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Last Updated: 28. October 2019

Best Entrepreneurship and Startup Websites - 2015

The Best Entrepreneurship and Startup Websites - 2015

Are You Curious to Know Who is on Our List of Websites?

We know how difficult it can be to find updated information that is helpful in the process of starting up of a business, this is why Market-inspector is proud to present the Best Entrepreneurship and Startup Websites - 2015. The following list is a dedication to the companies, organisations and individuals who promote and support startups in the UK.

These 50 blogs and websites are focused on a wide range of business-related topics such as tech trends or management styles. These creative sites offer business inspiration and are worth checking if you are looking for information and advice on entrepreneurship or startups. See how ePOS systems can streamline your business.

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The sites on this list have been categorised into five groups:

  1. Personal Blogs
  2. Companies and Organisations Supporting Startups
  3. Networking Sources
  4. Service Companies
  5. News and Inspiration

The featured blogs are welcome to use the code below to place the banner on their websites.


1. Personal Blogs

The blogs selected in this section are run by passionate authors. In general, the creators give a small description about them and regularly write about their thoughts. They learn from their personal and professional experiences to deliver advice to the world.

The Founder Coach

The Founder Coach

The Founder Coach consists of series of published articles and how-to guides on topics ranging from communication, leadership, fundraising, and product-related tips. The blog is run by CEO coach Dave Bailey, who has co-founded three VC-backed tech startups. Dave launched The Founder Coach with the intention to share the more counter-intuitive ideas he learned during his time co-founding startups., @davesupermanLinkedIn

The Equity Kicker

The Equity Kicker

The Equity Kicker posted for the first time back in 2006. The owner, father and husband from London, is almost daily exposing his thoughts on emerging business models and on new business opportunities. He is also a managing partner at European early stage investor Forward Partners. He knows how to help entrepreneurs to quickly build a startup. The blog is mainly about new technologies, the digital world and future business models., @brisbourneFacebook


Reading Joel’s blog will take you on a journey. Joel is the Co-founder and CEO at Buffer is and he is passionate about startups and traveling. He also loves to help early stage startups and will share with you some of his advice. We love this blog because it has a young and fresh spirit. He is blogging about his experiences on startups, travels, happiness and more. Readers will also have the opportunity to read his informative posts focused on products, transparency and company cultures., Facebook

Startup Today

Start Up Today

Startup Today posted for the first time in 2011. Phil was only 15 and today he is still the main writer of this startup blog. He is putting many hours of work to always improve the site and provide helpful advice for people who want to start their own online business. We like this blog because you have 8 categories of posts with a wide range of topics, such as business, making money, social media, WordPress and technology. On the website, readers can also find interviews from famous bloggers; this could inspire you with the creation of your own online business., Facebook 



Della Michelle created The Smart Biz Startup Blog because “she is an information junkie that is addicted to learning and sharing knowledge, its part of her DNA!”. If you are thinking of launching a business online, then you need to check this blog. It will give you tools, directions and advice to get your business up and running. The author is also giving information about business, entrepreneurship and Tech. “If you want business inspiration that compels you to act, The Smart Biz Startup Blog is the one for you!”, Facebook


Nir Far

This blog run by Nir is the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He describes the topics of his blog as “user experience, behavioral economics, and a dash of neuroscience”. Nir has worked for most of his career in the video gaming and advertising industries. He writes “to help companies create behaviors that benefit their users, while educating people on how to build healthful habits in their own lives”., Facebook

Seth Godin’s Blog 

Seth Godin

“Seth is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.” This is why you should visit this startup blog, which is loaded with interesting posts. Visitors will be able to get an idea of Seth Godin’s inspiring point of view., Facebook



This personal site is owned by Ben Casnocha. He describes himself  as being “an entrepreneur, author, executive, traveler, and most of all, learner.” Ben is a co-author of one management book and one career strategy book. He established his personal blog because as he states, he “wanted to have a central place that housed all the links and information” relevant to his work. We believe that what is relevant to his work is also relevant to many other entrepreneurs. Here the readers can enjoy different articles about entrepreneurship, economy, working environments and more., @bencasnocha

