates and to predict the time of departure and arrival.

Fleet Management Trucks

In fleet management, GPS trackers ameliorate the time management and help both dispatchers and drivers to optimize their working schedule. Mechanics can easily access the repair history. At the same time, all the data related to fuel, maintanance and transport are monitored and available to fleet managers.

Fuel Management

One of the greatest advantages of fleet management is the possibility of reducing costs through various functionalities. The fuel information, together with an efficient route planning, leads to optimizing the fuel consumption and the excessive idle time costs.

Tracking systems will be also useful for planning the refuel locations. Dispatchers can see in real time where each vehicle or asset is located in order to plan the most convenient route. Another advantage of fleet management is that some systems provide traffic information, which can be helpful to avoid wasting time and fuel in traffic jams.

Better Customer Service

Through integrated tracking systems, customers get real-time information about the location of their assets. Furthermore, they receive their cargo safely and on time due to efficient time planning. This improves the overall customer satisfaction and may lead to a long term involvement, meaning a long-term revenue.

Employees’ Satisfaction

Integrating fleet management systems requires dedication from both the employer and the employee. An efficient information flow is important for the successful implementation of the system. This means that the features of the fleet management system should be well communicated to the employees.

Fleet management Time Improvement

When implemented, a vehicle tracking system can optimize the drivers’ work by reducing the amount of manual work and by increasing the safety when driving. 

Insurance Costs Reduction

The theft prevention option decreases the insurance cost due to the risk of loss reduction. Furthermore, in a long term perspective fleet management systems improve road safety and reduce accident rates, which will further reduce the cost of insurance.

Savings on Maintenance Costs

Cutting costs associated with vehicle maintenance is possible due to optimized usage and amortization of the means of transport. Some fleet management systems allow notifications based on calendar time, mileage or other chosen criteria.

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