Startup Professionals


Martin Zwilling is the founder of this outstanding entrepreneur blog. He is an experienced entrepreneur and author. He describes himself as “a business executive, angel investor, and mentor to many entrepreneurs”. His works has been published in Forbes, Gust, Young Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, and Huffington Post. Eventually, Martin is sharing his priceless experience via blog.startupprofessionals. Martin says that his blog “provides guidance to entrepreneurs and startup founders in finding business ideas, funding, executive mentoring, and business networking to incorporate a business, create intellectual property, add an advisory board, and address leadership issues.", @StartupPro

Steve Blank


Steve Blank probably has such a biography that one can read a whole day and not get bored. He is an extremely successful entrepreneur and author, who wants to share his experience with others. His entrepreneur blog is full of beneficial and interesting posts. Readers can find practical information, success stories, tips, advice and many more. There are also audio files on different topics, which can be helpful for every entrepreneur. If you want to find some inspiration from first hand, then is your place., @sgblank

Startup Lessons Learned


Eric Ries started sharing his experience with this startup blog in October 2008. He is a successful entrepreneur and author. In his blog readers can find posts on many different topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership and more. Visitors can also find information about startup events and shared stories from other successful entrepreneurs. Readers can definitely take something of value from this blog., @ericries


In -business

Russell Bowyer is an experienced business owner and entrepreneur. As he says, “Running a business can be a lonely existence and sometimes it is good to be able to speak with other business owners about problems or issues that you have. I am very happy to take your questions or try to solve any problems you might have in your business.” In his blog visitors can find advantageous information, ask questions or get some advice. “So whether you are already an entrepreneur or a budding new business owner, you should be able to find an article to help you.”, @bowraven

Sage Saffron

Sage Saffron

Sage Saffron is a very good startup blog for businesses and personal projects. Visitors can read different posts, which provide good advice, especially for new businesses or potential startups. One can find topics in different areas such as communication skills, sales and marketing, strategic management and many more. Furthermore, readers can visit a management forum within the blog, where they can find helpful discussions regarding topics as starting a business, study skills, leadership and more.

David Cummings on Startups

David Cummings

“David has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. In early 2007, David co-founded Pardot, which was recognized by Inc. magazine as the 172nd fastest growing company in 2012.” David posts his thoughts on different topics almost everyday so readers can enjoy his intriguing point of view, tips & advice, or simple reviews. Do not miss this personal source of valuable information., @davidcummings

2. Companies and Organisations Supporting Startups

In this category we have assembled educational institutions, organisations and courses that work to promote and support entrepreneurs and startups in the UK. They are providing either educational or financial help.

School for Startups

School For Start Ups

“School for Startups creates education programmes, events and online support for budding entrepreneurs; with the objective of helping anyone turn their business idea into a reality. Our vibrant global community is supported both online and offline through mentoring, meetups and discussion groups. Since 2006 we have helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs globally start and grow their own successful business.” Furthermore, there is a section called reading room, where visitors can enjoy amazing articles related to topics, such as using PR for startups, effective search engine marketing and many more., @s4s

Tech City

Tech City

Tech city is a publicly, funded non-profit team with a private sector mentality. They believe that the UK is the best place to start and grow a digital business. They are helping the UK digital technology startups to accelerate their growth by giving them optimal conditions in supporting the digital sector’s need of skills, infrastructure and investment. Their work accelerates the growth of digital businesses, in London and across the UK. Through their blog they are giving relevant and vital information. Their posts contribute in making the life of digital entrepreneurs better., @TechCityUK, Facebook

The Company Warehouse

The Compnay Warehouse

The Company Warehouse has formed many entrepreneurs and has been helping new startups for over 10 years. They are also providing business services as graphic design, web development, domain registration and much more. Their blog is regularly updated with these kind of topics but also about general news for startups and small businesses in UK. It is a great source of information for entrepreneurs., Facebook

Swig Startups

Swig Startups

Swing Startups is defining itself as: “the South West delivery partner of the government-backed Start-Up Loan Scheme aimed at supporting budding entrepreneurs into starting their own business”. They have been financing businesses for over 20 years with loans available for startups or young entrepreneurs. They provide support, advice and guides to new businesses and they write about their successful stories on their website. This could inspire you with smart ideas for new businesses. 

The Happy Startup School 

The Happy Startup School

The Happy Startup School helps you “to turn startup ideas into a happy, thriving business”. They help new entrepreneurs to realize their dreams with the creation of a business with a strong culture, loyal customers and happy employees. They think that success has to be measured in happiness as well as profits. On the blog, readers will find posts about “companies with amazing cultures, startups that put people first and measure success in happiness”. Moreover, The Happy Startup School also organizes meetings to allow readers to get in touch with each other., Facebook

Let’s Do Business

Lets Do Business

Let’s Do Business deliver start up loans and business mentoring for new entrepreneurs. The website and the blog are providing advice for startups and information in where and how to get support. Readers can also find the invaluable startup checklist and learn how to put their business off the ground. Either you just got an idea or you started your business recently, this website will be useful to guide you and support you., @ldbstartup


Startup Hub

Fay Easton believes that the second Industrial Revolution is underway, driven by independent entrepreneurial people. She blogs about the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, promoting the concept of owner-operated business for self-motivated and determined fledgling entrepreneurs. Recently appointed as a Maserati 100 Mentor in the UK, Fay also works with young people and helps them discover the life-changing fulfillment of start-up ventures. The Start-Up Hub is the base for new entrepreneurs and provides events and access to the UK government backed Start Up Loans as well as to local mentors and connections.

Startup direct

Startup Direct

“Startup Direct is a founding delivery partner of the Governments Start Up Loans Scheme that provides up to £25K in start-up funding for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business”. They also provide free mentoring and extensive support through regular workshops and events. The blog gives useful information to help entrepreneurs through the startup journey, and information to be aware of the business world evolution. On the website, readers can find success stories of startups., Facebook


Visitors of this entrepreneur blog can find interesting posts regarding various topics, which are divided in different categories to be more accessible and structured. Readers can find sections such as events, tools & tips, startups and many more. One can find inspiring articles giving tips on how to use social media for startups and many more. If you need valuable information regarding entrepreneurship, do not hesitate to visit Matchcapital., Facebook

Transmit Start-ups

Transmit Startup

Transmit Start-ups is created in order to support new businesses throughout the UK. The blog section of the site provides visitors with incredibly advantageous information. Readers can find interesting posts about PR, social media, financing, different events and more. Furthermore, visitors can test their knowledge via E-learning courses in different areas. Additionally, one can find useful links regarding tax sheets and webinars. There is no doubt that Transmit Start-ups is a station that you don’t have to pass., Facebook


Biz Britain

BizBritain was established back in 2012 by Matt Gubba, an entrepreneur who “saw a need to support the rising levels of young people opting not to go university”. Matt believes that education is not an obligatory prerequisite for success. This is why he is dedicated to supporting young and passionate entrepreneurs. BizBritain is an astonishing site where readers can find inspirational stories and tips. In the blog section visitors can read useful posts about taxing, budgeting, startups and more., Facebook

Startup Pirates

Startup Pirates

“Startup Pirates is a one-week program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside the startup world and learn how to develop a business idea.” Their blog provides helpful information that every new entrepreneur will appreciate. Visitors can get tips to improve their productivity, content and more. One can also find a calendar of significant startup events all around the globe. If you are thinking to start a new business, do not miss this blog., Facebook

3. Networking Sources

These websites contribute to connect entrepreneurs. They organise meetings and conferences and provide informative blogs which are updated regularly.



Dreamstake is a company that helps technology startups to connect, learn & get funded. They work with new entrepreneurs to accelerate the success of the early stage. They decided in December 2010 to open a blog and to post regularly in order to keep entrepreneurs informed about funding and other issues. Moreover, you can also find advice and news related to UK’s startups., Facebook



If you are starting or running a small business, Smarta will guide you to the right information and good advice. The topics are wide, from management to the IT sector. This blog is a networking resource that provides entrepreneurs with information and support from some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs. Here is the statement from one of them:

" exists to provide the real practical help and support business owners need so badly - that's why 'I'm in'." Theo Paphitis, Dragons' Den & Ryman., Facebook

Small Business Centre

London Small Business Center

London Small Business Centre “is for the person who wants to start its own small business and be their own boss”. On their blog, readers will find advice to translate an idea into a brand with longevity. London Small Business Centre is working with various partners to offer the right kind of loan. Further than giving advice on their blog, they also organise free workshops to allow small business owners to fully be prepared and confident to start and grow their business., Facebook

Startup Grind

Startup Grind

“Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs”. They are hosting monthly events in more than 150 cities to allow founders, innovators, educators and investors to share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. The website creates a strong support network of vibrant startup and it gives inspiration for the startup journey. On the blog, readers can find news and advice on how to smoothly run a business., Facebook


Startup Bootcamp

“Startupbootcamp is Europe's leading accelerator program for startups”. Created in 2010, they help startups by giving them access to an international network of partners, investors and mentors. They want to support the companies in the early stage. The blog, the events and the meetings are contributing to the growth of the startups. The blog is providing interesting information about the business sector. Tips and advice can also be found here and if you are an entrepreneur, you definitely have to check this startup blog., Facebook

4. Service Companies

These sites are run by independent businesses mainly from the UK. Generally specialised in the B2B, they want to offer help to their customers by providing advice on their blogs.



Moo is an international award-winning print and design company, who is specialized in printing premium business promotional materials. Ongoing since 2006, they directly opened their blog that has various articles about business. They are not only speaking about startups, but also about their company’s evolution, new technologies, how to smoothly run a company, new programs and much more., Facebook

A Great Place To Be

A Great Place To Be

A Great Place To be is a blog created by Nominet which “is the internet registry services provider for all UK domain names”. This blog will guide you in the creation and the development of your website. It will also give you some tips regarding which domain name to choose. Interesting posts will be a great source on how to better understand the business environment and the way to smoothly run a startup., @dotuk



Scurri helps companies to prepare, dispatch and track all shipments for their customers. They will print the right label for the right package and choose the right carrier. With their blog and by offering those services, they are making entrepreneur’s life easier. Readers will find a great source of information about business in general, online business and business news. Advice and interviews are also available., Facebook


Check A Contract

Check-A-Contract is a company checking all the small print, and make you save up in legal fees! You can send your agreement, contract or legal paperwork and a qualified lawyer will evaluate and clarify the document. They make sure there are no vaguely worded provisions, exclusions or limitations in the contract and return a revision of your agreement. Their blog is regularly updated to provide advice and information for the entrepreneurs to succeed in their business., Facebook

Companies Made Simple

Companies Made Simple

“Whether you're just starting up or looking for support, Company Formation MadeSimple can help you every step of the way.” The blog of this website offers many useful tips on how to make business easier. Furthermore, for the convenience of all users, posts are divided in different categories. If you need tips, advice or just want to read some intriguing articles related to entrepreneurship, do not miss this blog., Facebook

Goodman Business Parks

Goodman UK

Goodman business park has an incredibly useful startups blog section, where visitors can find a wide variety of materials on entrepreneurship-related topics. As they describe it, “This section provides information and insight into any hurdles that a budding entrepreneur may come across, through to articles on entrepreneurial skills, business plans, financial advice, and the guidance to help your business reach its full potential.”, @Goodman_Group

Sponge The Blog


Sponge was founded back in 2004 by Steve. His idea was to provide new businesses with effective business development strategies. In this blog readers can find a great number of business-related materials. This blog is a very good source of information for anybody who is willing to start a new business. In other words, entrepreneurs can find helpful tips and trends., Facebook

5. News and Inspiration

These websites were chosen for their in depth coverage of everything from news to case studies. By regularly updating their sites they are a good source of inspiration and valuable information.

The Start Up Donut

Startup Donut

The Start Up Donut will be a good source of information if you are a business owner who wants to save money and time. This blog has been regularly providing advice to small businesses for more than 20 years. All information is checked by leading business professionals and independent experts. We like this blog because there are many archived posts available and you can search an article between 10 different categories such as “business law” or “financing a business”., Facebook



This blog gives help to foreigners who want to settle down in UK. They give advice for building a successful career. Here are some tips in how to start a business in the UK and they also provide information on how to get a UK entrepreneur visa, work visa or study visa. This website will definitely help people to make migration easier, and it also gives useful information about the business world and lets you update with the latest worldwide business and immigrations news., Facebook


Tech Crunch

“TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news”. This entrepreneur blog, running since 2005, publishes articles regularly about useful information for start-up companies and business news. In 2008, Time Magazine recognized Arrington, techcrunch author, as one of the World's 100 Most Influential People. Today, the website is still one of the most influential news blog in the tech industry. Techcrunch is also hosting major conferences, meetings and events worldwide serving as community platforms., Facebook



This astonishing site does not even need a presentation. is a well known and respected source, where visitors can find useful tips and advice about different business models as well as successful stories. Furthermore, the website is nicely structured and user friendly. There are different sections such as starting a business, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media and many more. If you plan to start a new business or you want valuable advice, then you should definitely visit, Facebook


Startup Success

This site is a great source of information for entrepreneurs and startups. Here visitors can find beneficial information and tips related to different topics. Their startup blog is full of enthralling and helpful posts. Here, readers can find tips for effective business plans, press releases, promotions and more. Furthermore, one can find useful videos, slide presentations and infographics. If you need some good advice for your startup or growing business, do not miss this amazing site., Facebook

Small Business 

Smallbusiness .co .uk

“ provides useful resources, products and services for small business owners and start-ups. We offer free online advice in the form of news articles, guides, tips and features that can point you in the right direction to start and run your own small business.” This says everything. If you have great business ideas and you want to find some really valuable and helpful information regarding entrepreneurship, then is the right source., @smallbusinessuk

Small Business Trends 

Small Business Trends

“Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.” One can find breaking news about small businesses, tips and advantageous information. Future entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from the startup section, where readers can find interesting stories and advice., Facebook

Business Opportunities


“Dane Carlson’s is a one-of-a-kind website for small business entrepreneurs. Since 2001, we have been obsessively collecting and curating business ideas, opportunities and franchises for the small business entrepreneurs. Our focus has been, and remains, real opportunities for real people, in the real world.” Here you can find valuable and inspiring posts related to business ideas, entrepreneurship, home based businesses and more., Facebook

Business Pundit


Business Pundit is an outstanding blog where visitors can find interesting and useful posts. There are articles regarding stories of successful entrepreneurs, cybersecurity for businesses and more. Additionally, one can also find catchy cartoons regarding some difficulties common to startups. After all, Business Pundit is a good source where potential entrepreneurs can find recommended business books and magazines, business tools and services, and many more.

Entrepreneurial Spark

Entrepreneurial Spark

As they state, “Entrepreneurial Spark is the largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures.” This amazing site provides visitors with a wide variety of information regarding entrepreneurship. One can find a calendar of upcoming events as well as many different case studies. Additionally, the entrepreneur blog section is full of inspirational and helpful posts related to successful stories, good tips for future entrepreneurs and many more. If you plan to start a new business or you need some inspiration, don’t miss the Entrepreneurial Spark.

Business Wings 

Business Wings

Business Wings is an outstanding source of information. Here the readers can find a wide variety of articles related to different topics. The site has various sections such as entrepreneurship, business ideas, starting a business, small business administration and videos/podcasts. In each of them visitors can find an incredible volume of valuable articles. Furthermore, readers can get an inspiration from successful entrepreneurs’ stories and advice.

Meet The Boss

As they call themselves “The platform for better business conversations.” This platform is a useful source of information and inspiration for new and experienced entrepreneurs, managers and executives. Visitors have the unique chance to watch video interviews with some of the world’s most successful business persons from LEGO, Facebook, Adidas and other leading brands. Furthermore, readers can find interesting articles on different areas related to globalization processes, strategies and more., Facebook

Creative Something

Create Something

The name speaks by itself. Creative Something is a great source for those who want to boost their creativity. This entrepreneur blog was founded in 2008. Ever since then, the author Tanner Christensen has “thegoal of researching and sharing answers to the question: How can we better understand our creativity in order to do more with it?” Furthermore, readers can find an interesting Podcast, where Tanner Christensen and creative writer James Gunter discuss different topics. “From the science and psychology of how ideas work in the brain, to trends in the creative industry, and the technology that is helping to move ideas forward.”, Facebook